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Home » Adastria Co., Ltd. mysty woman will release a new visual dressed by model and actress Seira Uenishi on February 9th (Friday) as the second popular spring visual.

Adastria Co., Ltd. mysty woman will release a new visual dressed by model and actress Seira Uenishi on February 9th (Friday) as the second popular spring visual.

Adastria Co., Ltd.
mysty woman will release a new visual dressed by model and actress Seira Uenishi on February 9th (Friday) as the second popular spring visual.
Collaboration items produced by Seira Uenishi will also be released on Friday, February 16th!
Mysty Woman is a company developed by Adastria Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Osamu Kimura), whose mission is “Play fashion!” and aims to be a “Good Community Co-creation Company.” Woman) will release the second spring 2024 visual, dressed by model and actress Seira Uenishi, on the official web store .st on Friday, February 9th. In addition, collaboration items with Seira Uenishi are scheduled to be released on Friday, February 16th, and pre-orders are currently being accepted.
[Image 1:×800.jpg] mysty woman develops apparel and household goods with the theme of “cute for adults”, from feminine items that mix trends with the brand’s essence to basic casual items.
Following the 2024 spring visual released in January, model and actress Seira Uenishi was also featured in the second spring visual released on Friday, February 9th.
The second visual is a mix of active items such as denim, mountain hoodies, and track skirts that are perfect for the active spring season, with delicate floral patterns, feminine frills, and sheers to further enhance the spring mood and feminine spirit. The theme is “active x feminine style”.
Seira Uenishi, who has both “beauty” and “prettyness”, wears a mature and cute active x feminine style of Misty Woman who enjoys the new spring. In addition, collaboration products between Seira Uenishi and Misty Woman will be on sale from February 16th (Friday). Pre-orders are currently being accepted at the official web store .st.
The theme of the collaboration is “Exciting Spring Outing
Coordination.” Seira Uenishi has created a gorgeous style that is perfect for going out and is perfect for going out.

The collaboration products include two types: a dress with a beautiful silhouette that flutters with the movement of the tiered tiers that will color the fashion of spring 2024, and an elegant lace innerwear that uses plenty of lace to make you look mature.
Release date: 2/9 (Friday)
Special site: ■Product introduction
On the special website, we will introduce Misty Woman’s new spring styling items worn by Seira Uenishi.
(Styling details *partial)
[Image 2:×2048.jpg] (left)
Stand neck middle blouson ¥8,250 (tax included)
Knit bustier set flower dress ¥10,450 (tax included)
Rectangle chain BAG ¥6,050 (tax included)
Open toe boots ¥8,800 (tax included)
Stand neck sleeve volume trench coat ¥13,750 (tax included)
Teleco front and rear 2way inner pullover ¥3,960 (tax included) Shoulder ribbon tulle cami ¥6,930 (tax included)
Side slit denim skirt ¥7,920 (tax included)
Rectangle chain BAG ¥6,050 (tax included)
Mesh ballet shoes ¥8,250 (tax included)
Lamesia Parka ¥6,930 (tax included)
Ruched V-string pullover ¥3,850 (tax included)
Sideline narrow skirt ¥6,600 (tax included)
Leather x canvas BAG ¥7,150 (tax included)
Open toe boots ¥8,800 (tax included)
■Sales overview
Reservation start date: February 1st (Thursday)
Release date: February 16th (Friday)
Available stores: Official web store .st
      ZOZOTOWN, Rakuten Fashion
Misty Woman stores nationwide
Special site: ■Product details
[Image 3:×2048.jpg] Product name: Cachecoeur floral pattern dress (model number: 104740) Price: ¥12,100 (tax included)
Color: Off floret/Off line drawing/Black line drawing/Black floret Size: FREE
A beautiful silhouette dress with a high-waisted switching position that makes your legs look longer and your waist smaller. The waist has a ribbon made of the same material to enhance your style, and the cachecoeur at the neck shows off your décolleté line. The tiered skirt part spreads out as it moves, making it perfect for going out.
[Image 4:×2048.jpg] Product name: V-neck lace tank (model number: 104417)
Price: ¥3,960 (tax included)
Color: Off/Black/Pink
Size: FREE
An elegant tank top with plenty of lace that makes you look mature. The neckline is not too open, giving a sense of security, and the body is made of ribbed material for a good fit and comfort.The lace is tucked inward towards the hem, making it look slimmer.
■Seira Uenishi profile
[Image 5:×2700.jpg] Born August 14, 1996 in Aichi Prefecture.
In addition to working as a regular model for “Ray” and modeling for many beauty and fashion magazines, in recent years she has continued to appear in dramas and stage plays, expanding her career as an actress.
Main appearances include advertising flute “Haruirosekai” (purikura), “Victoria” (color contact lenses), “WILL SELECTION”, “SNIDEL”, “SAMANTHAVEGA”, magazines “Ray”, “ar”, “Biteki”, “Bijin Hyakka”, “MAQUIA”, “VOCE” ”, “steady.”, “Zexy” and other dramas, “Big Hospital Occupation” (2023), “My cuteness is about to expire!?” (2022), “Yamikin Saihara-san” (2022), “Second Love” (2015), Stage productions include “Kiosk” (2021) and “Dublin Bellman” (2015).
■About mysty woman
[Image 6:×56.jpg] Based on a gentle style that values ​​dignified transparency and basic casual that continues to realistically change with the times, we propose total fashion that mixes the latest trends with the essence of the brand.
Official Instagram: ■About Adastria Co., Ltd.
[Image 7:×213.jpg] Adastria Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Osamu Kimura) is a casual fashion specialty store chain with approximately 1,400 stores in Japan and overseas, carrying over 30 group brands such as Global Work, Nicoando, and Lawry’s Farm. With the mission of “Play fashion!” to make everyone’s life exciting through fashion, we aim to become a “good community co-creation company” that creates an open community where people and information can exchange and creates new value. . -Headquarters location- Shibuya Hikarie, 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8510
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