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Precious Partners Co., Ltd. Precious Partners ranked 19th in the medium-sized category in the 2024 “Great Pl aces to Work” ranking

Precious Partners Co., Ltd.
Precious Partners ranked 19th in the medium-sized category in the 2024 “Great Places to Work” ranking
Precious Partners Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, President and CEO: Seiji Takasaki,
hereinafter referred to as “Precious Partners”), which conducts recruitment consulting business, is conducting 2024 sponsored by Great Place to Work(R) Institute Japan (hereinafter referred to as GPTW). We are pleased to announce that we have been selected as 19th in the medium-sized category in the 2019 edition of the “Great Companies to Work For” ranking. This is the seventh consecutive year that we have been selected.
[Image 1:×2603.jpg] Precious Partners has adopted the slogan “BELIEVE IN EACH OTHER” as this term’s slogan, and has strengthened its efforts to build relationships of trust with each customer and employee. We will continue to embody our corporate philosophy of “remaining an irreplaceable partner to everyone we interact with” through our efforts to create a better working environment.
Some of Precious Partners’ initiatives
・Building relationships of mutual trust between employees We hold a once-a-month in-house networking event called “Precious Wednesday,” and promote internal activities where employees can interact through hobbies and sports, regardless of department or year. By providing opportunities for employees to get involved, we aim to promote communication and improve engagement between employees. We have also established the “10 Precious DNA Rules” as our behavioral
guidelines. The 10 rules are: 1. Greet loudly and cheerfully, 2. Express your gratitude in words, 3. Respond honestly (don’t lie, make excuses, or cheat), and 4. First, take care of yourself. Article 5: Be considerate of others when you speak and act; Article 6: Obey set rules and deadlines; Article 7: Thoroughly report, communicate, and consult; Article 8: Don’t do things that lower the motivation of those around you. Article 9: Always do your best at work; Article 10: Never forget your dreams and passion.” By raising awareness of these “normal” actions, each individual can be considerate. We are creating a culture where people can bring their own ideas to work.・Creating an environment where employees can feel motivated and increase productivity We are proactively implementing no-overtime days centered on a work improvement team made up of volunteer members, and have achieved a company-wide average of less than 20 hours of overtime and zero take-home overtime. We are implementing the measures we aimed for. Furthermore, we are working on creating systems that can accommodate a variety of work styles, such as telework once a week. We have also introduced a system called “Internal Evaluation
System/Incentive Travel,” in which members who have achieved outstanding performance over the past year are recognized. Recognized members can participate in incentive trips. Since the introduction of this internal evaluation system, each member has been able to increase their desire to improve in their work. In addition, the members who received the award have continued to be more motivated and active in their work.・A system for employees to think about their lives and families We conduct “life planning training” for first and second year employees. This training aims to create opportunities to think about the link between life and work, and allows students to think about and learn about specific life plans and work goals. In addition, as a system that considers the lives and families of our members, we have established welfare benefits such as meal subsidies, maternity leave before and after childbirth, childcare and nursing care leave, and family allowances.
What is GPTW?
[Image 2:×3900.png ]
We support the spread and realization of “motivated companies” in Japan by conducting research and analysis on “motivating work” and introducing excellent examples. We conduct a global survey of companies that are great places to work, and publish rankings of companies that are great places to work in major media outlets around the world.
What is the “Great Place to Work” ranking?
This ranking is based on an anonymous employee survey regarding “trust in management/management,” “pride in work and the company,” and “sense of solidarity with colleagues.” Based on a “Company Questionnaire” in which participating companies respond to specific initiatives such as disseminating opinions from employees, hearing opinions from employees, human resource development, diversity, work-life balance, social and regional contribution activities, etc. Evaluate based on universal standards. ■Ranking page:
Precious Partners Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: Precious Partners Co., Ltd. Representative: President and CEO Seiji Takasaki Address: 35th floor, Shinjuku Sumitomo Building, 2-6-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0235
Established: April 2008 Business content: Recruitment consulting business Job advertisement business, human resource introduction business, employment event business URL: More details about this release: