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Nikon IJ THE GALLERY Special Exhibition Shintaro Shiratori Photo Exhibition “Light and Shadow, Color and Sha pe” will be held

Nikon IJ
THE GALLERY Special Exhibition Shintaro Shiratori Photo Exhibition “Light and Shadow, Color and Shape” will be held
Nikon Imaging Japan Co., Ltd. (President: Kimito Uemura, Minato-ku, Tokyo) will hold a THE GALLERY special exhibition Shintaro Shiratori exhibition “Light and Shadow, Color and Form” at the photo exhibition venue “THE GALLERY” at Nikon Plaza Tokyo and Osaka. ” will be held from Tuesday, March 5, 2024.
[Image 1:×1004.jpg] ●Writer’s comment
I have been involved in advertising photography for a long time. Taking a photo shoot on request can be achieved by improving your technique and aesthetic sense, as well as applying the techniques you have experienced in the past. On the other hand, in my private life, I seek out things that I have never tried before, and I try to create works that feature female nudes set in a fantasy setting, and I ask people I want to take portraits of me using my own lighting and present them. I came here. Additionally, four years ago, I was able to hold an exhibition that was the culmination of my 45 years of work as an advertising photographer. I received the request for this photo exhibition at a time when I could not find anything to follow after the culmination. It was also the time when the new coronavirus infection began to spread around the world, and while I was thinking about it even more, I came up with the idea of ​​returning to the origins of photography. When I looked around my surroundings from the simple perspective of light and shadow, color and shape that make up a photograph, I discovered that there were many photogenic things full of light on the ordinary ground, walls, windows, etc. that I had overlooked until now. I would like to transform the cigarette butt-like photographs of my beloved Irving Penn into art. With this in mind, I enjoyed wandering around the city alone with my camera, and the extraordinary daily life of the coronavirus pandemic turned into a creative day.
Shintaro Shiratori
[Image 2:×385.jpg] Graduated from the Department of Photographic Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University. After working in the Photography Department of Shiseido Co., Ltd.’s Advertising Department and the Photography Department of Hakuhodo Co., Ltd. (currently Hakuhodo Products Co., Ltd.), he became independent and established Shiratori Photo Studio in 1989. Since 2008, he has been the chairman of the Japan Advertising Photographers Association (APA). Received the Medal with Blue Ribbon in 2018. He has received numerous awards including the ADC Creator Award, APA Award, Mainichi Advertising Design Award, Grand Prix, Nikkei Advertising Award Grand Prix, Yomiuri Advertising Grand Prize, Asahi Advertising Award, APA Award, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award, and ACC All Japan CM Festival Gold Award. ●THE GALLERY Special Exhibition Shintaro Shiratori “Light and Shadow, Color and Shape”
Venue: Nikon Plaza Tokyo THE GALLERY, Nikon Plaza Osaka THE GALLERY Exhibition period: Tokyo March 5th (Tuesday) to March 18th (Monday), 2024     Osaka March 28, 2024 (Thursday) – April 10, 2024 (Wednesday) Opening hours: 10:30-18:30 (closed on Sundays/until 15:00 on the last day)

“THE GALLERY” is a photo exhibition hall opened in Tokyo and Osaka in 2017 with the aim of spreading and improving photographic culture. In addition to special exhibitions displaying high-quality works created by famous photographers using Nikon equipment, we will also hold Nikkor Club member exhibitions, photography group exhibitions, and more.
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