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Home » Held on February 29th! SPORTS INNOVATION STUDIO DEMO DAY & SCRUM CONNECT 2024 – Innovation in sports entertainment through technology – Now accepting applications for participation

Held on February 29th! SPORTS INNOVATION STUDIO DEMO DAY & SCRUM CONNECT 2024 – Innovation in sports entertainment through technology – Now accepting applications for participation

Held on February 29th! [SPORTS INNOVATION STUDIO DEMO DAY & SCRUM CONNECT 2024] – Sports entertainment innovation through technology – Now accepting applications for participation

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Press release: February 8, 2024
Held on February 29th! [SPORTS INNOVATION STUDIO DEMO DAY & SCRUM CONNECT 2024] – Sports entertainment innovation through technology – Now accepting applications for participation
* Scrum Ventures (Headquarters: San Francisco, USA, General Partner: Miyata Takuya) and Scrum Studio Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Masami Takahashi) will hold BASE Q on Thursday, February 29th.
SPORTS INNOVATION STUDIO DEMO DAY and SCRUM CONNECT 2024 at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya We will be holding a *
“SPORTS” is a program aimed at building the “Sports Open Innovation Platform (SOIP)” jointly with the Japan Sports Agency and Scrum Studio.
STUDIO” demo day will feature “SPORTS
INNOVATION STUDIO Open Innovation” and “SPORTS” which recognizes new and outstanding initiatives in sports and sports business.
We will present the results of two projects of the “INNOVATION STUDIO Contest”.

At SCRUM CONNECT 2024, which will be held from 13:00 on the same day, “The Evolution of Sports and
Entertainment ~
The theme was “Innovation in sports and entertainment through technology.” Starting with a keynote by General Partner Miyata, startups active in the United States, Europe, and Asia were invited to talk about the latest sports and entertainment-related technologies and the accompanying changes in business. We are planning a discussion session. There will also be an opportunity to experience the latest technology at demo booths hosted by American and Japanese startups.

* ◆Event Overview*
* Date: * Thursday, February 29, 2024
12:00 – Doors open
13:00 – 16:20 SCRUM CONNECT 2024
19:00 – 20:30 Networking
* Venue: * BASE Q Tokyo Midtown Hibiya or online delivery via Zoom * Price: * Free (pre-registration required)
* Application, details: *

The number of seats available at the venue is limited, so please apply early.

* [Sessions scheduled for the day] *
For English sessions, we plan to provide simultaneous translation into Japanese.


* ●The Evolution of Sports and Entertainment ~ Innovation in sports and entertainment through technology*
Scrum Ventures Founder and General Partner Takuya Miyata

* ●Unicorn “Fever” has landed in Japan! A look into the data-driven management of a live entertainment discovery platform used in 180 cities around the world*
Rachid Laurent Elameri – Regional General Manager, Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia at Fever

* ●Bandit, a rising star who is creating a global sports brand with the power of the community, creating fans and creating a brand * Nick West – Co-Founder & CEO at Bandit Running

* ●What is the business model for the new golf league “TGL” that Tiger Woods is working on, a viewing experience that makes full use of technology? *
Joey Brander – Founding Team & Vice President – TMRW Sports

* ●Korean entertainment is taking the world by storm, and the former CEO of SM Entertainment starts an agency that takes on the world from the beginning! K-POP’s next move*
Nikki Semin Han – Chairman of the Board at TITAN CONTENT

* ●Why are overseas startups paying attention to Japan now? * Kamal Mistry – CEO at Arcturus
Albert Ng – Co-Founder, CEO at Misapplied Sciences
Stephen Glicken – CEO at Project Admission


* ●[Conversation] The future of sports – increasing the value of sports business in the future*
Hiroharu Murofushi – Commissioner of the Japan Sports Agency Takuya Miyata – Scrum Ventures Founder, General Partner

The eight companies that were finally selected for “SPORTS INNOVATION STUDIO 2023 Open Innovation” will present their results.

An award ceremony will be held for the “SPORTS INNOVATION STUDIO 2023 Contest” to recognize cutting-edge initiatives in sports and sports business.


* *
Program results presentation
Program results presentation
* [Contact information] *
Scrum Ventures person in charge: Miura

* [About Scrum Ventures] *
Scrum Ventures is based in Silicon Valley and Tokyo, where many innovations continue to occur, and invests in early-stage startups that change the world with new technologies and services. To date, we have invested in over 120 innovative startups across a wide range of categories including Mobility, Fintech, IoT, VR, Commerce, and Healthcare. In addition to simple investment, we also contribute to increasing the corporate value of startups by providing hands-on business support, introducing co-investors, supporting global expansion, and introducing business partners.

Company name: Scrum Ventures LLC
Representative: General Partner Takuya Miyata (Founder)
Head office location: San Francisco, USA
Establishment date: February 2013
Business content: Venture investment business

* [About Scrum Studio Co., Ltd.] *
Scrum Studio Co., Ltd., which is involved in the creation of new businesses between Japanese companies and global startups, utilizes open innovation methods to support co-creation between startups and large corporate partners representing each industry. , we carry out “incubation business” such as supporting overseas startups to expand into Japan. In addition, “Scrum” is an online platform that delivers the latest startup and tech information from the United States. We also operate “Connect Online”. Scrum Studio Co., Ltd. drives new business and value creation between Japanese companies and startups around the world.

Company name: Scrum Studio Co., Ltd.
Representative: Masami Takahashi, President and Representative Director Head office location: Minato-ku, Tokyo
Establishment date: August 2020
Business content: New business creation studio business, online platform business

* [About Sports Open Innovation Platform (SOIP)] *
A policy of the Japan Sports Agency that aims to build a platform for creating new goods and services in the world by linking the resources of the sports world, the technology and funds of private companies, and the knowledge of academic and research institutions. . We aim to improve the value of sports and other industries and solve social issues through co-created services.
Up until now, the promotion council to discuss the basic direction of policy and the SOIP
Holding conferences with the aim of disseminating and disseminating the concept and expanding the participating population; implementing open innovation programs using sports organizations as innovation platforms; recognizing advanced initiatives originating in Japan, and promoting market development and fundraising. We are holding a contest with the aim of accelerating commercialization. The Japan Sports Agency will promote Scrum Studio in the FY2020 Sports Open Innovation Promotion Project.
Selected as a subcontractor for SPORTS INNOVATION STUDIO’s secretariat operations.
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