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Home » Make shopping more comfortable. Plaste Tenjin store reopened on February 14th (Wednesday) in pursuit of ease of shopping and to meet the various needs of customers!

Make shopping more comfortable. Plaste Tenjin store reopened on February 14th (Wednesday) in pursuit of ease of shopping and to meet the various needs of customers!

Plaste Co., Ltd.
Make shopping more comfortable. Plaste Tenjin store reopened on February 14th (Wednesday) in pursuit of ease of shopping and to meet the various needs of customers!
~Special products and limited time prices are also available to commemorate the reopening~
Fast Retailing Group’s brand “PLST”, which proposes “everyday clothes” when you want to look neat, will open as a shop-in-shop in sister brand UNIQLO’s Tenjin store in April 2023. Our products have been well-received by customers visiting our UNIQLO Tenjin store as “functional clothing that looks great just by putting it on, and is easy to care for.” We will be re-opening on February 14th
(Wednesday), moving the sales floor that was previously on the 2nd floor to the 1st floor, so that you can enjoy shopping around the store even more. In commemoration of this, we are offering special prices for a limited time, including the popular stick pants with cumulative sales of 1.57 million units, wrinkle-resistant blouses, and the three-dimensional silhouette “Whole Garment (R) Knit Series”. . We will also be selling special store-only items of “Whole Garment (R) Knit”.
[Image 1:×673.png ]
■Special store items from the popular “Whole Garment (R) Knit Series” are now available!
[Image 2:×3900.jpg] To commemorate the reopening, 2 new products for men and women will be released from “Whole Garment (R) Knit”, whose three-dimensional silhouette makes your body look beautiful from any angle.
The WHOLEGARMENT(R) Knit T-shirt is the first men’s product in the series. It features a design with thicker armholes and is recommended for a sporty look.
The women’s “Whole Garment(R) Knit Circular Sweater” is a three-dimensional
[Image 3:×3900.jpg] The voluminous sleeves and cinched waist design make this an attractive piece. This special item will be sold exclusively at shop-in-shops within UNIQLO stores, including the Plaste Tenjin store, and online stores. Above) WHOLEGARMENT(R) knit T-shirt 7,990 yen (tax included) Bottom) WHOLEGARMENT(R) knit circular sweater 7,990 yen (tax included)
[Image 4:×3900.jpg] ■The ever-popular “Whole Garment (R) Knit” series is available at a special price for a limited time only.
To commemorate the reopening, the popular WHOLEGARMENT(R) knit series, which has been well-received as “Look stylish just by wearing it, is comfortable to wear, and easy to care for,” will be released on February 14th ( We will be offering a special price for a limited time from Wednesday, February 25th to Sunday, February 25th. The special price exclusive to app members is also applicable to customers who join on the day.
[Image 5:×3900.jpg] ■Other popular items are also available at special prices for a limited time only.
From the “Plus Style Pants”, which are popular as the ultimate pants for beautiful legs, we are now offering stick pants made of cotton blend material that can be worn seasonally at a special price. Other popular items are available at special prices, such as blouses that won’t wrinkle even when washed in the washing machine, and trendy cut-and-sew items with fine glitter.
[Image 6:×2687.png ]
■Novelty gift according to the purchase amount
From February 14th (Wednesday) to February 18th (Sunday), customers who purchase over 20,000 yen (tax included) in one transaction will receive a Hydro Flask(R) tumbler (354ml) for the first 20 people. We will present it to you. Additionally, customers who purchase less than 20,000 yen (tax included) will receive a bunch of flowers of their choice from Uniqlo Flowers.
Both items will end as soon as they are gone, and each person will be limited to one item.
Plaste Tenjin store store overview
Reopening February 14th (Wednesday)
Business hours 10:00-20:00
Access (Train) 5 minutes walk from the north exit of Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station on the Nishitetsu Omuta Line
3 minutes walk from Tenjin Station on the Subway Airport Line Central Exit / East Exit
10 minutes walk from Exit 2 or 3 of Tenjin-minami Station on the Nanakuma Subway Line
5 minutes walk from the bus Nishitetsu bus “Tenjin Kita” and “Tenjin Post Office” Tenjin Bus Center ”
Watanabe -dori from the Tenjin Kita Ramp (High Speed ​​Line 1), the Tenjin Hashiguchi intersection left side
Address Mina Tenjin 1F, 4-3-8 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture (UNIQLO Tenjin Store 1F)
Products available Women’s, Men’s
[About PLST]
PLST is one of the brands of the Fast Retailing Group, which also operates UNIQLO and GU brands. Meet people, go to work, go out. PLASTE clothing enriches our customers’ daily lives by providing them with a sense of “properness” in these various scenes. We have a selection of essential wear that is full of ingenuity to make the wearer look beautiful.
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