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Home » ZETA Co., Ltd. Held from February 27th (Tuesday) to 29th (Thursday) Booth exhibition and seminar presentatio n at “MarketZine Day 2024 Spring”

ZETA Co., Ltd. Held from February 27th (Tuesday) to 29th (Thursday) Booth exhibition and seminar presentatio n at “MarketZine Day 2024 Spring”

ZETA Co., Ltd.
[Held from 2/27 (Tuesday) to 29 (Thursday)] Booth exhibition and seminar presentation at “MarketZine Day 2024 Spring”
The theme is “CVR213%!Learn from the United Arrows case: What is the purchasing experience that users want?”Explanation with introduction examples from major EC companies
ZETA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as ZETA), a leading company in commerce and CX that develops and sells EC curation, hashtags, reviews, EC product search, and OMO solutions, announced on February 27, 2024 ( We will have a booth at “MarketZine Day 2024 Spring” held by Shoeisha Co., Ltd. from Tuesday to Thursday the 29th, and on the 3rd day, representative Yamazaki said, “CVR 213%! Learn from the United Arrows case. What users want I will be speaking at a seminar titled “What is the purchasing experience?”
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The recent development of mobile devices and the spread of SNS have made it possible for consumers to obtain information through various channels, compare and consider products, and then purchase products. Under these circumstances, e-commerce sites are entering an era where it is no longer enough to simply be a place to purchase products, and they are required to create a customer experience system that serves as a place for users to enjoy themselves in order to increase the repeat rate. .
At the seminar on February 29th (Thursday), CEO Yamazaki will be on stage, explaining the purchasing experience that users are looking for, along with case studies of major e-commerce companies such as United Arrows.
We will also be exhibiting a booth from February 27th (Tuesday) to February 29th (Thursday) to introduce the effects of introducing the “ZETA CX Series” and how to use it, so please take this opportunity to stop by.
ZETA seminar overview
■Date and time
Thursday, February 29, 2024 10:55-11:35
■Track number
■Seminar title
CVR213%! Learning from the case of United Arrows: What kind of purchasing experience do users want?
Event details
Event name: MarketZine Day 2024 Spring
Sponsor: Shoeisha Co., Ltd.
Date and time: February 27th (Tuesday) to 29th (Thursday)
Cost: Free (advance application required)
■Pre-registration/time schedule
“ZETA CX Series” is an EC product search/site search engine “ZETA SEARCH”, a review/word-of-mouth/Q&A engine “ZETA VOICE”, a hashtag utilization engine “ZETA HASHTAG”, an EC curation engine “ZETA BASKET”, OMO・With a lineup of eight products, including the DX solution “ZETA CLICK,” we use advanced data analysis and matching technology to create an even higher quality purchasing experience. ZETA will continue to provide useful services and introduce the effects to users and e-commerce site operating companies.