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Notice of establishment of “INREVO Co., Ltd.”

Notice of establishment of “INREVO Co., Ltd.”

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Press release: February 8, 2024
Notice of establishment of “INREVO Co., Ltd.”
*Subsidiary established by Hosty Co., Ltd. to strengthen unmanned and labor-saving IT system development and sales promotion for
accommodation facilities*
We aim to revitalize the Japanese economy with the vision of “Reviving Japan – Taking on the Challenge of the Second Industrial Revolution.” Hosty Co., Ltd., headquartered in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture (Representative Director: Hiroo )
Hosty) is the parent company, and the unmanned/labor-saving IT services for accommodation facilities developed and provided by Hosty are
INREVO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Representative Director and CEO)
We would like to inform you that Haruhito Minami (hereinafter referred to as INREVO) was established on January 23, 2024.

Parent company that operates unmanned compact hotel “mizuka” and unmanned/labor-saving IT services for accommodation facilities “AI check in” and “Room port”
Hosty Co., Ltd.
*About the purpose of establishing the subsidiary*
“AI check in” and “Room
INREVO Co., Ltd. was established to strengthen the development system and sales promotion of “port”.
With the establishment of this subsidiary, we will strengthen our AI check in and Room port development systems and strengthen our sales strategy.
In addition, by leveraging Hosty’s knowledge to develop businesses such as recruitment support, business training, and customer attraction support, we will not only provide solutions for lodging facilities, but also provide value to a wide range of clients.

INREVO’s mission is to realize * “Japan’s revitalization – the challenge of the second industrial revolution”*.
* ・Unmanned/labor-saving IT system business for accommodation facilities* * ・Hotel management consulting business*
* ・Recruitment agency business*
* ・Business money training business*
* ・Customer attraction agency business*

With this as our main focus, we will provide value to our customers and work towards realizing our mission and vision.

*Introduction to INREVO’s business*

* ・Unmanned/labor-saving IT system business for accommodation facilities* * Service name: “AI check in” “Room port” *
“AI check in” is a “DX service for managers” developed by Hosty, which actually operates unmanned and labor-saving hotels.
By using it as an alternative to the hotel front desk, you can redeploy valuable human resources with appropriate resources.

“roomport” is a guest room tablet app used by guests using our facilities. By making it possible to check out from the guest room, we reduce the burden on front desk operations.
In addition, by using the chatbot function, it is possible to reduce the number of extension calls and significantly reduce communication costs.

* ・Hotel management consulting business*
Utilizing the know-how of our parent company, Hosty Co., Ltd., which operates a large number of hotels ourselves, we will improve the efficiency and reduce costs of hotel operations by providing full support for operational work and personnel management.

* ・Recruitment agency business*
* Service name: “Hitore Recruitment” *
In addition to recruitment agency services (RPO), we also help resolve issues that have hitherto been an issue with RPO services, such as the inability to accumulate recruitment knowledge in-house, and support the establishment of a self-sustaining system after the service ends. We also support resource optimization for human resources personnel by providing personnel training and follow-up for prospective employees.

* ・Business training business*
* Service name: “Hitore training” *
We are focusing on “nurturing autonomous people”. We focus on custom-made training created from scratch and in-house packaged training, and our in-house instructors provide accompaniment support from planning to training.

* ・Customer attraction agency business*
* Service name: “Hitore Customer Attraction” *
Utilizing SNS, we have achieved the lowest prices in the industry with two plans: performance-based fees and flat-rate plans.
We will take our clients’ businesses to the next level with the support of members with brilliant achievements, such as increasing the number of followers by 3000 people and increasing sales 20 times in just one month.

* INREVO Co., Ltd. Company Profile *
*Company name* *INREVO Co., Ltd.*
* address*
* 8F Zonk Nakasu de Aibashi, 4-5-6 Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 810-0801*
*Representative* *Haruhito Minami*
*Established* *January 23, 2024*
* Capital* * 9.99 million yen (including capital reserve)*
*Business details*

* ・Hardware used in hotel operations ・Software planning, development, production, sales, and maintenance ・Planning, production, maintenance, and management of websites and web content
・Educational content creation, training and guidance for human resource development ・Paid employment placement business ・Personnel measurement and education and training business ・Internet media business
・All businesses incidental to the preceding items*
*Phone number* *092-282-1670*
* Contact* **
*About details about this release*

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