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Home » Samuraite, 4 companies jointly sponsored an online seminar on the theme of “Latest 2024! Techniques to attract customers and increase purchase rate for EC sites – content marketing x site search x page design”

Samuraite, 4 companies jointly sponsored an online seminar on the theme of “Latest 2024! Techniques to attract customers and increase purchase rate for EC sites – content marketing x site search x page design”

Samuraite Co., Ltd.
Samuraite, 4 companies jointly sponsored an online seminar on the theme of “Latest 2024! Techniques to attract customers and increase purchase rate for EC sites – content marketing x site search x page design”
We will thoroughly explain the latest strategies, from methods of attracting customers to EC sites that you can use right now to specific measures to improve CVR (February 22nd from 4:00 pm) ……
Samlight Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Satoshi Ikedo, hereinafter referred to as “Samlight”), which supports corporate content marketing and media business, is a subsidiary of WUUZY Co., Ltd., Business Search Technology Co., Ltd., and Henobu Co., Ltd. Co-hosted with Factory, a free online seminar will be held on Thursday, February 22nd from 16:00 [Latest 2024! We will be holding a public exhibition of techniques for attracting customers and increasing purchase rates for e-commerce sites – content marketing x site search x page design.
[Image:×630.jpg] ▼This seminar is recommended for these people!
・Those who want to learn SNS marketing methods to lead to purchases ・Those who want to know about recent trends in SNS
・Those who are interested in ways to connect visitors to a smooth purchase process
・Those who are worried about user abandonment due to difficulty in searching e-commerce sites
・Those who are not able to successfully connect customer attraction to sales ・Those who want to know what site visitors are thinking
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■Seminar program
As the number of e-commerce sites continues to increase, methods of attracting customers are diversifying, and in recent years, measures that make full use of SNS and media have increased in particular. However, how can it be used to efficiently guide people to EC sites? What content do users really want?
I think there are many e-commerce businesses who are having trouble knowing the correct answer.

In addition, in order to increase sales, it is important to know how smoothly you can actually connect customers to purchase on the site after successfully attracting customers.
In order to prevent abandonment and increase the purchase rate, you need to understand the psychology of users who visit your site, and what areas need improvement. It is important to identify and take countermeasures.
Therefore, this seminar will be co-hosted with WUUZY Co., Ltd., Business Search Technology Co., Ltd., and Henobu Factory Co., Ltd., which have supported the sales increase of many e-commerce sites. We will reveal the latest strategies, including measures.
Even if you are unable to watch it on the day, you can still watch the archive for 7 days by applying in advance! Please feel free to register first.
■Event overview
●Date and time
February 22, 2024 (Thursday) 16:00~18:00
[Latest in 2024! ] Revealing techniques for attracting customers and increasing purchase rate for EC sites
~Content marketing x site search x page design~
Part 1 (16:00-16:30) | What is the marketing thinking necessary to increase sales from the perspective of the EC market? – Explaining how to create a customized strategy from the perspective of human resources – (WUUZY Co., Ltd.)
Part 2 (16:30-17:00) | The latest “SNS marketing” from awareness to purchase stimulation ~ Communication strategy to lead to sales ~ (Samlight Co., Ltd.)
Part 3 (17:00~17:30) | What we learned from support from over 900 companies! EC strategy to increase “immediate purchases and subsequent purchases” by prioritizing ease of use (Business Search Technology Co., Ltd.)
Part 4 (17:30-18:00) | What is CVR improvement that maximizes the effect of attracting customers? Customer understanding and customer service methods by customer acquisition channel (Henobu Factory Co., Ltd.)
General people involved in EC/mail order business
・Please watch in a location with good signal strength, such as a Wi-Fi environment, where high-speed communication is possible.
・Programs are subject to change without notice.
・We may refuse participation of competing companies in this seminar. ・Participation is limited to the applicant as the viewing URL will be sent individually via email.
・Even if it is difficult to watch on the day of the event, if you apply before the event date and time, we will provide an archive for a limited time of 7 days.
‍Takumi Yoshida
EC Professional (WUUZY Co., Ltd.) Marketing Group Manager
‍Joined Mizuho Bank, Ltd. as a new graduate and worked in corporate sales to provide management support such as financing, real estate, and inheritance. After that, he joined WUUZY Co., Ltd. as the third employee and experienced the establishment of a marketing division. Currently, he is in charge of overall marketing for the matching service “EC no Pro,” which has over 2,500 registered EC specialist marketers.
Kaido Iida
Business Search Technology Co., Ltd. Sales Headquarters Marketing Group Deputy Manager
He works hard every day as a marketing manager at Genie Co., Ltd., the parent company of Business Search Technology Co., Ltd. I have been involved in marketing for 10 years. At a digital marketing consulting company, he has served as executive officer, COO, chief customer success officer, and media officer. Involved in marketing support for over 80 companies. In addition, he is also involved in business development and strives to solve all business issues related to marketing.
Aki Murase
Henobu Factory Co., Ltd. Director/WEB Consultant
After working on package design and advertising design at a major product design company, he entered the web world. Thanks to his unique information design skills, he has contributed to the improvement of many companies’ websites. Regardless of genre, we provide complete support for site operations, site renewal, etc., from strategy design to implementation. We are focusing on information design that improves results. Also active as a seminar lecturer.
Yuta Sanuma
Samurai Co., Ltd. SNS Marketing Division Branding Producer
After working at a web advertising agency and an e-commerce company, he joined Samuraite as an SNS director. In addition to director duties, he also works as a branding producer to address customer issues, covering everything from strategy to tactics, and working to resolve customer issues.
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■ Samurai SNS related services
At Samurai, we utilize our extensive know-how based on our experience supporting content marketing for over 500 companies to support SNS operations.
▼Social media overall design consulting
In order to realize effective social media utilization that is consistent with business strategy, marketing strategy, and promotion strategy, we will formulate a strategy that will serve as a blueprint for the overall use of social media.
For more information: ▼Product co-creation marketing support
By collaborating with influencers, this is a co-creation marketing support service that reflects the voices of consumers in the co-creation of new ideas and product planning, as well as implementing the shortest and most optimal promotional measures.
Learn more: ▼Video marketing
“We don’t have the production know-how or resources in-house.” “We’ve tried making videos, but we’re not getting the results we expected.” By planning from the user’s perspective and optimizing the distribution platform and goal setting, we solve common problems with video utilization and aim to inspire action and change attitudes in line with the objectives.
Click here for details: ▼Brand ambassador type influencer matching service “SAME”
Turn influencers into brand ambassadors. Through medium- to long-term collaboration with brand ambassadors, who are “evangelists who actively communicate about the brand,” we continually convey our story and passion, gain fans, and encourage them to take action.
Learn more:
We also provide flexible support depending on your requests and issues, such as channel operation consulting and reporting. If you are a company that has issues regarding SNS operation, please feel free to contact us.
Contact us here: ■About Samuraite Co., Ltd.
As a “MEDIA MARKETING COMPANY” whose vision is “Believe in content. Advancing media. Coloring people.” Samurait utilizes content and technology to develop owned media, SNS marketing, influencer marketing, programmatic advertising, etc. We support corporate business and marketing with a focus on content marketing.
In addition, we will open up the next generation of media business and new forms of marketing through our own media management, business development with mass media, and media consulting business.
【Company Profile】
Name: SOMEWRITE Inc. (English: SOMEWRITE inc.)
Head office location: Grand Foret B1, 3-57-6 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Director and President: Satoshi Ikedo
Corporate site:
●Inquiries regarding this matter
Marketing, Samuraite Co., Ltd.
TEL: 03-6550-8907
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