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Home » MIXI Co., Ltd. WOWOW x MIXI’s first joint development Sports SNS “FANUP” that gets excited with predicti on battles. Service starts today, February 9, 2024 (Friday)!

MIXI Co., Ltd. WOWOW x MIXI’s first joint development Sports SNS “FANUP” that gets excited with predicti on battles. Service starts today, February 9, 2024 (Friday)!

MIXI Co., Ltd.
[WOWOW x MIXI’s first joint development] Sports SNS “FANUP” that gets excited with prediction battles. Service starts today, February 9, 2024 (Friday)!
We are running a campaign to win a European soccer trip!
MIXI Inc. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, President, Senior Executive Officer and CEO: Hiroki Kimura) and WOWOW Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, President and Executive Officer: Akira Tanaka) have jointly developed a game between sports fans. We are pleased to announce that we have started today, February 9, 2024 (Friday), a new web service “FANUP” where you can enjoy predicting the outcome and outcome of the event.
[Image 1:×1400.png ]
“FANUP” combines the strengths of WOWOW, which broadcasts and distributes the “UEFA Champions League,” which determines the number one club in Europe, and the next European club soccer tournament, “UEFA Europa League,” and the co-playing format of bicycle racing, auto racing, etc. This is a sports SNS that combines the know-how in social services of MIXI, which operates the sports betting service “TIPSTAR”, the SNS “mixi”, and the smartphone app “Monster Strike”, a high-stakes hunting RPG.
“FANUP” uses free chips to predict the outcome of each match and how it will unfold, as well as rankings that list the accuracy rate for each user. We will create a place where sports fans can have deep and passionate conversations with each other, such as a bulletin board where you can communicate in real time.
In addition, a campaign will be held in which the period from the service release in February until the UEFA Champions League final in June will be divided into three rounds, and users who rank high in the prediction battle will win prizes such as a “European soccer trip”. .
[Image 2:×1400.png ]
By connecting fans watching the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, which until now have been enjoyed mainly by individuals, with “FANUP,” we are creating a place where fans can share information and emotions more deeply and passionately with their friends. We offer new ways to enjoy watching soccer.
“FANUP” will continue to enliven sports based on the concept of “creating a place where fans can have deep and passionate
conversations with each other,” so please look forward to it. “FANUP” function list
1.FAN room: Community based on the timeline of fans, confirmation of match-related information
2. Prediction: Prediction (1 person/1 team of 3 people) using free chips received by logging in every day
3.Team page…Team details for 3 people
4. My page: Check profile settings, predicted results, and rankings The following updates are planned (schedule is subject to change) 5.News・・・European soccer related news (transfer information, player condition information), etc.
6. Video: FANUP’s own preview/review show will be posted.
“FANUP” function details
[1. FAN room]
In the FAN room, fans can check out the game development, team strategies, tactics, and predicted formations for each game. This is a room with a timeline function where you can discuss various information such as, and match information.
Example) Pre-game chat comments
“Since we have decided to advance through the group stage, our main focus will be on preserving the turnover system, and relying on the reserves and young players.
Should be given a chance. ”
[Image 3:×1167.png ]
[2. Prediction]
You can enjoy “prediction battles” using free chips that you receive by logging in every day.
“Prediction Battle” is a prediction battle in which players use the chips they have to answer questions given in each game, collect correct chips according to the results, and compete based on the total obtained. The ranking will change depending on the total number of tickets, and those in the corresponding rankings or teams will be able to win prizes.
In addition, there are two ways to play “Prediction Battle”: “Individual Match Prediction Battle” and “Match Prediction Battle as a team of 3 players.”
[Image 4:×369.png ]
[Image 5:×489.png ]
[Image 6:×784.png ]
[3. Team page]
You can check and edit team information.
[Image 7:×1089.png ]
[4. My page]
You can register as a user such as profile settings and icon settings, check predicted results, and check your own and team’s rankings.
[Image 8:×2700.png ]
Please check FANUP LP for FANUP features and campaign details. FANUP LP:
It has been decided that the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League will be broadcast at some HUB stores operated by HUB Co., Ltd., which operates British-style pubs nationwide. You can use it as a real-life interaction space for “FANUP” while watching the broadcast. ・12 stores targeted for broadcasting
・Implementation period: From Wednesday, February 14th
*For store details, please check the “HUB-82 homepage”
Regarding exclusive broadcasting and distribution of WOWOW “UEFA Champions League” and “UEFA Europa League”
“UEFA Champions League” 2023-24 season
Live broadcast and live distribution of all matches until the final! “UEFA Europa League” 2023-24 season
Live broadcast and live distribution of notable matches until the final!
Based on the purpose of “expanding rich communication and wrapping the world in happy surprises,” MIXI has released songs such as “mixi,” “Monster Strike,” “Family Album Look,” and “TIPSTAR.” We provide communication services for friends and family to enjoy together. Based on the spirit of “User Surprise First,” which we value, our mission is to create places and opportunities that do not just connect, but also “connect emotionally,” creating deeper, richer communication. By continuing to do this, we will contribute to the realization of a society that is rich in emotion and people can communicate with each other.
*MIXI and FANUP names, trademarks and logos related to these are trademarks and registered trademarks of MIXI Corporation.
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