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Far East Company Co., Ltd. ANAYI 2024 Spring/Summer Collection launch and new visual released!

Far East Company Co., Ltd.
ANAYI has started rolling out its Spring/Summer 2024 collection and released new visuals!
ANAYI stores and official website will start rolling out from February 9th (Friday)
[Image 1:×400.jpg] ANAYI Spring/Summer 2024 theme is “French Escape”
A collection inspired by the heart-throbbing and elegant scenery of France, and envisioning the people who beautifully overlap with it. ANAYI invites you to a longed-for moment somewhere far away. ▼Collection special page
Chateau de Versailles
In February, I was inspired by the movie “Marie Antoinette” and decided to stay at Le Ground Controle, a hotel on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles. The soft and gentle coloring of pastel colors mixed with white, the lace, frills, large ribbons, bustier-style tweed vest, and other details of a couture dress are now expressed.
[Image 2:×1800.jpg] Blouse ¥57,200 Tunic ¥93,500 Pants ¥93,500
[Image 3:×1800.jpg] Gillet ¥97,900 Blouse ¥41,800 Pants ¥39,600 Le Center de Paris
In March, we were inspired by the architecture and decoration of the reborn long-established department store “LA SAMARITAINE” and the French National Library “BNF Richelleu.” We offer ideas for enjoying artistic motifs in everyday life, such as prints of beautiful mural images ordered from a French manufacturer, skirts with feather prints on cut jacquard, and metal foil brooches.
[Image 4:×1800.jpg] Dress ¥132,000
[Image 5:×1800.jpg] Shirt ¥35,200 Skirt ¥49,500
[Image 6:×1800.jpg] Gilet ¥49,500 Skirt ¥74,800 Deauville
In April, we are inspired by the seaside of Deauville, as we are tempted by the summer weather. The collection’s color palette is inspired by coastal scenery with a striking contrast between the blue sea and bright umbrellas.
[Image 7:×1800.jpg] Blouse ¥31,900 Pants ¥28,600
[Image 8:×1800.jpg] Jacket ¥37,400 Pants ¥31,900 Pullover ¥14,300 Riviera
In May, think about your vacation on the Riviera in southern France, near the Italian border. Inspired by the classic and stylish summer resort style of the 1920s. The faded yet modern unique colors of buildings in a port town near Italy are reproduced with earthy coloring. The silhouettes that encourage a feeling of openness and body movements, and natural materials such as linen and cotton, are the focus.
[Image 9:×1800.jpg] Dress ¥52,800 *All prices include tax.
[Web Catalog]
*The ANAYI OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE accepts advance reservations for some of the items listed in the catalog.
[Image 10:×1080.jpg] “SPRING and SUMMER COLLECTION 2024” will be distributed in conjunction with the start of the VISUAL BOOK gift collection. Please pick it up at your local shop or OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE. At the OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE, we will be giving away gifts on a first-come, first-served basis to customers who purchase 33,000 yen or more including tax, starting with orders placed on Friday, February 9th.
*VISUAL BOOK will end as soon as it runs out. *We cannot accept inquiries regarding whether your order is eligible for distribution. note that.
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