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Kanagawa Prefecture Two projects will be launched in which ventures and large companies collaborate to promote digitalization etc.

Kanagawa Prefecture
Two projects will be launched in which ventures and large companies collaborate to promote digitalization etc.
In order to accelerate the growth of venture companies, the prefecture promotes open innovation between large companies and venture companies through the “Business Accelerator Kanagawa (BAK)” initiative, and provides support for commercialization. We would like to inform you that the following two projects selected as support projects for FY2020 will begin new efforts toward commercialization.
Overview of the initiative (Part 1)
Partner companies
SHO-CASE Co., Ltd., Fujibo Co., Ltd. (venture companies are underlined) Project name
Utilizing a new labor safety management system using smartphones and accelerating construction DX in large-scale condominium repair work overview
・SHO-CASE Co., Ltd. is developing a labor management system suitable for use at construction sites, using two-dimensional codes read with smartphones.
・With this system, you can easily obtain information such as the date and time of workers entering and exiting the site, as well as information about the company to which the worker belongs, emergency contact information, qualifications such as construction management engineer, and worker’s compensation insurance coverage status at the construction site. can be acquired and managed.
・On the other hand, Fujibo Co., Ltd. uses paper to manage the labor of workers at the site of large-scale condominium repair work, which requires printing, filling out, and storing paper, making it difficult to keep track of the latest information. Business operations were an issue.
・The two companies collaborated to conduct a demonstration experiment using SHO-CASE Co., Ltd.’s labor management system in order to efficiently manage on-site worker placement and attendance in real time.
– Based on the feedback from workers during the demonstration experiment, we have improved the system and will begin full-scale operation at the site of large-scale repair work carried out by Fujibo Co., Ltd.
・Promoting the digitalization of operations using systems rather than paper-based management is expected to improve the efficiency and productivity of labor management on-site.
[Image 1:×757.png ]
the next deployment
・We will design incentives to promote the use of the system, such as data linkage with CCUS (Construction Career Advancement System), which the government is promoting, and the provision of free drinks and heatstroke prevention products depending on the frequency of use. ・We aim to use this collaborative effort with Fujibo Co., Ltd. as a model case for on-site labor management in the construction industry and spread it throughout the industry.
Outline of the initiative (Part 2)
Partner companies
BellaDati LLC, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Venture companies are underlined) Project name
Development of “Power Ranger”, a power supply relief service using electric vehicles (EVs) during disasters
・BellaDati LLC has the technology to build IoT systems and collect and analyze various data.
・Meanwhile, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. is promoting the electrification of automobiles and is working to solve social issues such as disaster countermeasures using EVs. (On January 19, 2020, we concluded a collaboration agreement with Kanagawa Prefecture to realize a decarbonized society using electric vehicles and strengthen disaster countermeasures.)
・The company has been engaged in support activities in the past by dispatching EVs to facilities that need electricity and supplying electricity during disasters.
・Dispatch of EVs during disasters involves a wide variety of tasks such as exchanging communications and organizing information on each vehicle in order to understand which EVs can be dispatched and determine the appropriate destination, which requires a lot of manpower and time. there is.
・Thus, with the aim of quickly and smoothly deploying EVs to evacuation centers, etc., the two companies collaborated to develop a prototype of a “disaster EV rescue app” that utilizes the technology of BellaDati LLC.
・This app visualizes in real time the battery level and location information of pre-registered EVs, the location of evacuation shelters that require power supply, etc. By using this app in the event of a disaster, you can quickly decide where to dispatch EVs and smoothly communicate and give instructions to dispatched vehicles.
・This time, with the cooperation of municipalities in the prefecture, we conducted a simulation training assuming a power outage due to a disaster, confirmed the current application functions, and considered functions that will be needed in the future.
[Image 2:×522.png ]
Overview of simulation training
Date/Place: Wednesday, January 31, 2020 Yokohama City Nishi Ward Office February 6th (Tuesday) Kaisei Town Hall
[Contents of simulation training (prefectural and municipal officials participate)]
・In anticipation of a power outage due to a disaster, EVs (Sakura and Leaf) were actually deployed, and the disaster response headquarters sent relief requests all at once to registered EV drivers through the app.
– Drivers who receive a rescue request will respond via the app with their current location, battery level, time of day they can provide assistance, conditions, etc.
・Based on the information listed by the app, the disaster response headquarters instructs specific relief locations and actually dispatches EVs to supply power.
[Results of simulation training]
・Municipal officials who participated in the experiment said, “Evacuation shelters, vehicles, charging stations, etc. are listed on a map, making it easy to make decisions about dispatch,” and “Using digital technology, it is possible to quickly organize information.” There were comments such as “It will be.”
・On the other hand, for implementation, “I would like to be able to display information more clearly and be able to check information on roads that can be traveled safely” and “I would like to be able to use not only the app but also operations, such as wide-area dispatch of EVs from outside the disaster-affected local government.” Issues such as, “It is necessary to consider aspects including aspects” were also pointed out.
the next deployment
-This initiative from Kanagawa will also be introduced at the “3rd Hamadori Cooperation Agreement Summit in Namie Town” held by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. in Fukushima Prefecture on February 14th (Wednesday). ・We will improve the app based on the results of simulation training, etc., and aim to commercialize it as an “EV rescue dispatch service” for local governments.
Regarding the other selected projects, with the support of the prefecture’s Business Accelerator Kanagawa (BAK), we will conduct demonstration projects and aim to commercialize them within the fiscal year. (A summary of the 15 projects adopted in FY2020 is available in the press release dated October 12, 2020
( Please see html).
[Reference 1] SHO-CASE Co., Ltd.
Address: 1-6 Onoe-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, ICON Kannai YOXO BOX OFFICE 3F
Established: October 1, 2020
Representative: Representative Director Yusuke Takamura
Business content: Labor safety management system for construction sites using two-dimensional codes
[Reference 2] BellaDati LLC
Address: Aoyama Palacio Tower 11F, 3-6-7 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: April 14, 2020
Representative: Country Director Kazuto Saito
Business content: Development of software that easily collects, analyzes, and visualizes all kinds of data
[Reference 3] Business Accelerator Kanagawa (BAK)
The purpose of this council is to create collaborative projects between large companies and high-quality venture companies based in the prefecture, as well as to form a community for open innovation. An initiative to operate the Business Accelerator Kanagawa (BAK). We are always looking for companies within the prefecture who wish to actively engage in open innovation.
[Image 3:×361.png ]
contact information
Kanagawa Prefecture Industrial and Labor Bureau Industrial Department Inoue, Manager in charge of Venture Support
Phone 045-285-0213
Industrial Promotion Division Deputy Manager Takahashi
Phone: 045-210-5632
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