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Home » FM802 Co., Ltd. A 9-hour special program delivered only with the live sound source of Ledikure! FM802 “RADIO CRAZY RADIO de LIVE CRAZY”

FM802 Co., Ltd. A 9-hour special program delivered only with the live sound source of Ledikure! FM802 “RADIO CRAZY RADIO de LIVE CRAZY”

Co., Ltd. FM802
A 9-hour special program delivered only with the live sound source of Lady Cree! FM802 “RADIO CRAZY RADIO de LIVE CRAZY”
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FM802 RADIO CRAZY is a year-end rock party hosted by Osaka’s music station FM802 at the end of every year. In 2023, it was held at Intex Osaka for three days from December 27th (Wednesday) to December 29th (Friday).
A special program featuring live audio from this event will be aired! There are also plenty of valuable live sound sources that can only be heard on this special program! We will be broadcasting live for 9 hours!
During the program, you will also receive a postcard signed by the participating artists! Please listen to the program and enter! Also, Aribobo (Yabai T-shirt shop), Shizuku (Polka dot Stingray), TOSHI-LOW (BRAHMAN/OAU), Kenji Mihara (Frederick), Seiya Yamasaki (Kyusonekokami) & Kuya Koyama (Yabai T-shirt shop) The live sound source of ROCK KIDS 802 EXTRA CRAZY BAND, in which they participated as guest vocalists and developed a stage featuring “anisong”, will be available in full on FM802 “ROCK KIDS 802 -OCHIKEN Goes ON!!-” on February 15th (Thursday). It has been decided that it will be aired! Furthermore, it has been decided that the live sound source of LIVE HOUSE Antenna will be aired on FM802 “RADIO∞INFINITY” on Thursday, February 15th! (Excluding some) Don’t miss this one too!
The hot rock year-end party from the end of last year will be on the radio once again!
We look forward to hearing your LadyCre live reports and requests! [Program overview]
●Date and time: February 12th (Monday/Holiday) 18:00 – 3:00 am Live broadcast ・Part 1 18:00-21:00 Hiroaki Asai & Komaki Doi
・Part 2 21:00-23:48 Kentaro Ochiai & Noe Tanaka
・Part 3 Midnight 0:00 – Midnight 3:00 Saeka Bando & Daiki Higuchi ●Artists scheduled to be aired
-Part 1-
androp/ELLEGARDEN/God Doesn’t Roll Dice/Kyuso Nekokami/Creepy Nuts/Kroi/go!go!vanillas/Saucy Dog/This is LAST/DISH//
/Tempalay/PEOPLE 1/BIGMAMA/Fuji Fabric/Frederick/HEY-SMITH /Macaroni pencils/MAN WITH A MISSION/milet/UNICORN/Lucky Kilimanjaro/LUNA SEA -Part 2-
Tamio Okuda/Tatsuya Kitani/9mm Parabellum Bullet/Cody Lee/THE BACK HORN/SUPER BEAVER/w.o.d./Tokyo Ska Paradise
Orchestra/Nulbarich/NEE/Novelbright/Vaundy/Hambreders/Hitsubunken/BRAHMAN/BLUE ENCOUNT /Yabai T-shirt shop/UNISON SQUARE GARDEN/reGretGirl/WurtS -Part 3-
Aina the End / indigo la End / OKAMOTO’S / KEYTALK / THE SPELLBOUND (BOOM BOOM SATELLITES 25th Anniversary SET) / THE BAWDIES / Sambo Master / SHISHAMO / sumika [roof session] / Chilli Beans. / Teikoku Kissa / Tele / 10- FEET/Nishina/Neguse. /04 Limited
Sazabys/flumpool/Marusi/Mr.Forte/yama/Young Skinny/Yorushka/Green Yellow Society
●radiko URL: ●Details:
FM802 “ROCK KIDS 802-OCHIKEN Goes ON!!-”
●Broadcast date and time = Every Monday to Thursday 21:00-23:48 *Live sound source broadcasted on Thursday, February 15th
●DJ = Kentaro Ochiai
●Program HP=
●Program X (old: Twitter) = @RK802STAFF
●Program hashtag=#RK802

●Broadcast date and time = Every Thursday 24:00-27:00 *Live sound source is on Thursday, February 15th
●DJ = Yusuke Hatano
●Program HP=
●Program X (old: Twitter)=@RI_802
●Program hashtag=#RI802
[Event overview]
●Date and time = December 27th (Wednesday), 28th (Thursday), 29th (Friday), 2023 ●Venue = Intex Osaka ( ●Sponsored by: Japan Travel / Maxell / Furano hop carbonated water / ACOM / Suntory Beer Ball / ZONe ENERGY / NTT Docomo / JIM BEAM / Crysta Nagahori / Toyota Motor Corporation / ELECOM cooking appliances / Kinoshita Group / Marues / At Home / Haagen-Dazs Japan / Japan Tobacco Inc./Haier
●Sponsor = FM802/Kyodo Kansai
●Planning and production = FM802/Kyodo Kansai
●Event official site:
More details about this release: