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Home » Hacobu “MOVO Driver”, a smartphone app that changes the way truck drivers work, now has a “Premises Floor Plan” feature that allows you to draw and post eaves conditions on a map

Hacobu “MOVO Driver”, a smartphone app that changes the way truck drivers work, now has a “Premises Floor Plan” feature that allows you to draw and post eaves conditions on a map

“MOVO Driver,” a smartphone app that changes the way truck drivers work, now has a “premises floor plan” feature that allows you to draw and post eaves conditions on a map
Significant update to the “Logistics Information Map” that allows you to share information useful for driving operations
Hacobu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, President and CEO Taro Sasaki, hereinafter referred to as “Hacobu”) has created a “logistics information map” for the smartphone app “MOVO Driver” that changes the way truck drivers work. We would like to inform you that we have implemented the “Premises Floor Plan” function.
[Image 1:×1390.png ]
MOVO Driver is a free smartphone app that was launched in June 2023 with the aim of changing the way truck drivers work and changing the image of their work. The “Logistics Information Map” was implemented in October 2023, and it registers information on logistics bases nationwide, eaves conditions, and location information such as convenience stores where large vehicles can be parked and gas stations with showers. , everyone can add information that is useful for driver duties, and drivers can see it on the map. This time, we have added the “Premises Floor Plan” function to the “Logistics Information Map”. Features of this function
Added facility floor plan function to logistics information map
[Image 2:×1390.png ]
Drivers themselves or people in charge of logistics bases can draw and post eaves conditions on a map. You can record the locations of entrances, exits, reception desks, on-site waiting areas, etc., and visualize the flow lines at the logistics base.
There were limits to conveying eaves conditions through text alone, so information was communicated by writing the necessary information on a map. However, drawing information on a map and transmitting the information was complicated because it required going through multiple apps: “capture the map, write it with a drawing tool, and then transmit it.” With this feature, everything can be completed on the app.
Added/updated information will be confirmed and posted on Hacobu. (※1) Addition of point information items and improved coordination with external functions
[Image 3:×1390.png ]
We have added items such as phone numbers and URLs to each point information item, and added the ability to search for routes on Google Maps and Yahoo! Maps. This allows you to check the location
information and then take the next action smoothly, such as checking by phone or website.
Added additional information items
Added an item that allows you to freely enter information regarding logistics bases. You can freely enter information that cannot be covered by standard items, such as the availability of restrooms and rules for entry.
Background of this function
In the logistics field, there are concerns that the overtime work limit for drivers will be capped at 960 hours per year from April 2024, leading to further labor shortages, and reforming the way drivers work is an urgent issue.
Under such circumstances, drivers are burdened with checking and managing the information they need in their daily work, such as directly checking with co-workers and delivery destinations, in order to obtain information such as the eaves conditions of logistics bases. I am. In particular, eaves conditions tend to be difficult to understand using words or letters alone. New drivers do not know how to collect information, which is one of the factors that increases the barriers to finding new employment.
In order to reduce the effort and stress of drivers, we have implemented a function that makes it easier to visually share eaves conditions.
Future outlook
By expanding the functions to make it easier for truck drivers to work, we aim to make it an “indispensable app for truck drivers.” In the future, we will add functions that will allow staff at logistics bases to add information, making it a platform where all kinds of information can be gathered. Furthermore, we will expand functions to deepen communication between drivers and logistics bases. About the smartphone app “MOVO Driver” that changes the way truck drivers work This is a smartphone application provided by Hacobu that supports the work, work style, and connections of truck drivers. Released in June 2023. In the future, we plan to continue releasing functions based on the voices and data of the approximately 460,000 (*2) drivers who use the logistics DX tool MOVO. In the future, we plan to implement features that support driver networking and communication.
You can download it from AppStore or Google Play.
Click the download link below to be linked to the app acquisition screen. ■iOS
■Android About Hacobu
Trade name: Hacobu Co., Ltd.
Established: June 30, 2015
Address: 9th floor, Mita 3-chome MT Building, 3-14-10 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073
Representative: Representative Director, President and CEO Taro Sasaki Business: Develops the cloud logistics management solution “MOVO” series and the logistics DX consulting “Hacobu Strategy.” Cloud services such as “MOVO Berth”, a truck reservation reception service with the No. 1 market share (*3), “MOVO Fleet”, a dynamic management service, and “MOVO Vista”, a delivery management service, and “MOVO Driver”, a smartphone app that streamlines driver work. In addition to providing “, we support the optimization of inter-company logistics as a logistics DX partner.
*1 Confirmation will be made to the extent that it can be confirmed from public information, etc. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information.
*2 Cumulative number of drivers using the service. Cumulative number of driver phone number IDs that users register when using “MOVO Berth” *3 Source: Deloitte Tohmatsu Mic Economic Research Institute “Actual Status and Prospects of the Smart Logistics Solutions Market [2023 Edition]” Berth Management System Market Sales and Share in number of locations
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