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Home » TRANBI Co., Ltd. TRANBI, one of the largest business succession and M&A platforms in Japan, will hold a GUNMA Atotsugi Club Demo Day (results presentation) on Saturday, March 16th!

TRANBI Co., Ltd. TRANBI, one of the largest business succession and M&A platforms in Japan, will hold a GUNMA Atotsugi Club Demo Day (results presentation) on Saturday, March 16th!

Tranvi Co., Ltd.
TRANBI, one of the largest business succession and M&A platforms in Japan, will hold GUNMA Atotsugi Club Demo Day (results presentation) on Saturday, March 16th!
March 16th (Sat) 17:00-18:30 The third event of the Gunma Prefecture Atotsugi Venture Project “GUNMA Atotsugi Club” project will be held at Shibuya QWS.
[Image 1:×413.jpg] Tranbi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “Tranbi”), which operates one of Japan’s largest business succession and M&A platforms, will hold a demo day for the “GUNMA Atotsugi Club” project on Saturday, March 16th. I will do it. \Click here to apply for on-site/online viewing! /
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Our company was entrusted with the Atotsugi venture project “GUNMA Atotsugi Club” project by Gunma Prefecture. Following the kick-off event in October 2023, we held an interim demo day in December of the same year, where Atotsugi (successor) in Gunma Prefecture demonstrated the status of their efforts to expand the business. At this Demo Day, we will present the results of Atotsugi’s efforts in the period of less than half a year since the start of the initiative, and what changes have occurred in the business. Please feel the enthusiasm of Atotsugi and the charm of Gunma live!
◆What is GUNMA Atotsugi Club? ◆
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Gunma Prefecture is fostering the momentum for “Atotsugi Ventures” to take on new challenges through business succession, aiming for the further growth of small and medium-sized enterprises in the future, and supporting the continuation and expansion of business. We have established this business as the “GUNMA Atotsugi Department”, and Atotsugi will be accompanied by mentors (assigned from the TRANBI side business department), aiming to expand the business and increase recognition. Our company, Tranbi, has been entrusted with this project and is involved as the secretariat.
◆Demo day details◆Date and time: March 16, 2024 (Saturday) 17:00-18:30 (Registration starts at 16:30) Cost: Free Format: Offline and online hybrid format Location: Shibuya QWS Shibuya 2, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo No. 24-12 Shibuya Scramble Square (East Building) 15th floor Capacity: [Venue participation] 30 people [Zoom] 200 people Application: Please use the form below. Contents: Explanation of the project and GUNMA Atotsugi Department’s efforts so far Results presentation by Atotsugi + comments from reviewers (all 4 companies) Finally (Summary)
◆GUNMA Atotsugi company status◆
Japanese Sweets Katagiri (Representative: Shota Katagiri) @
Tatebayashi City We are strengthening EC sales and promoting OEM in order to spread the word “Nomu Warabi Mochi”, a sweet drink made with original warabi mochi. The taste of warabi mochi is unparalleled. We aim to expand our business using this warabi mochi as a hook. Currently, we mainly sell Nomu Warabi Mochi as an original product in stores, but our mentors are assisting with proposals and sales with the aim of expanding sales channels.
Sanbido Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Satoshi Yoshimura) took over the tableware wholesale business in Takasaki City, but felt a sense of crisis in the industry situation and started the Gunma local brand “Tsuru” with the aim of innovating through “Utsuwa”. (tooool)”. Currently, Mr. Yoshimura is in charge of everything from business planning to sales alone, but in order to further expand awareness of “Tsuuru”, we are expanding the range of ways the product can be used, strengthening SNS communications, and promoting the development of sales channels. I will continue to do so.
Sun Co., Ltd. (Director: Kimiyoshi Kato) @Takasaki City We are aiming for growth through a business that combines road transportation and IT, but we have been having problems recruiting IT engineers, who are the source of our competitiveness. This time, with the cooperation of our mentor Mr. Nishihara, we will find a breakthrough by sharing his comprehensive know-how, including hiring engineers, developing sales routes, and building an organization. We also plan to consider IT service areas where we can leverage Sun’s strengths.
Azuma Fish Farm Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Shunsuke Ikeda) @ Higashiazuma Town Our company, which farms mountain stream fish such as rainbow trout and rockfish, mainly in Gunma’s branded fish “Ginkhikari,” feels that it has reached its limit in production, and is struggling with value. I realized that there is a way to improve my skills. Therefore, we will prepare for the sale of ornamental fry (it would be even better if we can find a way to export them), branding of char salmon roe, and increasing production. We also aim to convey the appeal of the primary industry and create an environment where young people can work comfortably.
◆Guest reviewer◆ Climb Co., Ltd. Representative Director Osamu Kanai Protostar Co., Ltd. Representative Director C E O Hidemaro Maekawa Rengo Co., Ltd. Design and Marketing Center Manager in charge Akiko Yonaga Rengo Co., Ltd. Design and Marketing Center Deputy Manager Karino Wada
◆Atotsugi Club official website◆\For these people! ! /I love Gunma prefecture! Those who want to support small and medium-sized enterprises that are thinking of immigrating Those who have inherited a business, those who are thinking of expanding their business through M&A Those who want to think about support measures for Atotsugi’s business together ■ Tranbi Co., Ltd. (https:// [Company name] TRANBI Co., Ltd.
[Representative director] Satoshi Takahashi [Established] April 2016 [Business description] Planning and operation of the M&A platform “TRANBI” and other related business owners. We provide a service that matches business sellers and buyers directly over the Internet. We have abolished closing fees and are currently developing an M&A platform that can be used by small businesses regardless of business size. The number of registered users exceeded 150,000 on October 21, 2023. Additionally, as of the same day, the cumulative number of M&A deals was 14,519, the cumulative number of matchings was 56,087, and the average number of potential buyers was 10. *Official note* Facebook* twitter* Instagram /≪Inquiries regarding this release≫ Tranbi Co., Ltd. Public Relations Email address:

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