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Remy Cointreau Japan Terumon’s “193,000 Colors of Green” project, the most energetically sustainable initi ative in the Champagne industry, has started!

Remy Cointreau Japan
The Terumon “193,000 Colors of Green” project, the most energetically sustainable initiative in the champagne industry, has begun! ~High-quality glass that is not a standard color is also used in bottles without being discarded~
A champagne brand developed by Remy Cointreau Japan Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo/General Manager Xavier Taro), which incorporates sustainable cultivation methods based on the concept of “quality over quantity” and brings innovation to the wine and spirits industry. As the industry’s most aggressively sustainable brand, Termon is pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative for the global environment.
[Image 1:×539.jpg] Launched the “In the name of Mother Nature” project, creating the highest quality Champagne with maximum consideration for the environment, aiming to become climate positive by 2030 and by 2050. Terumon’s goal is to become the first champagne house to achieve net positivity. To date, we have converted vineyards to organic farming methods, conserved biodiversity, used transparent labels, transitioned to the lightest champagne bottles, used green bottles with 87% recycled glass, and eliminated gift boxes. , we have steadily continued to achieve our sustainability commitments step by step, reducing our overall CO2 emissions by eliminating air transport. The new initiative we are launching in collaboration with French glass manufacturer Velaria is called “Transition Glass,” which uses the glass that is generated when changing the color of glass from its original color to another color. That’s what it means. Traditionally, glass manufacturers’ furnaces have disposed of the equivalent of approximately 193,000 glass bottles in a whole lot based on certain standards when changing colors. The choice to use these glass bottles for champagne bottles, which have standard colors but no issues with quality, will create countless variations in the hues of Termon’s main champagne products. Terumon plans to release 193,000 bottles of this kind in colors ranging from green to cinnamon.
This ground-breaking initiative, both for the Champagne industry and for shifting its focus to environmentally friendly initiatives, was made possible by the specialized technology and enthusiasm of Velaria, a leader in glass packaging in Europe. A large amount of energy and resources can be saved.
“193,000 Colors of Green” is also a place where Termon’s unique approach to elegance and environmental responsibility is demonstrated. Terumon, which strives to create the best Champagne while working on the global environment, incorporates the blessings of nature for each cuvée. The project uses previously unused high-quality materials in a sustainable and responsible approach, ensuring that each bottle reflects the terroir through its color, contributing to an
environmentally conscious approach. It clearly embodies Terumon’s attitude of shifting its focus.
Termon CEO Ludovic du Plessis says:
“In 2024, Termon will fundamentally review green and glass bottles! “193,000 colors of green” represents our philosophy. For us, sustainability is not a limitation or constraint, but a foundation for creativity and innovation. Each shade of green symbolizes our commitment to the environment. We are passionate about not only changing the color of the bottle, but also revolutionizing the wine industry at once. In the name of Mother Nature! ”
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