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Kicchodo Co., Ltd. Information on exhibiting at the Health Expo

Kitchodo Co., Ltd.
Information on exhibiting at the health fair
We offer CBD raw materials and OEM products, including “Kicchodo Water-Soluble CBD Powder,” for which we have a patented manufacturing process. If you have any questions about plans or products, our employees with specialized knowledge will provide full support. ……
Thank you very much for your continued support. Kitchodo Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting a booth at the “Health Expo 2024” to be held at Tokyo Big Sight.
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What is a health expo?
With the main theme of “Thinking about the health of people, society, and the earth,” we offer a wide variety of products and services, including foods with functional claims, femme/men’s care, CBD, protein, organic foods, plant-based products, and beauty and health equipment. This is a B to B exhibition where a wide range of products such as raw materials and raw materials are exhibited.
Health Expo 2024:
Kitchodo page: made from “Kicchodo CBD water-soluble powder”, which has acquired a special patent, and this exhibition theme We also display many products related to “Sleep is the ultimate beauty”.
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[Tasting, Tasting, Samples You can try CBD in various dosage forms!!]
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We have sole agency agreements with Switzerland and the United States, where the CBD raw materials we handle are produced.
We are particular about manufacturing methods that meet Japanese standards, from the farm to the extraction of CBD raw materials. After strict inspection (NO THC, CBD purity of 99% or more), we import it by air.
We offer high-quality CBD OEM products using a reliable, safe and reliable domestic manufacturing process that only a long-established company can provide.
The lineup that can be manufactured is more than 40 types, which is top class in the industry, and even though we are a raw material manufacturer, we also have a wide range of OEM options!!
We also have a large selection of small lot products (100 units and above), so please feel free to contact us.
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All of our employees are looking forward to your visit.