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Home » Wedding Park Co., Ltd. The “Wedding March – Let’s make the town happier” exhibition will be held from March 3r d (Sunday) to March 10th (Sunday), 2024 in the “Urahara” area of ​​Harajuku, Tokyo! On Saturday, March 9th, there wi ll also be a project w

Wedding Park Co., Ltd. The “Wedding March – Let’s make the town happier” exhibition will be held from March 3r d (Sunday) to March 10th (Sunday), 2024 in the “Urahara” area of ​​Harajuku, Tokyo! On Saturday, March 9th, there wi ll also be a project w

[Wedding Park Co., Ltd.] “Wedding march” will be held from March 3rd (Sunday) to March 10th (Sunday), 2024 in the “Urahara” area of ​​Harajuku, Tokyo.
-Let’s make the town happier. ” exhibition held! On Saturday, March 9th, there will also be a project where you can experience a wedding ceremony in the whole town.

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Press release: February 8, 2024
“Wedding March – Let’s make the town happier” exhibition will be held from March 3rd (Sunday) to March 10th (Sunday), 2024 in the “Urahara” area of ​​Harajuku, Tokyo.
held! On Saturday, March 9th, there will also be a project where you can experience a wedding ceremony in the whole town.
Wedding Park Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Nishiki
Seigo) will be holding a special event “Wedding March” in the “Urahara” area of ​​Harajuku, Tokyo from Sunday, March 3, 2024 in cooperation with the Harajuku Jingumae Shopping Association. -Let’s make the town happier. ” exhibition will be held. This project is a project with the theme of “Experience the wedding of the future that celebrates, shares, and moves.”
This is the 4th special event under the Park 2100 Miraikekonshiki Initiative (hereinafter referred to as Wedding Park 2100).
The theme of the main visual is “Ever Check” – a blessing that lasts forever (the thoughts behind the main visual will be described later) “wedding march”
-Let’s make the town happier. ” exhibition is an initiative jointly created by wedding companies, creators, local people, and wedding parks to make the city happy through marriages and weddings.

Marriages and weddings increase the value of a town, such as by utilizing local resources, producing and consuming ingredients locally, and revitalizing the economy, and contribute to building pride and attachment among the people who live there. We hope to create a creative place where you can experience the excitement of a wedding.
* wedding march – Let’s make the town happier. *

Weddings make the town happier,
If only the town could make weddings happier.

The couple getting married and their guests,
The people who live in the town, the shops, and the people who come to the town, You might be happier.

If blessing flowers dance in the blue sky,
The blowing wind and the birds flying may be happy.

Their happiness, everyone’s happiness.
A day to share blessings and connect through blessings.

An important day in two people’s lives, and an important day in the town.

A new season begins,
In March, spring is full of new breath.

Let’s make the town happier.

Wedding Park 2100

“Wedding Park 2100” special event “Wedding March – Let’s make the town happier.” Exhibition Overview
*All information is as of February 8, 2024. Please note that event specifications may be reviewed and contents may be changed from time to time based on future circumstances.

□Date and time
Date: Sunday, March 3, 2024 – Sunday, March 10, 2024
Event time: 11:00-18:00
Harajuku, Tokyo “Urahara” area (Harajuku Cat Street North Wing) □Exhibition composition
This is an experiential event that starts at the specially built “Urahara Chapel” and travels around town, including viewing art at galleries and eating and drinking at cafes.
During the exhibition period, on Saturday, March 9th, we will also hold “Urahara Fes 2024 x Wedding March” where you can experience the festival-like form of a future wedding.

* [Receive] Urahara Chapel *
Venue: R/O-426 ( There’s a chapel in town under the Urahara sky! With your lover, friends, and family. Celebrate with your loved ones. Let’s take a photo to commemorate your life.
On March 8th (Friday) and 9th (Saturday), you can experience wedding photography by a professional photographer. *Subject to change depending on weather etc.

* [See/Create] Marriage and town art workshop “Let’s create an Urahara Blessing ZINE” *
Venue: MIL GARELLY JINGUMAE ( We will be holding a workshop to create an “original magazine for the town” in collaboration with artists! You can create your own original magazine by combining your favorite materials and words with the themes of “celebration” and “city.”
We will also display original drawings by artists and installation art by architects.

* [Taste] bio ojiyan Wedding Cafe*
Venue: bio ojiyan cafe Harajuku main store
Produced by a team of Generation Z wedding park designers with the concept of “a cafe that will make you love weddings even more.” We offer limited-time experiences and original menus.

* [Know and take home] Corporate exhibitions, town gifts*
Venue: MIL 2ND ( Introducing the efforts of wedding companies across the country to make the city more happy! Also, wedding
We will give away a “town gift” to commemorate your participation in the march through a lottery ceremony.

* “Wedding march & market” – a festival-like future wedding ceremony * Date: Saturday, March 9, 2024 *Postponed to Sunday, March 10 in case of rain

* – “Wedding market” (some fees apply) 12:00-17:00*
Wedding companies such as wedding halls are popping up in the town, and together with the town’s shops,
We offer services such as selling original food and taking photos.

* – “Urahara Fes 2024×Wedding March” 12:00-14:00 *Time subject to change* Urahara Fes, sponsored by the Harajuku Jingumae Shopping Association, and Wedding March are collaborating.
It is said that the whole town celebrates the marriages of people in the town and the weddings held in the town.
This is a project where you can experience what a future wedding will look like. Couples, people from the town, attendees, and everyone who visited the town that day.
Walk down the runway “Wedding Road”.
*Exhibition and event contents are subject to change.
*For event details, participating creators, and participating stores, please visit the “Wedding Park 2100” special website (
We will inform you sequentially on etc.

□How to participate
*No reservation required/Free participation fee*
Please come to the starting point, Urahara Chapel (R/O-426). I would like to give you a marching bag.
Harajuku Jingumae Shopping Association

Thoughts put into the main visual
“Ever Check”
People living in the town, people working in shops,
A person who came to play.
And those who get married, those who celebrate.
Various people in the town
Congratulations to each of you on your wedding.
With different voices and different smiles
Say congratulations and say thank you.
This feeling is expressed in the main visual with a handmade plaid pattern. They look like the same shape, but if you look closely, each one is different. Each check piece represents the thoughts of each person in the town. It is also a sharing of blessings,
Everyone comes together to create a visual of happiness.
When the two people get married, they become happy, and the town that celebrates them also becomes happy.
I put that thought into it.
“Wedding Park 2100” project special site
On the special site (, you can see an overview of the project and details of past events.

Wedding Park Co., Ltd. will continue to work hard to fully support the wedding industry with the power of technology and design, based on the management philosophy of “Let’s make marriage happier.”

[Overview of Wedding Park Co., Ltd.]
Founded in 1999. We started a wedding review information site in 2004 based on our management philosophy of “Let’s make marriages happier.” Currently, the wedding preparation review information site “Wedding”
In addition to operating multiple media specializing in weddings, including “Park”, we are also developing various businesses in the area of ​​weddings and the use of digital technology, such as Internet advertising agency business, DX support business, and education business.

Company name: Wedding Park Co., Ltd. Address: Shin-Aoyama Tokyu Building 6F, 3-11-13 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: September 1999
Capital: 231.98 million yen
Representative: Seigo Hijiki, President and Representative Director Business content: Wedding information service business

[List of management services]
■Marriage preparation review information site “Wedding Park”
■Overseas/resort wedding review information site “Wedding Park Gaigai”
■Wedding Park DRESS, a review information site for choosing wedding costumes
■Photorait, a review information site for photo weddings and pre-wedding photos
■Engagement and wedding ring review information site “Ringraph”
■Marriage Tomorrow Research Institute by Wedding Park, a media that considers the “present” and “future” of marriage

[Contact information regarding this matter]
Wedding Park Co., Ltd.
Public Relations: Tobita / Miyazaki / Segawa / Suzuki

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