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Home » Section Eight Co., Ltd. The industry’s first one-on-one single table restaurant “THE SINGLE” will open in Osaka on February 9th.

Section Eight Co., Ltd. The industry’s first one-on-one single table restaurant “THE SINGLE” will open in Osaka on February 9th.

Section Eight Co., Ltd.
THE SINGLE, the industry’s first one-on-one single seat specialty restaurant, will open in Osaka on February 9th.
This is a new 1on1 specialty business that is an evolution of the “Aiseki-ya” restaurant for customers who want to have fun alone and with peace of mind.
Section Eight Co., Ltd. (location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Takayuki Yasuda; hereinafter referred to as Section Eight) will open “THE SINGLE”, a one-on-one single table restaurant in Umeda, Osaka, on February 9th. (Friday) Open.
Section Eight has been operating “Aiseki-ya” nationwide with the aim of creating new encounters, but we are currently expanding “THE SINGLE” to Tokyo-Kanagawa so that even solo travelers can feel free to use “Aiseki-ya” with peace of mind. We have 6 stores. We will be opening THE SINGLE Umeda Hankyu Higashi-dori store on February 9th (Friday), our 7th store in the country and our first store in Osaka in February.
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[Image 2:×3565.jpg] In recent years, the number of single people who enjoy being alone has been increasing. In order to meet this demand for solo activities, “THE SINGLE” provides one-on-one sharing for people seeking more serious encounters. With a complete membership system and all seats in private rooms, we have prepared a space where you can enjoy a special time just for the two of you with peace of mind.
THE SINGLE has over 145,000 cumulative members as of February 2024, and is used by many members.
The average number of visitors per month is approximately 7,000, and the cumulative number of visits per month is approximately 15,000. [THE SINGLE 5 points] 1. Complete membership system All customers are required to register as members (free of charge), and only those who have registered their profile and ID card can use the service, so you can share safely and securely. receive.
[Image 3:×2957.jpg] 2. Create many encounters “THE SINGLE” introduces one person (shared seat) every 20 minutes. Seats are changed every 20 minutes, so you can expect more efficient and more encounters (we have shared seats approximately 4 times at existing stores).
We also offer a free trial plan for male customers who are using our service for the first time, offering two shared seating sessions (20 minutes x 2 sessions) for the price of one shared seating session. One of the important points is that the staff will interview you after each set (20 minutes) of shared seating.
[Image 4:×1725.jpg] 3. 100% exchange of contact information! In order to eliminate the disadvantages such as “not being able to ask for contact
information” that are common with traditional Aizoku-ya and other matching services, THE SINGLE allows you to connect 100% with the person you have shared a table with through the official APP using the message function.
There is also the advantage of being able to transition to SNS, etc. in stages, without the fear of suddenly asking for SNS, email addresses, and phone numbers.
[Image 5:×2968.jpg] 4. Providing high-quality encounters “THE SINGLE” uses a mutual evaluation system. After sharing a seat, you can evaluate each other and be evaluated, so it is expected that the quality of your sharing will improve. If you receive consecutive low ratings, you may be forced to leave. *Transition to compulsory withdrawal based on management confirmation.
This includes violations of etiquette while sharing a table, married people, businessmen, etc., and we make sure to provide high-quality encounters.
[Image 6:×2968.jpg] 5. Enjoy a special experience in all private rooms! All of the communal seating areas in the store are private rooms, so you can enjoy your time together in a private space without worrying about other people’s eyes while maintaining safety and security. Since you are working solo, you can use it without worrying about being seen.
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[Image 11:×2600.jpg] Bring love closer to you. Bringing happiness to all of Japan. Love is more valuable than any expensive thing and has the power to make people happy.
If I could give you even the slightest chance, the courage, the opportunity, to fall in love
That alone can make a big difference in a person’s life.
Just by doing that, Japan’s future will change dramatically. “Increase the number of people in the world who love each other.” This is our mission at THE SINGLE.
[THE SINGLE Overview] ■ Store name: THE SINGLE Umeda Hankyu
Higashidori store ■ URL: ■ Address: 530-0027 Leisure Royal Building 4FJR, 3-15 Doyama-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 6 minute walk from the M6 ​​exit of the underground passage at Hankyu Umeda Station 6 minute walk from the M6 ​​exit of the underground passage from Hanshin Umeda Station ■Number of seats: 9 ■Business hours: 15:00-23:30■TEL: 06 -6809-7487■Reservation method: You can make a reservation via THE SINGLE official app or by phone. [Price system (excluding tax)] Women: Free all day Men: Weekdays 20 minutes 2,750 yen (tax included) / Weekends 20 minutes 3,300 yen (tax included)
*Drinks are free for both men and women *Seating changes once every 20 minutes *Drinks are free if you are not seated together VIP ROOM 20 minutes + 1,100 yen (tax included) [Section Eight Co., Ltd. Company Profile] Company name: SECTION EIGHT CO.,LTD Head office location: VORT Ebisu Maxim 6F, 3-9-19 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0011 Main business activities: Restaurant management, planning, consulting, franchise business, events Kikaku Produce Establishment date: June 20, 2008 Capital: 10 million yen Representative: President and CEO Takayuki Yasuda Number of employees: 1,000 (200 employees, 800 part-time workers) HP: https://section
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