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Home » KRAFTON JAPAN Co., Ltd. New vehicle “PICO BUS” implemented on PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Rondo map

KRAFTON JAPAN Co., Ltd. New vehicle “PICO BUS” implemented on PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Rondo map

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS New vehicle “PICO BUS” implemented on Rondo map ……
Added PUBG’s first electric vehicle “Pico Bus” and “charging station” to the Rondo map
Implemented new parkour “Cooperative Parkour” feature and adjusted gunplay balance
KRAFTON JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Lee Kang-seok) has launched the 28.1 update service on the live server for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS (hereinafter referred to as PUBG).
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] Update 28.1 introduces new elements that change the core elements of PUBG: falling, farming, and survival. First of all, PUBG’s first electric vehicle “Pico Bus” has been implemented on the Rondo map. Pico Bus is a six-person vehicle that runs on electricity and boasts overwhelming acceleration, unlike previous vehicles. When using boost, you can reach a top speed of 127 km/h, but it consumes a lot of battery, so you need to use it more strategically. Charging can be done at charging stations located in NEOX Factory and Test Track areas.
[Image 2:×1080.jpg]
[Image 3:×1080.jpg] A new parkour mode has been introduced to enhance teamwork and provide a different level of fun. You can overcome most vehicles except some vehicles, providing more realistic and natural gameplay. In addition, by using “cooperative parkour,” where two people work together, you will be able to climb higher than you would be able to climb alone. By working together with your allies, you can strengthen teamwork and experience more strategic and fresh gameplay.
[Image 4:×1080.jpg] Gunplay balance has been implemented based on player feedback and gameplay data. In order to create a more balanced weapon usage environment, we have adjusted the balance between JS9 and shotgun. JS9 maintains its strength and usability at close range, while adjusting its damage and recoil to avoid excessive performance. Shotguns such as S1897, S686, and DBS have been comprehensively adjusted for pellet dispersion, ammunition size, and choke performance so that they do not have an advantage in medium- to long-range combat.
You will be able to receive your Season 27 rewards with the start of Ranked Match Season 28. Rewards such as emblems, medals, and nameplates vary depending on the final rank, and those of Gold rank and above can earn parachute skins. Items, except for permanent parachute skins and medals, can only be held for one season.
[Image 5:×1080.jpg] In addition, new growth-type weapon skins and various events inspired by Journey to the West will be held to commemorate the Chinese New Year.
[Image 6:×1080.png ]
Information about the latest update 28.1 can be found in patch note #28.1. You can check the latest information about PUBG from the official channel below. ■PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS official website
□ About KRAFTON, Inc. Based in South Korea, KRAFTON, Inc. works with global production studios known for their unique creativity to discover games that provide unique fun and publish them around the world. Masu. Founded in 2007, KRAFTON is the leading producer of “PUBG STUDIOS”, “Bluehole Studio”, “RisingWings”, “Striking Distance Studios”, “Dreamotion”, “Unknown Worlds”, “5minlab”, “Neon Giant”, “KRAFTON Montreal There are 11 studios, including “Studio”, “VECTOR NORTH”, and “ReLU Games”, each of which innovates the enjoyment of games through continuous challenges and new technologies, and provides platforms and services to win the hearts of more fans. is expanding.
KRAFTON operates a variety of game content including “PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS”, “The Callisto Protocol”, “NEW STATE MOBILE”, “Moonbreaker”, “Defense Derby”, “TERA”, and “ELYON”. With a passionate and determined team around the world, KRAFTON is a technology-driven company with world-class technological capabilities, aiming to expand beyond gaming into new business areas such as multimedia entertainment and deep learning. □About “PUBG” “PUBG STUIODS” developed “PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS” (hereinafter referred to as “PUBG”) in 2017 and currently provides game services through various platforms. Since its release, “PUBG” has held seven Guinness World Records, including “Fastest Steam Early Access Game to gross $100 million,” and has won numerous game awards both domestically and internationally. It was positioned as a pioneer of the battle royale genre. In November 2021, we released “PUBG: NEW STATE”, a new mobile game that inherits and deepens the original battle royale experience of “PUBG”. “PUBG” is not only a globally popular intellectual property (IP), but also a game production, business, We promote marketing, e-sports, etc.
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