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Home » Azgent Introducing “LayerX Browser Security,” which transforms your familiar browser into a highly secure browser with just a plug-in.

Azgent Introducing “LayerX Browser Security,” which transforms your familiar browser into a highly secure browser with just a plug-in.

Introducing “LayerX Browser Security,” which transforms your familiar browser into a highly secure browser just by plugging it in. ……
Asgent has entered into a distributor agreement with Israel’s LayerX Security, and will begin selling LayerX Browser Security, which increases the security of popular browsers by simply plugging it into common browsers such as Chrome and Edge.
Asgent Co., Ltd. (Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Takahiro Sugimoto, JASDAQ: 4288, hereinafter referred to as Asgent), whose main business is to provide security solutions, is LayerX Security Ltd. (Location: Israel Co., Ltd.) -Founder & CEO: Or Eshed (hereinafter referred to as LayerX) entered into a distributor agreement and began selling “LayerX Browser Security”, which increases the security of browsers by simply plugging it into common browsers such as Chrome and Edge, on February 8th. It will start from the day. [Expansion of SaaS usage]
The use of SaaS is rapidly increasing due to factors such as accelerating digitalization, the need to reduce costs, and the prevalence of remote work. Various tools related to business are becoming SaaS, such as business systems such as office management software and electronic contract tools, marketing tools such as CRM, communication tools such as email and chat, and file sharing services. According to the survey “Software Business New Market 2023 Edition” conducted by Fuji Chimera Research Institute Co., Ltd. in July 2023, SaaS usage in Japan will reach 2,099 billion yen in 2027, a 174% increase compared to 2022. This is expected to increase. *1
Managing security risks is a critical issue in this growing market. While SaaS can be used anywhere as long as there is an internet environment, there are various security risks such as unauthorized access due to leakage of IDs and passwords, infection with malware, and information leakage due to uploading of confidential information. Every year, the number of methods that lead users to sophisticated phishing sites is increasing, and it is becoming difficult to leave security measures up to the user’s discretion.
Security methods such as desktop virtualization (VDI) and remote browser isolation (RBI) exist as security measures for web access, but 1. Responses worsen when accessing sites that consume bandwidth (video sites, etc.) 2. Extensions such as Google Translate cannot be used, and 3. Access to unauthorized sites that ask users to enter personal information cannot be blocked. In addition, even when using a dedicated browser with enhanced security, problems may arise such as 1. The web page is not compatible with the browser (does not display properly), and 2. It is difficult to use because the UI is different from the browser you are used to. .
[LayerX Browser Security]
LayerX Browser Security is a next-generation browser extension that transforms traditional browsers into security-enabled browsers by simply plugging them in. The LayerX plug-in analyzes the components of the web page received and sends it as meta information to the LayerX cloud for AI analysis *2. This will disable suspicious code (exploit code, malware, etc.) on websites in real time, as well as prevent user operations that may lead to security incidents and accidents (unauthorized SaaS use, confidential translation sites, etc.) information, pasting of personal information, etc.) is blocked. Furthermore, the ChatGPT information leak issue, which has become a hot topic recently, can be addressed by controlling access to ChatGPT on a user/group basis and blocking the entry of confidential information.
The biggest feature of LayerX Browser Security is that you can increase the security strength of your browser just by plugging it into your browser. LayerX Browser Security simply plugs into your favorite browsers like Chrome and Edge, providing a secure browsing environment without compromising the user experience. Additionally, compared to technologies such as VDI, which require changes to the entire network design such as server construction, it can be implemented easily and inexpensively.
(Main functions)
Real-time browser protection Analyzes phishing and malware sites, disconnects sessions, and disables components. It also keeps your browser safe by disabling risky browser extensions and checking versions.
Blocks user operations that violate policies. Blocks file attachments to cloud storage and free emails, blocks pasting confidential and personal information to ChatGPT and translation sites, and prevents leakage of confidential data via the browser. .
Visualize SaaS usage Monitor SaaS used by employees and detect stray SaaS. You can also visualize the SaaS apps and cloud storage used by your employees and understand their usage status.
[Image:×2229.png ]
(Batch settings/Batch management console)
Regarding the signing of this agreement, Or Eshed, Co-Founder & CEO of LayerX, commented as follows. “At LayerX, we understand that the browser is the central interface in the enterprise and the hub where critical business activities take place. This recognition is at the core of our browser security platform. Seamlessly integrated into your browser for comprehensive visibility into browsing events, LayerX Browser Security provides a wide range of security features, including disabling dangerous features on web pages and completely terminating web sessions when necessary. You can take protective actions.With high levels of control and detection accuracy, LayerX reliably protects a wide range of browsers from risks on the web.Working with Asgent to bring LayerX browser security to Japan I’m happy to be able to do it.” LayerX Browser Security is a game changer that transforms your everyday browser into a highly secure browser. Sales will start from February 8, 2024, and the price is open price *3. Asgent aims to sell 20,000 users in three years.
*1 Fuji Chimera Research Institute Co., Ltd. Press release
*2 There is no effect on browser operations in an offline environment. *3 Reference price: 1 user 1,000 yen per month
[Azgent company profile]
Company name: Asgent, Inc.
Address: 6-4 Akashicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0044
Representative Director and President: Takahiro Sugimoto
TEL: 03-6853-7401 (representative)
Capital: 771.11 million yen
Corresponding banks: Mizuho Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, etc. [Contact information]
Asgent Co., Ltd.
6-4 Akashicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0044
TEL: 03-6853-7402 E-mail: URL:

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