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Home » Goldratt Japan Co., Ltd. March 14th Seminar What is the secret behind Yamaha Motor’s dramatic results with “people-centered DX”?

Goldratt Japan Co., Ltd. March 14th Seminar What is the secret behind Yamaha Motor’s dramatic results with “people-centered DX”?

Goldratt Japan Co., Ltd.
[March 14th Seminar] What is the secret behind Yamaha Motor achieving dramatic results with “people-centered DX”?
The head of the Production Technology Division, who led the reform, provides an online explanation (participation is free)
On March 14, 2024, at the free seminar “TOC Club” hosted by our company, Goldratt Japan held a lecture titled “DX that throws money away vs. DX that is “people-centered” and focuses on creating new value ~ “People” If the company grows, cost reductions will follow.” The lecture will be distributed online. The head of production technology at Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. talks about the secret to success in DX (digital transformation).
While it is said that Japan’s DX is still lagging behind, the company thoroughly analyzed its past failures and made a major shift toward “people-centered DX”, achieving results and attracting the attention of the mass media. There are companies that are – Developing “on-site scientists” who understand both the field and data – Training “on-site ‘X’ human resources” who turn inspiration into exciting causal hypotheses – From “intuition, experience, and courage” to “intuition, sensitivity, and data” – “4x PDCA” for DX through in-house production – “On-site management space” that integrates cyber-physical systems and brings out results – Save the FA refugees! “Value Innovation Factory” (VIF), a smart factory that is not just about cyber and physical, but where people are the main character.It has produced a number of unique, yet extremely essential initiatives, and is now at the forefront of Japan’s leading DX. One company that can say that is Yamaha Motor.
TOC (Theory of Constraints) is utilized for the concept of
“person-centeredness” which is the core of this activity.
[Image 1:×733.jpg] This time, we will introduce Yamaha Motor’s production technology book entitled “DX that throws away money vs. DX that focuses on creating new value in a people-centered manner – As people grow, cost reductions will follow.” Mr. Yasumitsu Ibaraki, the general manager, will be on stage and will present examples of the company’s DX and AI utilization and the secret to their results. This content is highly recommended not only for those in charge of AI implementation and DX projects, but also for leaders who aim to produce dramatic results by changing on-site management. We would like to invite you to join us. ■Event details/Date and time: March 14, 2024 (Thursday) 18:30-20:00 (Connection starts at 18:15)・Capacity: 1000 people・Holding method: Using the online tool “Zoom” Connect ■ How to apply If you would like to participate, please register in advance (free of charge). Please apply for participation from the website below. URL:
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