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Home » IBJ for marriage hunting “2.6%” of the number of marriage couples in Japan is created by the IBJ group. We aim to solve the problem of declining birthrate.

IBJ for marriage hunting “2.6%” of the number of marriage couples in Japan is created by the IBJ group. We aim to solve the problem of declining birthrate.

[IBJ for marriage hunting] “2.6%” of the number of marriage couples in Japan is created by the IBJ group. We aim to solve the problem of declining birthrate.
IBJ Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Shigeru Ishizaka, TSE Prime: 6071), which has the highest number of members and marriages in Japan*¹, will have the highest annual number of marriages in 2023 at “12,527 couples (25,054 people)”, the highest ever. We have created 2.6% of married couples in Japan*².
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In recent years, as Japan’s declining birthrate and population problems have become more serious, Japan, where the rate of children born out of wedlock is as low as 2.4%*³, tends to place emphasis on the marriage system, and the decline in the number of marriages is a contributing factor to the declining birthrate. It is thought that it has become. Under these circumstances, the IBJ Group strengthened support for the start-up of affiliated marriage counseling agencies and strengthened training of counselors who support marriage (engagement), resulting in the birth of 12,527 married couples in 2023, the highest number ever.
IBJ member stores spread all over the country. Leads to uncovering latent layers 1. Increase in the number of marriage consultation offices affiliated with IBJ
[Table 5: ]
2. Increase in number of new members
[Table 6:] 3. Increase in number of arranged marriages
[Table 7:] With the increase in the number of IBJ member stores across the country, it is now possible to approach potential customers who want to get married. In addition to changes in the market such as an increase in the number of young people using marriage counseling services, we will strengthen support for starting up affiliate stores (individual support for 6 months) to support affiliate stores to quickly launch their businesses. This led to an increase in the number of new members and contributed to the increased activity of existing members. The number of arranged marriages has increased to 9.2% compared to last year, increasing the number of encounters for more members and leading to an increase in the number of marriages. Training counselors to lead to marriage success
At IBJ, which helps more than 10,000 couples get married each year, we define “successful marriage = engagement,” and all our counselors have acquired the support know-how that we have cultivated over the years as the “marriage hunting method.” With a small team of dedicated staff, we accompany our customers through the stages of arranged marriage, dating, proposals, and engagement, and we nurture successful marriages every day with high-quality support that is tailored to each individual.
[Image 2:×2602.jpg] Future outlook
The IBJ Group has set a goal of creating “20,000” married couples by 2027. Even though it is said that the birthrate is declining, an average of 1.9*⁴ children are born to married couples, and by supporting those who wish to get married, we aim to put a stop to the problem of population decline.
In addition, with the addition of the marriage agency “Ornet” as a strategic business partner of IBJ through a capital and business alliance agreement in December 2023, we expect the number of marriages to increase further. We will continue to provide matchmaking services tailored to the customer’s matchmaking phase and aim to solve the problem of the declining birthrate by nurturing married couples.
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*¹No.1: Researched by Japan Marketing Research Organization (Number of marriages: Actual results in 2023, Number of members: As of the end of December 2023, market research in designated areas for the period ending January 2024) *Number of marriages: Number of people who got married only within IBJ (Does not include federations other than IBJ, referrals from friends, etc.)
*²Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Vital Statistics Monthly Report (approximate numbers)” Annualized annualized number of 322,184 marriages from January to August 2023 (483,276 couples)
*³Referenced from Vital Dynamics Survey Vital Dynamics Statistics 2020 “Number of births and percentage by year by illegitimate and illegitimate children”
*⁴National Institute of Population and Social Security Research “16th Basic Survey on Fertility Trends (National Survey on Marriage and Childbirth)”
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