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[Crowdfunding achievement rate 260%! 】Applications closed

Wifabric Co., Ltd.
[Crowdfunding achievement rate 260%! 】Applications closed
Opening in summer 2024: A complex facility where you can experience SDGs while having fun
Wifabric Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Osaka) Representative Director: Fukuya, which operates the online outlet mall “SMASELL” that sells approximately 7,000 brand products at up to 90% off, from unsold new products to used clothing and miscellaneous goods. Tsuyoshi) has been conducting crowdfunding since January 10, 2024, “Establishment of a complex store [SMASELL SUSTAINABLE COMMUNE] where you can experience SDGs scheduled to open in the summer of 2024 in Osaka”, only 6 days have passed since the start. Achieved 100% of the target amount in one day, and since then, SDGs and regional revitalization have attracted attention, and we have collected a total of 26,010,000 yen (260% of the target amount) from 143 people, which far exceeds the target amount. The project was completed on the 7th. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the many people who have supported us. In order to make fashion more enjoyable and sustainable, our company’s philosophy is to revitalize the original joy of fashion by seriously addressing the issue of waste, which is an issue in the apparel industry. At the same time, we aim to realize a sustainable social system that does not place a burden on the environment or industry.
[Image 1:×810.jpg] After renovation after renovation (expected diagram)
◆Facility overview ◆SNS
◆Project overview
Purpose: “Delicious and fun” about environmental issues that could not be fully conveyed through the online outlet mall “Sumacell” Experience the feeling of “I’m happy” through a real experience. Contents: A complex store “SMASELL SUSTAINABLE CO” where you can experience SDGs while having fun in Osaka City, our headquarters MMUNE (Sumasel Sustainable Commune) will open in summer 2024

We welcome brands and companies from various categories such as food, plants, art, music, etc. to open stores.
For every purchase, you can donate 100 yen to the organization of your choice (forest conservation groups, refugee support in war zones, earthquake disaster areas, etc.)
Build a system to
[Image 2:×402.jpg] Future: We are considering attracting customers through flea market events, etc. that focus on second-hand clothing from talents and influencers, making it easier for each person.
We want to create an experiential store where you can experience sustainability while feeling sad.
Brands to be handled: MONCLER/JIL SANDER/COMME DES GARCONS/NIKE/adidas/PUMA etc. ◆Representative Fukuya’s story
Mr. Fukuya, our company’s representative, backpacked through more than 60 countries during his student days and was deeply moved by the magnificent nature he encountered. At this time, I was moved by the beauty of untouched nature and my desire to protect nature became the basis of my subsequent actions.
Then, during my third year of university, I volunteered to distribute soup to the homeless in New York, where I was studying abroad. In winter, temperatures can drop to 20 to 30 degrees below zero, an environment where it is not uncommon for people to die. I worked hard, spending all the money I had saved from my part-time job, hoping that I could save the day with hot soup. However, as a result, we realized that students, with limited time and funds, could not fundamentally solve the social issue of homelessness. At the same time as this setback, I began to think that by turning social issues into a business, we could continue to improve society.
After graduating from university, I joined a trading company specializing in textiles and was involved in the planning, production, and sales of original products such as interior decoration, room wear, and fashion accessories. I was having a very rewarding and fulfilling day at work, but one day I heard about the issue of clothing waste on TV. I realized that I may be contributing to environmental problems without even knowing it, so I founded Wifabric Co., Ltd. in the spring of 2015 to address this issue.
When we first started, we ran an upcycling business that created new interior products using fabrics, threads, and products that were no longer in use. However, at the time we started and did not have the financial resources, we decided to buy all the fabrics and recycle them. I couldn’t distribute it. At that time, we realized that apparel companies were holding large amounts of product inventory as department stores and shopping malls continued to be closed due to the effects of the new coronavirus. Therefore, in order to meet even more needs, we launched a platform called “SMASELL” that matches brands that want to sell out their inventory without disposing of it and users who want to buy products at a good price. Currently, it has grown into a marketplace with over 250,000 users. We are also involved in upcycling projects and are tackling the issue of waste loss on a wide range of areas.
We believe that in order to realize a more sustainable society in the future, it is essential to strengthen communication with customers. Through SMASELL SUSTAINABLE COMMUNE, a complex store where you can experience SDGs offline, we hope to increase people’s awareness of sustainability and contribute to preserving the global environment. ■About SMASELL In order to eliminate fashion waste, SMASELL is a co-creative matching platform that connects companies that want to deliver products to the last item without throwing them away and users who want to purchase products at a good price. By connecting people who have not been able to contact each other online, we aim to create a “recycling-oriented society without waste”.
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■About Wefabric Co., Ltd. (Sumasel operating company)
Representative: Tsuyoshi Fukuya
Tokyo Office: 3F Futaba Building, 1-16-6 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043 Osaka Office (Head Office): 7th floor, Tatsuto Utsubo Park Building, 1-14-24 Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Osaka 550-0003
Corporate site:
Year of establishment: March 2015
Capital: 10,000,000 yen
Business content: Apparel online matching platform operation business

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