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Home » A special PANAMA BOX of 3 rare lots of Panama Geisha roasted by Eiji Tsuchibashi is now available!

A special PANAMA BOX of 3 rare lots of Panama Geisha roasted by Eiji Tsuchibashi is now available!

A special PANAMA BOX of 3 rare lots of Panama Geisha roasted by Eiji Tsuchibashi is now available!

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Press release: February 8, 2024
A special PANAMA BOX of 3 rare lots of Panama Geisha roasted by Eiji Tsuchibashi is now available!
*CROWD ROASTER’s ultra-rare Panamanian coffee drink comparison set* The cutting-edge coffee app CROWD ROASTER, operated by Solflair Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Jiro Sekiba), is based on ignis.
We have released “LUNA DE PANAMA BOX”, a special Panama coffee tasting set roasted by Mr. Tsuchibashi.
ignis, located in Sendagi, Tokyo, is known as a pioneer of specialty coffee shops specializing in top lots. Mr. Eiji Dobashi, the owner and roaster of this ignis, will be working with CROWD.
I participated in ROASTER.
To commemorate this occasion, a very special drink comparison set * “LUNA DE PANAMA BOX” * roasted by Mr. Tsuchibashi from Panama’s famous farms * “LUNA DE PANAMA BOX” * CROWD
Appears only at ROSTER.
This set is a luxurious package of three of the top farms in Panama. * [Altieri Geisha] *
* [Janson Geisha] *
* [Hartman Miffinquita Chichogaro]*
We’ve collected only the brands from the three farms that win awards every year in the Best of Panama!
Altieri and Janson are the most famous Panama Geisha farms and are known for their rich and noble flavor. And last year’s Best of Hartman’s Chichogalo, which won first place in Panama.
This time, we were able to specially obtain a lot of Panama coffee, which is considered to be exceptional among specialty coffee producing regions, and boasts truly top quality coffee.
All of them are produced in small quantities and are rare, so they are competed for all over the world and are difficult to obtain. “LUNA DE PANAMA BOX” is created by Mr. Dobashi using these three precious brands. It will be sold in limited quantities. Don’t miss this opportunity!
Panama, which Mr. Dobashi aspired to as he faced numerous auction lots. “LUNA DE PANAMA BOX”
Mr. Dobashi has roasted many auction lots and top lot coffees, including the one that sold Gesha Village in Ethiopia for the highest price ever.
The coffee that Mr. Tsuchibashi describes as “overwhelming” is Panama. Geisha. “I think it’s overwhelmingly delicious in terms of flavor intensity, complexity, length of finish, quality of acidity, and sweetness.”
Mr. Tsuchibashi talks like this: He wants to drink and roast himself! This special BOX is a package of 3 types of Panama’s top lots that we have been eagerly awaiting. Finished by roasting with all your heart. Mr. Dobashi has faced many top lots. This is a special set suitable for the appearance of CROWD ROASTER.
A gorgeous collaboration of Panama’s famous farms
Now, I would like to introduce the three brands in this BOX. Altieri Farm
* ALTIERI Geisha,Natural ASD Ale Lot 90+*
*Altieri, Geisha, Natural*
Altieri, which frequently wins awards at the Best of Panama
international coffee fair.
Geisha. The farm, located in a privileged environment at a high altitude, takes the time to slowly dry the beans in an African bed, then undergoes the fermentation process, and then matures in a dark room with controlled humidity and temperature. It creates a rich aroma and taste.
* JANSON Geisha Natural Alpes Lot 274*
* Janson, Geisha, Natural *
Panama’s most prestigious farm, run by the Janson family, strives for harmony with nature, and thoroughly manages everything from the farm’s soil to the ecosystem of the adjacent forest. The highest quality coffee produced through family philosophy and experience is considered to be exceptional even in Panama. That Geisha is the Best
I am also a regular at of Panama.
hartman family
* Hartmann, Mi Finquita Chicho Gallo, Natural*
* Hartman Mi Finquita, Chichogalo, Natural*
Best of
With repeated Panama awards, Hartmann has become known as the top brand of Panamanian coffee. Brought from Ethiopia by the Hartman family, this Chichogalo won first place in the Varietals category (other than Geisha) at the 2023 BOP. This is a variety that is currently attracting attention and had the highest price in the Varietals category last year.
“LUNA DE PANAMA BOX” is created by Mr. Tsuchibashi using these three brands that are difficult to obtain. It will be sold in limited quantities.
Such a luxurious set may never be possible again.
Please take this opportunity to experience the coffee that can only be found here, made with the highest quality batches from Panama and roasted by Mr. Tsuchibashi.
* -Product Details-*
50g x 3 types
altieri, geisha, natural
Janson, Geisha, Natural
Hartmann Mi Finquita, Chichogalo, Natural
¥15,000 (tax included)
View details * ■What is CROWD ROASTER? *
CROWD ROASTER is a unique application that connects roasters, producers around the world, and coffee lovers who love coffee. From the CROWD ROASTER app, you can request roasting of rare coffee brands carefully selected from around the world to participating roasters.
It is a cutting-edge platform created to help you enjoy the best coffee, including allowing Bitcoin payments.
CROWD ROASTER has some of Japan’s leading roasters participating. -Participating roaster-
Yoshiyuki Nakamura (mamepolepole)
Keita Nakamura (LiLo Coffee Roasters)
Hitomi Mikami (Roast Design Coffee)
Hideyuki Taoka (TAOCA COFFEE)
Makoto Sano (Main)
Tsukasa Koike (COFFEE VALLEY)
Daichi Hagiwara (THE COFFEESHOP)
Keita Enohara (BASKING COFFEE)
Yuya Osakata (Raw Sugar Roast)
Hikaru Ono (Brewman Tokyo)
Yasunari Sawanoi (ABOUT US COFFEE)
Machi Kodama (ou.bai.tou.ri coffee roasters)
Takuma Ishihara (TRUNK COFFEE)
Eiji Dobashi (ignis)
“CROWD ROASTER” app (free distribution)
Compatible OS: Android 9 or above, iOS 12 or above
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