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Home » The psychological counselor who was all the rage on TV has graduated from being a counselor and released his second album as a musician.

The psychological counselor who was all the rage on TV has graduated from being a counselor and released his second album as a musician.

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The psychological counselor who was all the rage on TV has graduated from being a counselor and released his second album as a musician. ~ Unleash people’s worries through music under the theme of “negative “- ……
Nice to meet you! In the past, Jinnosuke Kokoroya, a master
personality reformer, has brought many celebrities to tears and helped them solve their problems with his “magic words” on a TV
trouble-solving variety show. After graduating from a career as a counselor, I wanted to deliver the necessary words to people who don’t read books, so I thought there was a different approach, and now I’m working as a musician, using the “magic words” I used in counseling as songs. doing.
In her previous activities, she has written 70 books that have sold a total of 6 million copies, lectured and sang all over the country, and in 2017, she became the first psychological counselor in Japan to hold a successful solo performance at the Nippon Budokan.
In 2021, he let go of all his past achievements and income and started his activities from scratch as “singer-songwriter Jin Hitoshi Saeki.” At the time of our debut, we received 30 million yen of support from citizens through crowdfunding and were able to successfully release our first album. This time, he will release his second album on February 24th with a new theme of “Let’s go with the negative.” The reason why I chose this theme is because I have realized from my experience counseling nearly 5,000 people that “many problems are caused by a positive mindset.”
[Image 1:×2127.jpg] Nowadays, there are a lot of problems with money, work, human relationships, marital relationships, and parent-child relationships, such as depression, suicide, an increase in illnesses, stagnant wages, slander, jealousy, and complaints on social media.
It requires both others and oneself to be “positive” by “doing well,” “doing one’s best,” and “responsible,” and not allowing “indulgence,” “laziness,” and “irresponsibility,” and seeking “correctness,” “dreams,” “goals,” and “ideals.” As a result of this search, the unbridgeable gap between reality and reality may have created a problem. In this day and age where we are so positive-oriented, I realized that this ideal of living a positive, bright and hard-working life was causing me trouble.
“Living in the negative” is the key to solving problems and living in your own way.
picture? That’s right. Yes, the “way of doing things up until now” has reached its limits. In order to make a “big reversal” in your life, you will definitely need to “reverse your past”. In fact, I have seen people who have learned this through counseling and practiced the “reverse” become more and more free and happy. However, many people do not come to the door of counseling. That’s why I came up with the idea of ​​creating a song that could deliver something to the unconscious minds of people who are worried, or even people who don’t even realize they’re worried, that could give them a hint of a solution.
[Image 2:×2304.jpg] After graduating from university, I joined Sagawa Express as a new graduate, and while I worked intensely as a driver and manager for 19 years, I became so absorbed in my work that I ended up destroying my family.In the process of rebuilding my family, I came across psychological counseling. Started his own business as an addicted psychological counselor. After working as a counselor for about 15 years, he started making music because he wanted to spread the word “magic songs,” which are songs based on “magic words.”
This new album is not a “cheer up” kind of song or love song, but rather a “let’s try hard because we’re trash anyway”, “let’s be no good”, “let’s be more negative” things that have been said to be bad up until now (the truth). It was created with the theme of “Let’s do the opposite!!”.
I’m an old rookie in the music world (60 years old this year), but if this “magic song” that can free people’s hearts spreads, many people will be able to smile freely and be kind and relaxed. I think we can live in a world where people can live with this in mind. I would be happy if this “reverse to the past” could be used as an opportunity to reach many people through the power of your company’s media. ★Jin Hitoshi Saeki Magical Song 2nd ~Negative~
Contains 12 songs, 3,500 yen including tax
Available at CD shops nationwide, various online shops, and
subscription services.
You can listen to the sample →
★Jin Hitoshi Saeki Nationwide tour from Record (2/8 10:00 site open
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★Song details
(Note: Magical Song First contains 13 songs, so the 2nd song in continuous song order starts from the 14th song)
14. Stop this finger: For those who can’t say, “Let’s all gather! Let’s play together!”
15. Hope and Despair: When your “hopes” and “ideals” turn into despair, you will find “happiness you never knew existed” for the first time.
16. Because I’m trash: If I fail, if I can’t do it, my reputation will drop…I’ve been known from the beginning.
17. Let’s stay negative: Negative doesn’t change and it’s normal driving. Instead of trying to do something about it, let’s laugh together.
18.Good reason: There are many excuses why you can’t do it, and there are plenty of excuses. Your life will change depending on whether you decide to do it anyway
19. Forced termination ~Mental breaker~: When you try too hard, hold back too much, or have too much responsibility, your mind and body will turn off the breaker, and depression is a safety device. 20.Prayer: What do you pray to God at a shrine or temple? What is the true wish behind that prayer and what is the difference between it? . .
21.Wataboshi: My thoughts and feelings will eventually be passed on to others and blossom there. My thoughts must have inherited someone else’s seeds.
22. Mission: What is the meaning of our birth? I tried to write a song that seems to be the answer to that question.
23. I love you!!: Perhaps being able to say that I love you no matter what you are is the goal of happiness.
24. Tomorrow: Even if things are painful or sad now, you’ll definitely be able to laugh in the future. If so, let’s laugh now.
25.One thing: Believing that you are loved no matter who you are is the key to living a peaceful and prosperous life. And if so, what would you do?
Jin Hitoshi Saeki/Magical Song Singer-songwriter
Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1964.
After graduating from university, he worked for Sagawa Express for 19 years, and then worked as a psychological counselor, Shinya Jinnosuke. Over 14 years, he has published 70 books and sold 6 million copies, and at the same time, as a musician, he has produced 5 CDs, toured with Zepp, and performed solo at Nippon Budokan.
She sings a “magic song,” which is a formula for happiness and unhappiness, which uses the “magical words that change lives” that she discovered through counseling 5,000 people.
In 2021, she changed back to her real name and has been working as a “magical song singer-songwriter” since the beginning.
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