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Home » DX conversion of large-scale condominium repair sites! SHO-CASE Co., Ltd. conducted a demonstration experiment in Kanagawa Prefecture.

DX conversion of large-scale condominium repair sites! SHO-CASE Co., Ltd. conducted a demonstration experiment in Kanagawa Prefecture.

SHO-CASE Co., Ltd.
DX conversion of large-scale condominium repair sites! SHO-CASE Co., Ltd. conducted a demonstration experiment in Kanagawa Prefecture. ……
SHO-CASE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Yusuke Takamura, hereinafter referred to as SHO-CASE) is “Utilizing a new labor safety management system using smartphones and construction DX in large-scale condominium repair work. With the support of “Business Accelerator Kanagawa (BAK*1)”, an open innovation promotion project by large companies and venture companies implemented by Kanagawa Prefecture, the project is the first implementation case at a large-scale condominium repair construction site. We will be promoting a construction DX promotion project with Fujibo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Seihan Okada, hereinafter referred to as Fujibo).
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*1 In Kanagawa Prefecture, large companies, venture companies, research institutes, support organizations, etc., are working to create business collaboration projects between large companies and high-quality venture companies based in the prefecture, and to form a community for open innovation. We operate Business Accelerator Kanagawa (BAK), a council in which participants participate in the following. At BAK, we match large companies with venture companies based on the challenges they face and the themes they want to achieve, and provide support for commercialization.
Background of introduction
Approximately 30% of condominiums in Japan are over 30 years old, and problems due to aging are increasing. These include declining earthquake resistance, energy efficiency, and aging equipment, and large-scale repair work is required to address these issues. However, there is a serious shortage of construction workers, and the training of engineers and workers has not kept pace, raising concerns about the quality of construction work. Additionally, with the progress of work style reform, there is an urgent need to improve the way workers work and the working environment, and to promote DX at the workplace. Background of the demonstration experiment
Previously, Fuji Defense conducted labor management for on-site workers on paper. One of the reasons why paper-based operations still persisted is that paper culture had become entrenched throughout the industry. In addition, accident reports and victim information at the time of disaster were submitted to the government on paper. As a result, subsequent management was complicated and efficient business operations were difficult.
Introduction and demonstration experiment of SHO-CASE
By introducing the labor management system provided by SHO-CASE, Fuji Defense aimed to improve the efficiency of personnel and labor management in the field. In the demonstration experiment, we promoted the digitalization of business operations while utilizing the SHO-CASE system for a certain period starting in October 2023.
Expectations for improved operational efficiency
Fuji Defense hopes that this initiative will further improve work efficiency at the workplace. With the introduction of the SHO-CASE system, it will be possible to manage worker assignments and attendance in real time and efficiently, which is expected to lead to improved productivity.
Future prospects
Fuji Defense plans to fully implement the SHO-CASE system after conducting demonstration experiments, and will continue to work on digitalization and improving safety measures. Through this, we aim to establish a new standard as a model case for labor safety management in the construction industry.
We will also work to promote usage by linking data with CCUS (Construction Career Advancement System), which the government is promoting, and designing incentives based on frequency of use. You can watch the presentation of the results of this project online. The results presentation at BAK will be streamed for free on Zoom on the same day.
Please apply from the URL below and watch it.
*Our announcement will be made on February 22nd (Thursday) at around 16:30. Company Profile
Company name: SHO-CASE Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-6 Onoe-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, ICON Kannai YOXO BOX OFFICE 3F
Representative: Representative Director Yusuke Takamura
Business content: Development and operation of construction site labor management system “SHO-CASE”
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