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Home » Launched the “GAMING LIFESTYLE Support System,” a welfare program that allows people to pursue their passions and put them to use in their work, such as gaming vacations.

Launched the “GAMING LIFESTYLE Support System,” a welfare program that allows people to pursue their passions and put them to use in their work, such as gaming vacations.

Launched the “GAMING LIFESTYLE Support System,” a welfare program that allows people to pursue their passions and put them to use in their work, such as gaming vacations.
GLOE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Yuya Tanida, Akihito Furusawa, Stock Code: 9565), which provides various services related to games and e-sports as a GAMING LIFESTYLE Company, has a welfare program called GAMING LIFESTYLE. We would like to inform you that we have started a support system.
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Background to the launch of “GAMING LIFESTYLE Support System” At GLOE, we believe that games and esports are not just content to enjoy, but can also serve as a method for communicating and solving problems. As a GAMING LIFESTYLE Company, we believe that our mission is to maximize the appeal and potential of games and esports while understanding better than anyone else how to utilize them effectively and creating high-quality output. We have decided to launch the “GAMING LIFESTYLE Support System” because we believe that by continuing to produce high-quality output, we can contribute to the gaming and esports market as well as society.
Contents of “GAMING LIFESTYLE Support System”
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1. Gaming vacation
This is a system where you can take vacation three times a year on days when you want to concentrate and enjoy the game. The majority of GLOE employees love games, and we have colleagues with the following skills and accomplishments.
・2nd place in the “Pokken Tournament” World Tournament
・“Dragon Quest Rivals” National Tournament Top 4
・”PUBG MOBILE” Former professional gamer, 5th place in Japan ・9th place in Japan for number of wins in “Fortnite” (17th place overall in Asia)
・”Street Fighter 6″ Rank Master
・“VALORANT” Rank Immortal 3
While facing our daily work with passion such as “I love games!”, “I want to convey the charm of e-sports!”, and “I want to contribute to the world by utilizing games and e-sports!”, we strive to create originality through game play and viewing experiences. We create unique projects that utilize our overflowing ideas and awareness, and deepen our understanding of the community. As I work in the gaming and e-sports industry, which is a growing market, I hope to continue to maintain that feeling of “love” and utilize it in my work. 2. Gaming environment support
This is a system that allows you to purchase and apply for
gaming-related products and services at special prices from gaming peripheral equipment companies that do business with GLOE on a regular basis. By combining the strengths of our employees who use a wide variety of gaming-related products and services, we hope to help invigorate the gaming and e-sports industry through the experience of using a wide variety of gaming-related products and services. 3.Entertainment subsidy system
This system supports the cost of participating in entertainment events such as movies, museums/art galleries, plays, live
performances/festivals, and sports events. At GLOE, we believe that quality input leads to quality output. By giving them the opportunity to experience all kinds of entertainment shows, we want them to absorb the know-how that they can use in their day-to-day operations, such as producing their own events. We also hope that by creating a state of overflowing “like” not only at work but also in private life, it will lead to the best motivation.
4. Game purchase subsidy system
This system supports the purchase costs of packaged or downloaded game software, whether new or used. At GLOE, we have employees who not only play a variety of games on a daily basis, but also play when a new title is announced or find an interesting game, and are full of the spirit of challenge. . Through this system, we hope to create an opportunity to play new games and expand the range of titles you can play in your favorite game genre, and to return this to all
Through the “GAMING LIFESTYLE Support System”, we will continue to deepen our love of games and understanding of the community, accelerate the provision of businesses and services that utilize games and esports, meet the expectations of our stakeholders, and contribute to society. I will continue to do so.
About GLOE
Since its founding in 2015, at the dawn of e-sports, GLOE has been involved in the planning and management of events and tournaments of all genres related to e-sports, video production and distribution, promotion, casting, facility management, and consulting. We have been working on revitalization and new business creation. Wellplaid and Riseest merged in February 2021. In May 2023, we changed our vision to “We are the GAMING LIFESTYLE Company.” and our mission to “Make people and society happy through games.” In February 2024, we changed our trade name from Wellplaid Raised to GLOE. We aim to contribute to the further development of the gaming and esports industry by continuing to provide solutions, services, and products that fit the lifestyles of people who take gaming for granted.
・Company name: GLOE Co., Ltd.
・Location: 6F, Grand First Shinjuku Gyoen, 22-1 Daikyomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo ・Established: November 19, 2015
・Representative Director: Yuya Tanida Akihito Furusawa
・Business content: Planning and production related to games and e-sports, tournament management, production, consulting, promotion, facility management, etc.

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