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Sunshine City March 5th is Coral Day! “Sunshine Aquarium Coral Festa 2024”

Sunshine City Co., Ltd.
March 5th is Coral Day! “Sunshine Aquarium Coral Festa 2024” March 1st (Friday) to March 31st (Sunday), 31 days, have fun learning about environmental issues surrounding coral!
Sunshine Aquarium (Ikebukuro, Tokyo, director: Katsushi Maruyama) will hold an event called “Sunshine Aquarium Coral Festa 2024” in commemoration of “Coral Day” on March 5th, where you can learn about the ecology of corals and environmental issues surrounding corals. It will be held from March 1st (Friday) to March 31st (Sunday). *You can download this release PDF from here →
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During the event, mini explanations will be installed in some coral-related exhibition tanks to help you learn more about coral. We will also hold a “Coral Stamp Rally” where you can have fun learning about the process of coral growth from birth. By collecting all the stamps placed throughout the museum, you will be able to complete a coral growth diary that even small children can enjoy.
In addition, from March 22nd (Friday) to March 31st (Sunday), you can listen to special explanations about corals by aquarium staff while exploring the aquarium’s backyard and the “Coral Reef Sea” aquarium on the 1st floor. You can also enjoy content that will help you realize the charm of coral, such as the “Coral Guided Tour” (charged) and the “Coral Classroom” (charged) where you can enjoy learning about coral ecology and the environment for two days only during the event period. Masu.
In recent years, corals have been gradually decreasing due to various effects such as global warming, and are facing a critical situation. We planned this event with the idea that we would like as many people as possible to learn about corals and the environment surrounding them.
The first step to “protecting corals” is “knowing about corals.” Please take this opportunity to visit Sunshine Aquarium.
Event overview
Event name: March 5th is Coral Day! “Sunshine Aquarium Coral Festa 2024” Event dates: March 1st (Friday) to March 31st (Sunday)
Venue: Sunshine Aquarium
Price: Enjoy with only the aquarium admission fee.
*A separate participation fee is required for the coral guided tour.
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Event details
■“Mini explanation” to learn more about corals
We will set up a mini explanation in the aquarium about corals. Through explanations, you can learn about the environment surrounding corals, such as various aspects of corals, their relationships with the creatures that live on coral reefs, and the effects of their natural enemy, the crown-of-thorns starfish.
■Coral stamp rally
A stamp rally will be held where visitors can complete a “coral growth diary” by collecting stamps placed throughout the facility. We will introduce you to the process of corals from birth to growth, and you can have fun learning about what kind of creatures corals are. You can take the completed “Coral Growth Diary” home with you and use it as a fun and educational reading material for your children at home.
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■Exploration Guided Tour Coral Special Edition “Coral Guided Tour” For a limited time, the “Exploration Guided Tour” that takes you around the aquarium’s backyard will be changed to a special coral version.
From March 22nd (Friday) to March 30th (Saturday), we will be holding a “What is a Coral?” guide that will focus on the ecology of corals and include quizzes.
On March 31st (Sunday), we will be holding a guided tour called “The ABCs of Coral Breeding in an Aquarium” that will explore the secrets of raising corals, which are difficult to keep, such as coral breeding methods and equipment.
Date and time: 1. “What is coral?” March 22nd (Friday) – March 30th (Saturday) 2. “The ABCs of coral breeding in an aquarium” Sunday, March 31st Every day from 11:00 (about 40 minutes)
Number of participants: First 10 people each day
Price: 800 yen
How to apply: Please apply at the Aquarium Club Membership Card Issuance Counter at the Aquarium Entrance on the day of your application.
*A separate aquarium admission fee is required.
[Image 5:×2250.jpg] ■Coral classroom
We will be holding a “Coral Classroom” event for 2 days to learn more about corals. Based on the theme of “What kind of creatures are corals?”, zookeepers will provide detailed explanations about coral ecology and environmental issues through lectures with games and special guided tours around the backyard. The content is aimed at children in the lower grades of elementary school, so parents and children can have fun learning together.
Date and time: March 3rd (Sunday), 9th (Saturday) 14:30~
(approximately 60 minutes) each day
Meeting place: Sunshine Aquarium entrance, next to guest room Number of participants: 20 people each day
Fee: Adults (high school students and above) 1,500 yen, Children (elementary and junior high school students) 1,000 yen
How to apply: Please check the Sunshine Aquarium website event page. *Please note that the aquarium admission fee is not included.
[Image 6:×2250.jpg] ■Coral conservation activity “Coral Project” 2023 activity report Since April 2006, Sunshine Aquarium has been promoting the “Coral Project” in cooperation with Onna Village, Okinawa Prefecture (*). We are working not only to preserve corals, but also to give our customers an opportunity to think about coral and environmental issues.
In the 2023 coral project, we witnessed spawning for the first time in three years and conducted activities in new areas. They will be posted on the Coral Project special website as an activity report from March 1st (Friday), the start of this event.
Click here for the coral project special website
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[Image 8:×377.jpg] ▶For other sustainable initiatives, please visit “Sunshine City Sustainability Site” *You can download this release PDF here →
*Contents and schedule may change depending on the situation. *All prices include tax.
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