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Home » Hagoromo Co., Ltd. A miniature world on your desk! “Desktop MINIATURE LIFE Calendar (2024.4-2025.3)” On sa le from Saturday, February 24th

Hagoromo Co., Ltd. A miniature world on your desk! “Desktop MINIATURE LIFE Calendar (2024.4-2025.3)” On sa le from Saturday, February 24th

A miniature world on your desk! “Desktop MINIATURE LIFE Calendar (2024.4-2025.3)” On sale from Saturday, February 24th
Hagoromo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Sotaro Tachibana), which plans, produces, and publishes calendars, has decided to release “Desktop MINIATURE LIFE
(2024.4-2025.3)”. The theme is “MINIATURE CALENDAR” by miniature photographer and model artist Tatsuya Tanaka. Sales will begin on Saturday, February 24th at our own EC site, online shops, venues, bookstores, etc.
What is the Desktop MINIATURE LIFE Calendar (2024.4-2025.3)?
[Image 1:×772.jpg] Miniature photographer and model artist Tatsuya Tanaka has been posting his miniature works on the Internet every day since 2011, and each of his works has received a lot of attention. The exhibition “MINIATURE LIFE Exhibition: The World of Tatsuya Tanaka Mitate”, which is currently being held in Japan and overseas, has attracted more than 2 million visitors.
12 works carefully selected from those published on the Internet have been made into a calendar starting in April this year.
This work of art uses many everyday items, such as stationery and daily necessities, which are used casually on a daily basis. You can enjoy popular works on Instagram and exhibitions as a calendar. The desk calendar is sized to be displayed at home, at work, or anywhere, so you can enjoy the world view of MINIATURE LIFE even on your desk.
[Image 2:×582.jpg]
[Image 3:×582.jpg] Pre-sale at the exhibition venue has also been decided!
■MINIATURE LIFE Exhibition 2 Tatsuya Tanaka The World of Mitate will be on sale in advance at the Fukui venue!
Lettuce becomes a balloon, white rice becomes a cloud, and Baumkuchen becomes a sweet rainbow? !
MINIATURE LIFE Exhibition 2 will be held at the Fukui City Art Museum from February 9th (Friday). The “MINIATURE LIFE Exhibition,” which has attracted more than 2 million visitors worldwide, has evolved further and has been powered up to “MINIATURE LIFE Exhibition 2.”
Approximately 170 items will be on display, including photos of representatives and actual miniature works. Fukui’s original works will also be on display. There are also photo spots that make you feel like you’ve stepped into a miniature world, making it a playful exhibition. Please enjoy Tatsuya Tanaka’s worldview that will make you smile.
At the product sales corner, we will sell original goods limited to the venue, as well as “Tabletop MINIATURE LIFE (2023.4-2024.3)”. Be sure to pick one up as a souvenir from the exhibition.
Product Summary
Specifications: Tabletop B6 size, 14 sheets Price: 1,540 yen (1,400 yen excluding tax) Release date: February 24th (Sat) Now accepting reservations at various online shops and bookstores (please check in-store for details)
About Hagoromo Co., Ltd.
Hagoromo Co., Ltd. produces a variety of content as a company that meets a wide range of customer needs, including store support, store equipment and security, calendar publishing, character goods, event planning, logistics agency, introduction of training facilities, and production of video works. I am.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Hagoromo Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 1-10-8 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Sotaro Tachibana
・Manufacture, management, and delivery of store materials
・Proposal and sales of store security
・Various event planning
・Planning, production, and sales of artist calendars
・Planning, production, and sales of character goods
Established: July 31, 1967
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