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Home » Menshoku Co., Ltd. Kitakata Ramen Sakauchi is gradually warming! Seasonal ramen “Warm miso ramen with 10 kin ds of vegetables” Sales start on Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Menshoku Co., Ltd. Kitakata Ramen Sakauchi is gradually warming! Seasonal ramen “Warm miso ramen with 10 kin ds of vegetables” Sales start on Wednesday, February 14, 2024

[Menshoku Co., Ltd.] Kitakata Ramen Sakauchi is gradually warming! Seasonal Ramen “Warm Miso Ramen with 10 Kinds of Vegetables” Wednesday, February 14, 2024
Sales start

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Press release: February 8, 2024
Kitakata Ramen Sakauchi is slowly warming up! Seasonal ramen “Warm miso ramen with 10 kinds of vegetables” Sales start on Wednesday, February 14, 2024
Menshoku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Nakahara Makoto) will be selling the seasonal product “Warm Miso Ramen with 10 Types of Vegetables” at each “Kitakata Ramen Sakauchi” store from February 14, 2024 (Wednesday).
Appearing this year as well as last year! “10 Kinds of Vegetable Warm Miso Ramen” is topped with plenty of 10 kinds of colorful fresh vegetables.The fresh spiciness of freshly grated ginger permeates the miso soup, and as you eat it, it gradually warms you from the core of your body. This ramen is recommended for winter. The generous 10 kinds of vegetables include grated ginger, sliced ​​cabbage, green onions, Japanese ginger, bean sprouts, shiso leaves, all-purpose green onions, carrots, bean sprouts, and coarsely chopped onions that add a crunchy texture. Of course, there are 5 toppings, including the famous Toro Umayaki Pork. This refreshing yet punchy product is also full of dietary fiber, making it a healthy drink.

* ■Product information *
Warm miso ramen with 10 kinds of vegetables
・Product name: Warm miso ramen with 10 kinds of vegetables
・Sales period: Scheduled for February 14, 2024 (Tuesday) to April 15, 2024 (Monday)
・Sales price: Regular size 1,040 yen (tax included) / Large size 1,190 yen ・Related URL:
・Product Features: A colorful menu with plenty of 10 types of vegetables (onions, ginger, bean sprouts, cabbage, shiso leaves, bean sprouts, green onions, carrots, green onions, Japanese ginger). Accented with fresh, crunchy chopped onions and raw ginger! This miso ramen is recommended for winter and will warm you from the core of your body.

* ■ Stores selling “Warm Miso Ramen with 10 Kinds of Vegetables” * Iwate Prefecture: Mizusawa store
Tokyo: Chitose Karasuyama store / Kyobashi store / Omori East exit store / Otemachi store / Asakusa store / Musashi-Koyama store / Gotanda station store /
Nishi Kamata Store / Uchisaiwaicho Guard Shita Store / Shinjuku Park Tower Store / Tama Center Store / Koenji North Exit Store /
Koiwa store / Sumiyoshi store / Kiba store / Sasazuka store / Ebisu store / Shinagawa season terrace store /
Shiodome City Center Store / Kabukicho Store / Chofu Store / Otsuka Store / Kameari Store
Kanagawa Prefecture: Kawasaki Higashida store / Ishikawacho store / Totsuka store / Kanazawa Bunko store / Shonan Samukawa store / Musashi Shinjo store
Chiba Prefecture: Soga store / Kimitsu store / Ichikawa store / Kisarazu store / Minami Nagareyama store / Funabashi store
Ibaraki Prefecture: Toride store / Hitachi Ayukawa store / Mito Higashi store / Itako store / Ishioka store / Shintone store Tochigi Prefecture: Utsunomiya store
Saitama Prefecture: Iwatsuki store / Ageo store / Sugito store / Honjo store Aichi Prefecture: Nagoya Moriyama store
Mie Prefecture: Yokkaichi Station Store / Yokkaichi Store / Suzuka Store Osaka Prefecture: Harinakano store
Kochi Prefecture: Rokusenji store

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There are lots of great benefits such as discounts on ramen, gyoza, and popular side menus! In addition to coupons, you can also receive rank-up benefits with “visit points” that you can accumulate every time you visit the store. Each rank will receive Kitakata ramen, gyoza, and even a Sakauchi bowl with their name on it! Customers who have visited our store 250 times will be invited to enjoy ramen with our president!

*Mobile coupons cannot be used at the following stores. Please note. [Tokyo] Shinagawa Season Terrace Store / Shinjuku West Exit Omoide Yokocho Store / Kabukicho Store / Kameido Store / Chitose Karasuyama Store / Koenji North Exit Store / Yotsuya Store [Osaka] Namba Nihonbashi Store [Kochi Prefecture] Rokusenji Store

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Instagram: @bannai_kitakata
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X(Twitter): @cha_shu_
Sakauchi image character Bekomaru
* ■Please also use the Sakauchi online shop at home *
Kitakata Ramen Sakauchi has opened an online shop so that people all over the country can enjoy the same deliciousness that we offer at our store at home. The noodles are lovingly laid flat and aged with a lot of water added to them, the special grilled pork is made to
melt-in-your-mouth softness by removing excess oil, and the flavor of the pork bones is slowly cooked over time to bring out the flavor, making it a light dish. A clear soup with a rich flavor. Each item is delivered with love.
* Kitakata Ramen Sakauchi Official Online Shop: * **

* ■Kitakata Ramen Sakauchi *
“Sakauchi Shokudo” is the origin of Kitakata Ramen Sakauchi. Kitakata Ramen
“Kitakata Ramen” is said to be one of the three major local ramen in Japan, and “Kitakata Ramen Sakauchi” is a Kitakata ramen chain with its roots in the long-established “Sakauchi Shokudo” in Kitakata City, Fukushima Prefecture.
In order to convey the taste of Kitakata ramen, which has been nurtured and protected by the climate and natural features of the Aizu Basin, we are particular about the ingredients of the noodles, soup, and grilled pork, and carefully make each bowl. We are particular about the ingredients we use, and we provide “handmade
deliciousness” every day with ramen, which is an everyday meal. We will continue to strive to make many customers smile from the bottom of their hearts by conveying warmth through ramen.

* ■Menshoku Co., Ltd. Company Profile *
■Company name: Menshoku Co., Ltd.
■Representative: Makoto Nakahara, Representative Director and President ■Head office location: 10th floor, Keihin Higashi-oi Building, 2-13-8 Higashi-oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
■Establishment date: May 1988
■Capital: 25 million yen
■Number of employees: 500 (as of the end of April 2023)
■Business details:

・“Kitakata Ramen Sakauchi” FC business development, general operations incidental to FC business
・64 domestic stores (21 directly managed stores, 43 affiliate stores), 7 overseas stores
・Other food and beverage businesses 1 Asian restaurant “88 Asaia”, 1 Vietnamese restaurant “Vietnam Alice”, 1 “Soba Restaurant Shoan”, 1 Spanish bar “Bar”
de Ollaria” 1 store operation, new business format development and operation ・Human resource development dispatch business
・Wholesale business
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