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Home » Three domestic and international facilities received the highest five-star rating in Forbes Travel Guide 2024, which ranks first-class hospitality.

Three domestic and international facilities received the highest five-star rating in Forbes Travel Guide 2024, which ranks first-class hospitality.

Three domestic and international facilities received the highest five-star rating in Forbes Travel Guide 2024, which ranks first-class hospitality.

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Press release: February 8, 2024
Three domestic and international facilities received the highest five-star rating in Forbes Travel Guide 2024, which ranks first-class hospitality.
*6 facilities in Japan and overseas have been awarded stars for 3 consecutive years*
Seibu Prince Hotels Worldwide Co., Ltd. (Head office: 1-16-15 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo President and CEO: Kaneda In the hotel category of “Forbes Travel Guide 2024″ announced on Wednesday, February 7, 2024 local time in Atlanta, USA, three facilities in Japan and overseas received the highest rating of 5 stars. In addition, three hotels received four stars.
Founded in 1958 as the first travel guide to introduce the prestigious five-star rating system, Forbes Travel Guide ranks the world’s luxury hotels, restaurants, and spas with rigorous standards that have evolved and evolved over more than 60 years. We are doing the grading. Forbes Travel Guide’s expert researchers evaluate services based on 900 strict criteria, and it is attracting attention as an
authoritative rating with a long history in the travel industry.

The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho, Takanawa Hanakouji (Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa), and The Prince in London, England
Akatoki London’s 3 facilities have been awarded 5 stars. In addition, “The Prince Park Tower Tokyo” and “The Prince
Three hotels received four stars: Sakura Tower Tokyo and The Hotel Seiryu Kyoto Shimizu.

Our company started in earnest as Seibu Prince Hotels Worldwide, a company specializing in hotel management, and aims to grow into a global hotel chain originating from Japan. The fact that six of our domestic and overseas facilities have been awarded stars from the prestigious Forbes Travel Guide for the third consecutive year is a major step towards our growth as a global hotel operator capable of providing world-class services. As inbound demand increases, we aim to further improve our services so that we can meet the expectations of our customers as a hotel where they can experience Japanese
“Forbes Travel Guide 2024” star-earning facilities
* -3 facilities with 5 stars-*
* The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho *
This is a top-class hotel operated by our company and is a member of Marriott International’s Luxury Collection. In a space worthy of the name “Gallery,” which has elevated the view unique to the upper floors to the level of art, there are 250 guest rooms that pursue functionality and comfort, and a main menu of Japanese cuisine that offers traditional flavors with a contemporary touch. In addition to dining and all-day Western dining, we offer two bars with different characteristics, a club lounge, spa & fitness, etc.
We are doing so.
[Opening date] July 27, 2016
[Number of rooms] 250 rooms
[Restaurant] 4 locations (Contemporary Japanese Dining, All Day Dining, Cocktail Lounge/Bar, Authentic Bar)
[Other facilities] Club lounge, spa & fitness, meeting room, business center, Akasaka Prince Classic House, etc.
[TEL] 03-3234-1111 (Representative)
The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho exterior
* Takanawa Hanakouji (inside Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa) *
“Takanawa Hanakouji” is approximately 20,000 square meters in size and has good access, about 5 minutes walk from Shinagawa Station. This is a 16-room inn that opened in 2016 within the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa, which is surrounded by a Japanese garden. The guest rooms are pure Japanese-style rooms with the scent of tatami mats, but are equipped with low beds and sofas to create a functional and tranquil Japanese space. Lounge exclusively for hotel guests At Sakurasai, you can enjoy menus tailored to the time of day, such as seasonal Japanese sweets and matcha tea during the day, and snacks and sake tasting experiences at night. In addition, “SPA
At Tayuta, you can enjoy a relaxing time with Japanese-themed treatments. [Opening date] Reopened as “Takanawa Hanakouji” in Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa on November 1, 2016
[Number of rooms] 16 rooms
[Other facilities] Lounge Sakurasa, SPA Tayuta
Takanawa Hanakouji
*Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa
[Opening date] November 18, 1953
[Number of rooms] 388 rooms (including Takanawa Hanakoro)
[Restaurant] 8 locations (French cuisine, Teppanyaki, Tempura, Lounge, Saryo, etc.)
[Banquet hall] Prince room and 20 other rooms
[Other facilities] Business room, fitness room, wedding salon, chapel, Japanese garden, etc.
[TEL] 03-3447-1111 (Representative)

* The Prince Akatoki London *
“The Prince Akatoki
London is located in the heart of London, England, within walking distance of Marble Arch and Hyde Park, with excellent access to Oxford Street. It will feature 82 guest rooms, a restaurant, lounge/bar, meeting rooms, gym, and more. Our hotel is a global brand that aims to provide luxury services with Japanese attention to detail.
We opened in September 2019 as the first store under the “Prince Akatoki” brand.
[Opening date] September 16, 2019
[Number of rooms] 82 rooms
[Restaurant] 1 location (Western food/Japanese food)
[Other facilities] Lounge/bar, meeting room, shared work space, gym, etc. [TEL] +44 (0)207 724 4700 (main)
Exterior of The Prince Akatoki London
* -3 facilities with 4 stars-*
* The Prince Park Tower Tokyo *
Located in Shiba Park, overlooking Tokyo Tower, this hotel allows you to enjoy the fusion of seasonal nature and modern scenery. 33 floors above ground, 603 guest rooms, approximately 2,400 square meters We have 17 banquet halls including the main banquet hall, a variety of restaurants, and a spa and fitness facility with a natural hot spring. [Opening date] April 11, 2005
[Number of rooms] 603 rooms
[Restaurant] 12 locations (Japanese, Western, Chinese, lounge, main bar, etc.) [Banquet hall] Ballroom, convention hall, and 15 other rooms [Other facilities] Premium club lounge, wedding salon, chapel, temple, spa & fitness, bowling salon, etc.
[TEL] 03-5400-1111 (Representative)
Exterior of The Prince Park Tower Tokyo
* The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo *
Approximately 20,000 square meters with good access, approximately 5 minutes walk from Shinagawa Station
This is a “The Prince” brand hotel located in the Takanawa area where you can enjoy a Japanese garden. We offer comfortable and spacious guest rooms, all equipped with blower baths, and a space where you can relax while enjoying the seasonal beauty of the Japanese garden. Marriott International’s “Autograph”
We are a member of the Collection.
[Opening date] October 2, 1998
[Number of rooms] 288 rooms
[Restaurant] 2 locations (Japanese cuisine, Italian cuisine) [Banquet hall] Conference floor
[Other facilities] Spa, sauna & blower bath, fitness gym, relax lounge, business center, etc.
[TEL] 03-5798-1111 (Representative)
The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo exterior
* The Hotel Seiryu Kyoto Shimizu *
The former Kyoto Municipal Shimizu Elementary School, which has been loved by the local community as a school for about 80 years, has been reborn as a high-quality heritage hotel. In addition to the functions required of hotels up until now, it also plays the role of passing on the history and culture that elementary schools and local communities have built up over many years to a new era, based on the concept of “carving memories and connecting them to the future.” . This is a luxury hotel where you can experience the history and culture that has been passed down from generation to generation while staying in the hotel, where traces of the days of elementary school remain throughout the hotel.
[Opening date] March 22, 2020
[Number of rooms] 48 rooms
[Restaurant] 1 location (Western cuisine)
[Other facilities] Guest lounge, fitness gym, private bath, etc. [TEL] 075-532-1111 (main)
The Hotel Seiryu Kyoto Kiyomizu night exterior
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