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Famitra, a family trust, signs a business partnership agreement with Daiwa Securities

Famitra Co., Ltd.
Famitra, a family trust, signs a business partnership agreement with Daiwa Securities
~ Starting February 5, 2024 (Monday), we will provide services at special prices to Daiwa Securities customers ~
Famitra Co., Ltd. (located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Katsuhito Mitsuhashi, hereinafter “Famitra”), which provides family trust services, is Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Seiji Nakata, hereinafter referred to as “Famitra”), which provides family trust services. We have entered into a business partnership agreement with Daiwa Securities, and will provide Daiwa Securities customers with Famitra’s family trust composition support service at a special price.
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■Background of the partnership:
A family trust is a system that entrusts important assets to a trusted family member while the person still has the ability to make decisions, allowing them to be flexible and meet the wishes of the person and the needs of their family, even after the person’s ability to make decisions has declined due to dementia or other reasons. This is a system that aims to realize the management and operation of assets.
If your ability to make decisions deteriorates due to dementia, etc., you may be unable to sell or purchase assets such as securities or real estate, or your account may be frozen, making it impossible to withdraw your savings or cancel your time deposit. there is. In a super-aging society, in order to ensure the peace of mind of seniors in managing their assets, it is becoming increasingly important to prepare management methods to replace them while they still have the ability to make decisions. There is a trust.
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At Famitra, we are using the power of digital technology to make family trusts, which have not been widely used due to the complexity of procedures and costs, making them more sophisticated and lower in cost. I made it something I can work on. In addition, after a trust is formed, we provide a “Trust Supervisor/Trustee Support Service” that accompanies the individual until their death, supporting the individual and their family to manage their assets with peace of mind. Masu.
Now, we will be offering Famitra’s family trust formation support service at a special price to Daiwa Securities customers.
■Service details:
Providing family trust formation support services at special prices for Daiwa Securities customers.
■Service start date: Monday, February 5, 2024
■Famitra Co., Ltd.
As a “concierge for the era of 100-year lifespans,” Famitra aims to make “family trusts the norm” as a company that cares about the happiness of families across Japan and realizes individuality and peace of mind. As an “AgeTech” company, we are promoting the commoditization of family trusts by providing family trust services that are streamlined through IT.
・Name: Famitra Co., Ltd.
・Location: 2F, Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Dori Building, 7-18-18 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
・Representative: Representative Director and CEO Katsuhito Mitsuhashi ・Company website:
・Resolving issues in old age:
“Real life for people with experience in family trusts”:
“Forgetfulness and dementia can be prevented with peace of mind” “Countermeasures can be taken by selling real estate at home”, etc.
“Series you can understand in 5 minutes”: “Guardianship system”, “Deposit freezing”, “Money for nursing care” etc.
“Retirement Issues Series”: “Proposal to restrict ATM use for those over 65,” “Special fraud,” “Asset freezing,” etc.
More details about this release: