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Home » TBS Television Co., Ltd. A special program packed with things that Jessica wants to do! “Shinku Jessica’s Boring TV” If you like Shinkuu Jessica, please join us.

TBS Television Co., Ltd. A special program packed with things that Jessica wants to do! “Shinku Jessica’s Boring TV” If you like Shinkuu Jessica, please join us.

TBS Television Co., Ltd.
A special program packed with the things that vacuum Jessica wants to do! “Shinku Jessica’s Boring TV” If you like Shinkuu Jessica, please join us.
The CS broadcast “TBS Channel 1 Latest Drama/Music/Movies” will exclusively broadcast “Shinku Jessica’s Tsumanna TV” for the first time on TV from midnight on Sunday, March 17th.
[Image:×853.jpg] Vacuum Jessica (Left: Gaku Right: Shigesumi Kawakita)
Comedy duo Shinkumu Jessica is made up of Gaku and Shigesumi Kawakita. He has gained popularity for the unpredictable laughter that comes out of his surreal world view, and has advanced to the finals of the M-1 Grand Prix for three consecutive years. Shinkuu Jessica, who has both solid ability and popularity, is the most popular duo at the moment. What they said they wanted to do in the crown special program was “pursuing boring things”. We will explore how “boring” you can be while doing the familiar variety projects such as city location shooting, visiting places with connections, and on-the-street interviews. What kind of emotions will a variety show that excludes the “interesting” and only show the “boring” evoke in the viewers? Please take a look at the vacuum Jessica World, where even the production staff can’t see the ending.
– After the first day of recording the program, which is scheduled for several days, please tell us your impressions.
Kawakita: “I feel pretty good about it. It’s pretty boring.” Gaku: “As of today, I’ve been filming from morning until night, but there haven’t been any interesting moments.”
-What was the boring part that left an impression on you?
Gaku: From the beginning. I was very grateful that the location bus arrived near my house in the morning, but when I waited outside at the scheduled time for the location bus to arrive, I had to wait for about 30 minutes (lol) ).That’s why it was boring from the start.” Kawakita: “For me, the location bus arrived in front of my house earlier than I had planned.However, it was much earlier than I had planned, so I thought I could take it a little longer, so I started making boring negotiations. “I’m sorry.”
Gaku: “That must have made the staff feel boring too.”
Kawakita: “Also, I think it’s quite boring that the road in front of my house is designed so that you can park your car properly, and the location bus stops right in front of my house.As expected, the location bus driver is also… , I think it was boring because I think people find it rewarding to say things like, “Excuse me, please let me stop just for a second,” in a place where it’s difficult to park.”
Gaku: On the other hand, the road in front of my house is so narrow that large cars can’t park there.So, I decided to go find a location bus that was parked a little far away, and asked Kawakita where it was. It was a place where I understood it instantly, so it was kind of boring.”
Kawakita: “After that, I went to the filming location and met up with the manager.The manager said that the filming location was close to his house, so I met him there, but when I asked him about it, he said it took him about 30 minutes to travel.It wasn’t that close. No, and 30 minutes is just a boring amount of time.”
Gaku: “It’s quite boring since nothing has started yet.”
―Please tell us why you chose “pursuing boring things” as the theme this time. Kawakita: “Now, I’ve gone beyond the realm of being lazy and liking things that are boring.At that time, I was told that I could do special programs as I liked.” I asked him to let me do something boring.
Gaku: “This comment is just boring.”
Kawakita: “Are you okay? I thought it might have been a little interesting.” Gaku: “Oh, it wasn’t interesting at all. It wasn’t boring at all. Ah, that’s probably the reason. It was just so boring.”
Kawakita: “I see, that was good.”
-On the other hand, it seems more difficult than doing something interesting. Kawakita: “I’m trying to do something that’s ‘boring’ properly. It’s really difficult to do something that’s boring, which is different from something that’s weird or slips away.”
Gaku: “I’m taking my time to think about it and moving toward “boring”. It’s not like I’m trying to be weird.”
Kawakita: “That’s right, it’s different to just try to be weird and get carried away.It’s important to be “boring” when you’re trying to make something interesting.It’s really boring to try to make things more interesting.Once I started filming it, it became interesting. , I even reshot it several times.”
Gaku: “Trying to do something boring is really boring work, isn’t it?” – Lastly, please give a message to everyone who is looking forward to the program.
Kawakita: “First of all, I’m going to say something really boring, but please subscribe to a service that allows you to watch the CS broadcast TBS channel…”
Gaku: “It’s boring.”
Kawakita: “It starts with you joining us.”
Gaku: “Yes, and I would like you to make time and watch this “boring” program.” Broadcast information
■Program title
“Vacuum Jessica’s Boring TV”
■Broadcast channel
CS Broadcast “TBS Channel 1 Latest Drama/Music/Movies”
■Broadcast date and time
March 17th (Sunday) 12:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. – First exclusive TV broadcast – Details page: ●What is CS broadcasting “TBS Channel 1 Latest Drama/Music/Movies”? Full of popular TBS programs! Dramas “Negegami”, “Koitsuzu”, “Gibomusu”, “DCU”, “Wataru Sekai wa Onibari”, “Mito Komon”, AKB48 Group & Nogizaka46 original variety shows, live music, new anime, professional baseball, movies, theater & stage , a comprehensive entertainment channel that “always has the programs you want to watch” such as popular Korean dramas and K-POP!
■How to watch
SKY PerfecTV! (CS296), SKY PerfecTV! You can watch it on Premium Service (Ch616), J:COM, CATV nationwide, Hikari TV, au Hikari, etc. More details about this release: