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Reignite Entertainment Co., Ltd. Event Report Professional e-sports team “REIGNITE” holds fan meeting ev ent “REIGNITE APEX Div. FAN MEETING”

[Reignite Entertainment Co., Ltd.]
[Event Report] Professional e-sports team “REIGNITE” will hold a fan meeting event “REIGNITE APEX Div. FAN”

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Press release: February 8, 2024
[Event Report] Professional e-sports team “REIGNITE” will hold a fan meeting event “REIGNITE APEX Div. FAN”

Reignite Co., Ltd.
The global e-sports team “REIGNITE” operated by Entertainment (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo) will hold a fan meeting event “REIGNITE” on Saturday, January 6th.
APEX Div. FAN MEETING” was held.
The members of “Sushimatsu”, who are active in the professional scene of “APEX Legends”, had a day where they were able to deepen their interaction with about 100 fans.
The venue during the “Sushimatsu” talk event
* [Event Overview] *
Date: Saturday, January 6, 2024
Venue: e-Create Space Maru-S First Building 8F, 1-55-7 Sasazuka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Contents: Checkout session, autograph session, talk event, etc. for REIGNITE players and streamers.
Starring: Sudetaki, ShunMi, Matsutash, t23tatsu, DizzyMizLizy, 788, Shuhei Yamato
Sponsor: Reignite Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Event special URL:

* [About “Sushimatsu”] *
This is the nickname of four people who are active in the professional scene of the battle royale game “Apex Legends”.
“MatsuTash” and “ShunMi” are two people who have participated in world tournaments.
There will be 4 people: “Sudetaki”, who has returned from being an official commentator to a player, and “t23tatsu”, a coach who has been active in the competitive scene for many years and was active on the same team as “Sudetaki” in the past. We are working towards winning the world championship.
From left: “Sudetaki”, “ShunMi”, “MatsuTash”, coach “t23tatsu” * [Instax/autograph session] *
Apex belonging to “REIGNITE”
We held a checkout and autograph session for Legends division players Sudetaki, ShunMi, MatsuTash, and t23tatsu. They are known by the nickname “Sushimatsu” and are known as “Apex
Although the members of “Legends” have a wealth of experience and have been active since the early days of the pro scene, some of them are attending a fan meeting for the first time. At first, he seemed nervous, but as he interacted with the fans, he began to feel more relaxed.
We also received happy feedback from the participants, who said they were looking forward to the opportunity to speak with the players up close. It was also a valuable opportunity for the players to receive words of support directly from the fans.
“Sushimatsu” members interacting with fans
Streamers DizzyMizLizy and 788, who also belong to “REIGNITE”, will also be participating in the checkout and autograph session. They were also in charge of the gacha-gacha corner set up at the merchandise booth, helping to liven up the event.
Streamers “788” (left) and “DizzyMizLizy” (right) interact with fans * [Talk event] *
We welcomed Shuhei Yamato as MC and held a talk event with four members of “Sushimatsu”.
Although the members are usually active in streaming activities and posting on SNS, the fans enjoyed this as a valuable opportunity to talk about themselves.
The first part will feature a “Tier Ranking” corner, named after Sudetaki’s popular YouTube project, and the second part will feature an “Akinator Quiz” corner. It was a time for fans to get to know the members of “Sushimatsu” more deeply.
“Sushimatsu” members enjoying the “Tier Ranking” corner with Shuhei Yamato (left) MC
* [Sushimatsu Apparel Sales] *
“REIGNITE x Sushimatsu Special Collaboration Apparel” was sold at the venue merchandise booth.
Inspired by the Band T, “[SSMT] WE ARE SUSHIMATSU” is a cool take on the mischievousness of the four members of “SUSHIMATSU”.
tee” is also very popular as a substitute for autographed colored paper. MatsuTash wearing “[SSMT] WE ARE SUSHIMATSU tee”
[SSMT] NIGIRI aims to create a design that is easy to use on a daily basis while using Sushimatsu’s trademark “sushi pose” as a motif. “SWEAT” has been picked up by many fans, regardless of gender. ShunMi (center) showing off the back design of “[SSMT] NIGIRI SWEAT” This collaboration apparel, which is also a favorite of “Sushimatsu” members, is now available at the online shop. Please have a look once.

Online shop URL:
* [Through the event] *
The members of “Sushimatsu” became even more motivated through interacting with the fans. The upcoming “Apex Legends Global” I am once again excited for the series.
All the management will do our best to support the players so that they can perform at their best.
REIGNITE will compete in the North Asia Region. First of all, we will compete with the aim of participating in the world tournament. The North Asian Games are being held from Sunday, January 21st. Thank you for your continued support of REIGNITE.
“DizzyMizLizy” taking a commemorative photo with “Sushimatsu” members * [Reignite Entertainment Co., Ltd. “Reiwa 6 Noto Peninsula
Earthquake” disaster area support] *
Reignite Entertainment Co., Ltd. donated a portion of the proceeds from this event to Ishikawa Prefecture.
We would like to express our deepest condolences to those who lost their lives in the earthquake, and extend our deepest sympathies to all those affected.

Details can be found on the Ishikawa Prefecture website.

We will continue to work hard to enliven Japan through e-sports.

* [About Apex Legends] *
Major computer game sales company “Electronic”
This is a game operated by Arts (EA). Released in 2019, the total number of players has exceeded 100 million.
Operate characters called legends with various abilities,
This is a battle royale shooting game where you decide the winner of 1 group out of 20 groups (1 group of 3 people, 60 people in total). Many community tournaments are also held, including the official tournament “Apex Legends Global Series” sponsored by EA, which has a total prize pool of over 300 million yen.

* [About “Apex Legends Global Series”] *
“Apex Legends Global Series (also known as ALGS)” is a battle royale game “Apex This is an e-sports tournament to determine the world’s best “Legends”. Qualifying rounds will be held in each of the six regions: “North America,” “South America,” “Europe, Middle East, Africa,” “North Asia,” “South Asia,” and “China.” The teams with the highest scores will advance to the top stage and compete to win the world championship.

* [About REIGNITE] *
The new team concept is “Global Japanese esports”
Team” = “Japan’s world-class esports team,” and with pride as an esports team born in Japan,
With the mission of “disseminating our own culture” and “becoming the best in the world in each title,” we are developing a variety of visions with the aim of becoming a team that is loved both
domestically and internationally.

Esports business: Apex Legends, VALORANT, VALORANT GC (women’s division) “REIGNITE Lily”, Fortnite

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