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Held a webinar on the theme of “Escape from Excel with Excel-like tools”

Majicemi Co., Ltd.
Held a webinar on the theme of “Escape from Excel with Excel-like tools” ……
Magisemi Co., Ltd. will be holding a webinar on the theme of “Escape from Excel with Excel-like tools.”
[Image:×720.jpg] (Click here for details and application) ■Issues created by Excel Excel is widely used by many companies, but data fragmentation and information sharing There are many issues, such as the difficulty of processing and the risk of errors. For example, the departmental Excel management (commonly known as “bucket brigade”) method that is often seen in budgeting operations is time-consuming and has a high risk of errors, which is a factor that significantly reduces business productivity. Additionally, when multiple people share and update data, version control tends to become complicated, making it difficult to know which information is the latest. Additionally, the heavy use of complex functions and macros can lead to errors and make it difficult to understand in retrospect. ■Many of the Excel alternative tools are expensive or specialized, so there are many tools that claim to get rid of Excel due to their high management costs. It lacks versatility. These tools have low cost performance, so there is a need for cost-effective solutions that can be applied to a variety of operations. ■ “Getting away from Excel” using a general-purpose, Excel-like tool This seminar will teach you how to use “Smartsheet” to break away from dependence on Excel for all kinds of tasks, such as budgeting and project management, while maintaining the operability of Excel. Introducing. This tool enables cloud-based collaboration for fast and accurate data aggregation while ensuring data consistency. Furthermore, since Smartsheet can be applied to a variety of purposes, it eliminates the hassle of using multiple tools and contributes to cost reduction. If you are looking for an efficient and versatile business tool, please attend this seminar. (Click here for details and to apply) ■Sponsored by Smartsheet Japan Co., Ltd. ■Cooperated by Open Source Utilization Institute Co., Ltd. Majisemi Co., Ltd. Majisemi will continue to participate in We will be holding webinars that will be useful to people. ★For other webinar applications and videos and materials from past seminars, please check below★ ★If you would like to hold a webinar, please watch this video★ https: //
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