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Assist Co., Ltd. Assist Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Kazuo Ui) has started operating Kozushima LIFE.

Assist Co., Ltd.
Assist Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Kazuo Ui) has started operating [Kozushima LIFE].
The theme is to convey the charm of Kozushima and create memories. ……
Assist Co., Ltd. supports the revitalization of local communities through social contribution activities.
After living on Kozushima, a remote island in Tokyo, I started operating Kozushima LIFE with the desire to let more people know about the warmth of the people and the wonderful scenery of Kozushima. [Kouzushima LIFE] ( will widely disseminate the charm of the island with the theme of “Delivering the charm of Kouzushima and spinning thoughts.”
[Image 1:×2160.jpg] Kozushima is located approximately 180 km south of central Tokyo, and is a remote island with excellent access from central Tokyo, with boats from Tokyo Takeshiba Pier, Atami, and Shimoda, and planes from Chofu Airport. Wonderful mountains such as the symbolic Mt. Tenjo, which was selected as one of the “New Tokyo 100 Views” and “100 Famous Mountains of Flowers,” as well as Maehama, which was ranked first in the “Beach with Clean Water Ranking 2023”. It has many attractions, including white sand beaches, clear waters, and a beautiful starry sky that was designated as Tokyo’s first “Starry Sky Reserve.”
[Image 2:×540.png ]
This web magazine strives to convey the charms of Kozushima to as many people as possible so that they can enjoy their trip to the island. Please take a look when you have time.
[Kozushima LIFE]
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