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Home » Discover Twenty-One Co., Ltd. 3rd printing on sale! The global self-help bestseller translated into 33 languag es, “Practice not to overthink,” has arrived in Japan!

Discover Twenty-One Co., Ltd. 3rd printing on sale! The global self-help bestseller translated into 33 languag es, “Practice not to overthink,” has arrived in Japan!

[Discover Twenty-One Co., Ltd.] 3rd printing on sale! The global self-help bestseller translated into 33 languages, “Practice not to overthink,” has arrived in Japan!

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Press release: February 8, 2024
3rd printing on sale! The global self-help bestseller translated into 33 languages, “Practice not to overthink,” has arrived in Japan! *Best seller in 3 categories including Business Health & Stress on* *Taught by up-and-coming life and business coaches*
*The ultimate way to overcome anxiety and worries with zero motivation or effort*
The self-improvement bestseller “Practice Without Overthinking,” which has been translated into 33 languages ​​and sold over 275,000 copies worldwide, has finally arrived in Japan, and is now in its third printing. This book, which was a bestseller in three categories on in its home country, including the Business Health & Stress category, teaches you how to break away from the cycle of anxiety, reflection, and regret and live a more comfortable life.

The author is an up-and-coming life coach and business coach. points out that the root cause of many people’s worries and anxieties is “overthinking,” and introduces ways to fundamentally resolve psychological and emotional suffering. Readers can let go of negative thoughts and emotions by answering questions from the author and doing simple exercises.

From the worksheet of purchaser benefits
*The clutter in my head disappears*
*I can see what I should do in life*

The practice of not overthinking brings tangible results, such as increased income, business growth, and improved relationships, but all of these are just byproducts of achieving inner fulfillment. This book will guide you to find the feelings you truly desire within.

Recommended for these people
– People who get tired because they overreact to SNS, online articles, and interpersonal relationships.
-People who regret their words and actions and make themselves suffer. -People who can’t sleep because they can’t stop thinking about this and that. -People whose true feelings are always obscured by overthinking -People who continue to dwell on past failures
Worksheet PDF included for purchasers only
Exclusively for purchasers, there is also a bonus that allows you to download a framework for incorporating non-thinking into your work and a guide to quitting negative habits. Why not take the first step to change your life with this book?

Book overview
【table of contents】
table of contents
Introduction: What you can learn from this book and how to make the most of it Chapter01 A journey to find the root cause of suffering
Chapter 02 The root cause of all suffering
Chapter03Why do we think?
Chapter 04 “Thoughts” and “Thinking”
Chapter05Do we need to think positively to have positive emotions? Chapter06 How is human experience created? Three principles
Chapter07 How can I stop thinking?
Chapter08 How can you succeed without thinking?
Chapter09 What will happen to your goals and dreams if you stop thinking? Chapter 10 Unconditional love and creation
Chapter 11Once you have found peace and joy, what should you do next? Chapter 12 Things are neither good nor bad
Chapter 13 How to find out what you should do without thinking Chapter 14 How to follow your intuition
Chapter 15 Create space for miracles to happen
Chapter 16 What happens when you start living a life without thinking In Chapter 17, what will we do next?

Summary of things not to think about
A guide to stop thinking
How to know if you are not thinking
A guide to creating an environment without thinking
A framework for removing thought triggers
A framework for creating a non-thinking environment
A framework for incorporating non-thinking into your work
A guide to quitting negative habits and behaviors

*Includes purchaser-only download bonus*
1. Framework for incorporating non-thinking into work
2. Guidance for quitting negative habits and behaviors

[Author information]
Joseph Nguyen (author)
After consulting on digital marketing and brand strategy, he joined One in 2020. Founded Satori. We provide coaching to free people from worries and mental suffering and help them live a fulfilling life toward their sacred goals. While taking care of her three beloved cats, she shares timeless wisdom through writing, teaching, and cooking. Lives in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Mariko Yajima (translator)
translator. Graduated from Tokyo Women’s University, Faculty of Letters and Science, Department of History. His main translations include “How to get excited with the best brain” and “Now, return to your true self and be happy. Simply get your life back on the right track.”
“9 Habits of Good Behavior” and “Positive Impact: People who have a positive influence on those around them succeed” (both published by Discover).

[Book information]
Title: “Practice without overthinking”
Release date: January 26, 2024
Published by: Discover Twenty One
Specifications: 46th edition/192 pages
ISBN: 978-4-7993-30098
Regular price: 1760 yen (tax included)

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