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ICS-net Co., Ltd. Full-scale operation of “Shareshima OEM” that supports all kinds of food development and factory search

ICS-net Co., Ltd.
Full-scale operation of “Shareshima OEM” that supports all kinds of food development and factory search
~Shareshima OEM can solve new product planning, recipe creation, and raw material search~
ICS-net Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 1972 Minamiishido-cho, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture, Representative Director: Shogo Koike), which operates the food ingredient platform “Shareshima”, has a “Shareshima OEM” service that matches factories with companies that want to outsource food manufacturing. The business will be fully operational. Since our pre-opening in the summer of 2023, we have accumulated a diverse track record of transactions with venture companies, ready-made meal retailers, and major corporations. Taking this opportunity to begin full-scale operations, we will promote matching of optimal factories in line with a wide range of requests and support smooth product development.
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Background of the service launch
Outsourcing food manufacturing always requires unexpected labor and man-hours. Even if you decide on a product plan, you will not be able to commercialize it unless you find a factory that meets your development requirements. Even if a factory is found, it is often impossible to meet production volume or price requirements, and the process goes back to square one. It’s a long journey that repeats every time we plan and develop a new product. “Is it possible to reduce the time and effort required to develop this product?” and “Is it possible to find a factory that has a proven track record and can be trusted to manufacture food products and outsource its production?” In order to meet your needs, we have started “Shareshima OEM”. ■The era of high-mix, low-volume production. Creating products that meet consumer needs During the period of high economic growth, it was common practice to make large quantities of one product. Nowadays, however, customer needs and preferences are diversifying, and the food industry now needs to think flexibly and introduce new products with enhanced brand value for each target. In order to capture the voice of the market, a production method that produces a variety of products in small quantities is required. New categories of food are emerging, such as plant-based foods, which have emerged along with changes in consumer lifestyles and the raw material procurement environment. ■ Changes caused by the entry of new companies and the growth of online sales In recent years, the entry of new companies into the food industry has begun to increase. In particular, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has been a tailwind as consumers have more opportunities to purchase food online. As a result, in addition to traditional major manufacturers, the number of new companies participating in the food industry is increasing, and as a variety of players enter the market, product competition is becoming even more active.
Service overview
“Shareshima OEM” is a support service that solves problems related to food development. Based on the concerns of companies actually looking for factories (contractors), product development professionals will act as an intermediary to connect them with factories (contractors) who would like to undertake OEM work. We not only provide factory introductions, but also support a wide range of issues related to outsourced manufacturing, from the realization of plans to quality control.
[Image 2:×954.jpg] -Service Features-1.Professionals who have been involved in food product development for over 10 years are intermediaries between people who want to manufacture food products and OEM contract companies. We provide optimal matching through communication that understands the challenges of food development. It also reduces the hassle and mismatches in new transactions. 2. We will guide you to suitable factories from a network of more than 3,500 members. We will carefully select companies that meet your requirements from among the more than 3,500 OEM contract companies registered on the Shareshima platform. We will also introduce not only company information but also the person in charge. Of course, we also provide ample follow-up after the introduction. 3. Support in creating recipes from the planning image and searching for raw materials As a staff member for food product planning and development, please feel free to contact us with any questions. We handle a wide range of tasks, including new product/PB product planning, recipe development/prototyping, and searching for raw materials. Our product development professionals will act as your concierge and support you in resolving any concerns you may have regarding food development. “Shareshima OEM” supports matching customers with the appropriate factory that meets their needs and supports smooth business execution. -Shareshima OEM will solve these problems and requests! -・I want help with developing product ideas from concrete concepts・I want to create new products that take advantage of the characteristics of my raw materials・I don’t have much time to spare, so I want to ask for help from searching for a factory to prototyping・I want to find the ideal factory that meets the conditions I want you to find it
▼If you are interested, please contact us here!
Introduction of case studies
Since our pre-opening in the summer of 2023, we have supported a large number of businesses, including ventures, major food companies, manufacturing companies, and ready-to-eat retail companies.
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[Case 01] We want to mass-produce frozen lunch boxes that are handmade by our own chefs [Attribute] D2C frozen lunch box seller (annual sales of less than 5 billion yen) [Challenge] Using carefully selected ingredients on a mass production factory line They were having a hard time reproducing the same taste as the chef’s handmade product. [Proposal details] Using the Shareshima raw material platform, we selected and proposed raw materials. We also propose a manufacturing factory that incorporates the chef’s handmade cooking process into the manufacturing process by replacing it with factory equipment and equipment.
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[Case 02] I want to make small manju-like sweets [Attribute] Confectionery manufacturer (annual sales of 5 billion yen to less than 30 billion yen) [Issue] Manju factories and confectionery factories have different equipment, so it’s not just the shape but the appearance.・The customer was having trouble creating a manufacturing process that could reproduce the taste. [Proposal details] After multiple meetings, we developed a product concept. We also combined knowledge from multiple manufacturing plants to select manufacturing subcontractors and propose and provide raw materials.
▼For other examples, please visit the service site
Future prospects
Our main business is the web platform for food ingredients,
“Shareshima,” and we also have a number of other businesses, including the food specialty web media “Shareshima info,” the “upcycle food business,” which utilizes unused raw materials, and the food product database service “Product Information Search.” We have developed new services. By putting Shareshima OEM into full-scale operation, we will further strengthen our one-stop service for solving problems in the food industry. These services are all based on our company’s mission of “creating a new supply chain for the food manufacturing industry through technology.” We will promote these services in order to improve operational efficiency and value in the food industry as a whole, and ultimately to realize a sustainable society.
[Image 5:×1080.jpg] Company Profile
・Company name: ICS-net Co., Ltd. ・Representative: Shogo Koike ・Established: August 21, 2017 ・Capital: 180 million yen (including capital reserve) ・Business description: Platform operation for food manufacturers ・Head office location: 1972 Minamiishidocho, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture・Contact: TEL 026-405-6726/FAX
050-3153-7717・E-mail:・Company website:
https://www.ics-net .com

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