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Home » Natural Science Co., Ltd. A special exhibition full of “experiential value” that everyone from children to adults can enjoy “Encounter with Jomon in the Nachu Forest” will be held from March 15, 2024

Natural Science Co., Ltd. A special exhibition full of “experiential value” that everyone from children to adults can enjoy “Encounter with Jomon in the Nachu Forest” will be held from March 15, 2024

Natural Science Co., Ltd.
A special exhibition full of “experiential value” that can be enjoyed by both children and adults “Encounter with Jomon in the Nachu Forest” will be held from March 15, 2024
~A stage to explore the mysteries of the Jomon period will be created for a limited time in Nachu Forest (Hokkaido)~
Natural Science Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Reiko Komatsu), which manufactures and sells cosmetics and quasi-drugs, is holding a special exhibition titled “Encounter with Jomon in the Nachu Forest.” Masu. In order to support your
intellectual curiosity through the mysteries and surprising
discoveries of the Jomon period, the event will be held from Friday, March 15, 2024 at the skin care factory “Natsu no Mori” (Shirarai Town, Hokkaido) operated by our company. We would like to inform you that the event will be held until September 30th (Monday).
[Image 1:×396.jpg] “Exhibition to Encounter Jomon in Nachu Forest” Logo
“Exhibition to meet Jomon in Nachu Forest”? and! Let’s connect with northern Jomon through and Q
Special site:
[Image 2:×75.jpg] Background: Why would a skin care company hold a Jomon exhibition? For many years, Natural Science has been working with many researchers to conduct research to cultivate healthy skin for a lifetime, and through the development of products that can be used by the whole family, from babies onwards, we have nurtured beautiful skin and supported healthy and fulfilling lives. Based on the knowledge and sense of mission cultivated through this experience, we are holding a “Natural Forest” that is packed with carefully selected ❛things and ❛things. We have planned an exhibition titled “Encounter with Jomon in the Forest of Japan.”
In this exhibition, we are confident that by unraveling the life and culture of the Jomon period, we will be able to deliver new
discoveries and excitement that will stimulate the five senses, not only to those who are interested in Jomon culture, but also to those who are not. Masu. We also plan collaborations with schools, tips for independent research, and workshops to expand creativity. We hope that through this exhibition, we will respect your curiosity, have fun for both adults and children, and satisfy your senses of playfulness, mind, and soul.
Project overview: Jomon – modern day – thinking about the future The Jomon period was an important period in Japanese history, but it was difficult to know the details. In particular, compared to the history of the mainland, Hokkaido’s Jomon period lasted more than 10,000 years. In this exhibition, we will explore the lifestyle and ideas of the Jomon period, more than 10,000 years ago, as well as the unique value of Hokkaido’s Jomon ruins.
The event will be held at the gallery venue and workshop space within the Natu Forest, where you can experience the culture and life of the Jomon period and experience a time trip from Jomon to modern times to the future.
Overview of “Exhibition to Encounter Jomon in Natu Forest”
Exhibition of encountering Jomon in Nachu Forest
[Event period] March 15, 2024 (Friday) to September 30, 2024 (Monday), 10:00 to 16:00 Closed: Wednesdays and Thursdays (open on public holidays)
[Venue] Nachu Forest (393-12 Kojohama, Shiraoi-cho, Shiraoi-gun, Hokkaido) [Sponsor] Natural Science Co., Ltd.
[Co-sponsor] Shiraoi Town, Shiraoi Town Board of Education,
Noboribetsu City Board of Education
[Support] Hokkaido Hokkaido Board of Education, Hokkaido Iburi General Promotion Bureau, Hokkaido Education Agency, Iburi Education Bureau, Tomakomai City, Tomakomai City Board of Education, Noboribetsu City, Date City Board of Education, Toyako Town Board of Education, Northern Jomon Hokkaido Citizens’ Council
[Cooperation] Hakodate City Board of Education, Chitose City Board of Education, Eniwa City Board of Education, Hokkaido Buried Cultural Properties Center, Hokkaido Chuo Bus Co., Ltd., Seibundo Shinkosha Co., Ltd. “Unknown Jomon Life” (Akiko Tanta)・Author/Yasuhiro Muto/Supervision/Illustrations by Akiko Suso)
[Supervision] Nobuhiro Kanno (Curator, Noboribetsu City Board of Education) [Planning and production] Ultra Tama atelier Beyond LLC
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Natu no Mori: A skin care factory that takes advantage of spring water and the blessings of nature.
This skin care facility is located on Kojohama Beach in Shiraoi Town, Hokkaido, where you can focus on beauty and health and enjoy water and nature. On the vast grounds, there is a shop where you can carefully choose carefully selected skin care products, you can experience the excitement and thrill of exploring the mysteries of science through play and experiments, and relax with total beauty care at a salon that uses spring water. We have a full range of facilities packed with beauty, health, and fun.
Location: 393-12 Kojohama, Shiraoi-cho, Shiraoi-gun, Hokkaido Natural Science Co., Ltd.
Natural Science, a hypoallergenic skin care manufacturer, focuses on the hypoallergenic skin care “Mom & Kids” that can be used by everyone from babies to sensitive skin adults, as well as research on skin care “Redna” and supplements that bring out the skin’s natural power. We develop, manufacture, and sell. In particular, “Mom & Kids” was developed in cooperation with dermatologists, pediatricians, obstetricians and gynecologists, and allergists to achieve
hypoallergenic properties. In addition, to confirm its effectiveness, we conduct thorough quality checks, including conducting clinical tests at university hospitals and dermatology departments.
Company name: Natural Science Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-4-27 Kitasuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo (Head office location: 1-22-11 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Representative: Reiko Komatsu, Representative Director and President Business activities: Planning, research, development, manufacturing, and sales of cosmetics, quasi-drugs, and toothpaste, health foods, and food products.
    Planning, development, manufacturing, and sales, planning, development, and sales of ecological and children’s products [Inquiries from general customers]
Natural Science Co., Ltd. 0120-122-783 (toll-free)
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