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Lotte Co., Ltd. Lotte provides training gum to teams promoted to J1 – Supporting the difficult battles in J1 by “chewing” –

Lotte Co., Ltd.
Lotte provides training gum to teams promoted to J1 – Supporting the difficult battles in J1 by “chewing” –
J1 League “Jubilo Iwata” introduces training using gum
Lotte Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and Executive Officer: Eiichi Ushirota;
hereinafter referred to as “Lotte”) has announced that it will be hosting the Nippon Professional Sports Project in 2023 as part of its “Chewing Sports Project,” which aims to communicate the value of chewing in sports. We have started supporting Jubilo Iwata, which has been promoted to the 1st Division Soccer League (J1 League). On Tuesday, January 16, 2024, we provided training gum exclusively for the team at Yamaha Okubo Ground (Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture). The team had previously been recommended to chew gum by a sports dentist in Fukuroi City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and in response to requests for continuous chewing training, Lotte proposed introducing training gum and began providing support.
[Image 1:×659.png ]
Athletes holding training gums (from left: Go Matsubara, Kaito Suzuki, Masaya Matsumoto)
Hoping that Matsubara Gou can concentrate on training! “I want to have a fulfilling new season by chewing gum while training!” he said enthusiastically.
[Image 2:×240.png ]
For the purpose of “chewing” training, we provide specially
manufactured training gum that allows you to continue chewing at a certain rhythm. You can choose the hardness of this gum and train it to suit your chewing ability. This time, we offered two types of hardness gum: soft and medium.
Texture (hardness) was evaluated in 20 stages (in 0.5 increments) using a specialized panel*1.
The participants chewed gum for a total of 5 minutes at a pace of 80 times per minute, and evaluated the hardness using the TI method*2, which evaluates the hardness every 6 seconds. *1 Seven men and women trained as a gum sensory evaluation panel *2 Sensory evaluation method to evaluate changes in strength over time
[Image 3:×402.jpg] Jubilo Iwata exclusive training gum
[Comment from Go Matsubara]
I’m glad you provided training gum exclusively for the team. I usually chew gum as training during practice, so I would like to use the gum you provided to increase the number of times I chew it and have a fulfilling season with the training gum.
[Comment from Kaion Suzuki]
I usually chew gum while driving, but from now on I would like to incorporate it into my training to help me maintain concentration. This season, I will continue to participate in games and do my best to be able to participate in the Paris Olympics!
[Comment from Masaya Matsumoto]
I chew gum during practice, after meals, and before games, and I would like to continue chewing training gum in the hope that it will have a relaxing effect, increase saliva secretion, and improve concentration during official games and practices. We will do our best this season so that we can deliver many victories! Please provide some support. Improve performance! What are the benefits of gum training in sports?
[Table 3: ]
Athletes also practice! “Gum Training” supervised by Lotte Chewing Research Department
[Image 4:×286.png ]
Jubilo Iwata
[Image 5:×138.png ]
Founded in 1972 as the Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Soccer Club. In 1993, they became an associate member of the J.League and changed their team name to Jubilo Iwata. It has been a member of the J League since 1994. The team name “Jubilo” means “joy” in Portuguese and Spanish. It represents the will to give dreams and inspiration to all people, including supporters. The emblem depicts the Shizuoka prefecture bird, the flycatcher, and the moon, sun, and stars are placed in the center, in honor of its cry. The blue bands at the top and bottom symbolize the four major rivers in the prefecture, including the Tenryu River, which flows through his hometown.
chew sports project
[Image 6:×285.jpg] The “Chewing Sports Project” is based on Lotte’s desire to contribute to society through the necessity of “chewing” and the unexpected power that “chewing” brings. This is a project that supports the performance of people who play a variety of sports, from children to children, through “chewing”. We will spread the importance of “chewing” through various activities such as “research”, “information
dissemination”, “chewing force measurement”, and “provision of gum”. We will disseminate information on the relationship between sports and chewing, such as the importance of chewing in sports, and encourage as many people as possible to incorporate chewing and gum training into their daily lives, thereby improving their performance in sports. Aiming to improve, we are focusing on support through “chewing”. *For details:
[Table 4: ]

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