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Home » Sony Music Labels Inc. The theme song for the movie “Trapezium”, performed by the fictitious apartment mus ic project “MAISONdes”, has been decided to be “Nannai feat. Suisei Hoshimachi, sakuma.”!

Sony Music Labels Inc. The theme song for the movie “Trapezium”, performed by the fictitious apartment mus ic project “MAISONdes”, has been decided to be “Nannai feat. Suisei Hoshimachi, sakuma.”!

Sony Music Labels Co., Ltd.
The theme song for the movie “Trapezium”, performed by the fictitious apartment music project “MAISONdes”, has been decided as “Nanmanai feat. Suisei Hoshimachi, sakuma.”
The total number of streaming plays on music distribution services, including “Yowane Haki feat. Asmi, Wa Nuka” and “Tokyo Shandy Rendezvous feat. Kafu, Tsumiki”, has been played 600 million times, and the total number of song plays on SNS is 5 billion. The theme song for the movie “Trapezium”, which will be performed by the fictional apartment music project “MAISONdes”, will be “Nanmanai feat. Suisei Hoshimachi, sakuma.”!
The theme song played in the currently released 30-second teaser video has been attracting attention mainly on social media as to who will be the featured artist, and the details of the song have finally been revealed.
The theme song “Nanmanai feat. Suisei Hoshimachi, sakuma.” is sung by Suisei Hoshimachi, who is a VTuber belonging to the virtual idol group “Hololive” and is extremely popular, and is sung by the music unit “Last train online”. sakuma., who is active as a music creator and producer who produces music, will be in charge of writing and composing the song.
Please look forward to the theme song, which is set in a fictional apartment and follows the story of a girl who dreams of becoming an idol, until the full story is revealed.
■Artist comment
[Image 1: &s3=13546-40620C748603D0265 10F-2501×2578.jpg]
When taking the first step towards a dream or during a journey. I think there are emotions that are born in each room amidst the uncertainty and hope of youth, when one cannot yet define oneself. We have prepared a room that will be there for you in times like these and will encourage you to pursue your dreams.
The path to pursuing your dreams is often filled with loneliness and anxiety, but I believe that the courage to start from nothing will create the most beautiful brilliance.
I hope that through the theme song of “Trapezium,” each audience member will find their own “story” and feel something that touches their hearts. We are sure to have a room that matches your story, so please stop by MAISONdes. Here, a story in which you are the main character is waiting. I sincerely hope that you find something that resonates with your heart and that it becomes the beginning of your journey to discover your own brilliance.
–MAISONdes admin
[Image 2:×1659.jpg] I’m very happy to be able to be involved in a movie about my favorite idol and a work by my favorite Clover Works by singing the theme song. I put my life-sized feelings into my singing voice. I think it’s a perfect song for “Trapezium”! looking forward to
–Hoshimachi Suisei
[Image 3:×400.png ]
I was able to participate in the theme song of a very beautiful, ephemeral, and somehow warm work called “Trapezium” by moving into a wonderful apartment called MAISONdes.
As I read the novel over and over again, I captured the emotions that came to me and created the song with all my heart, and
Hoshimachi-san’s wonderful singing voice brought it to life. I hope that this song resonates with something in the hearts of those who listen to it.
■Movie “Trapezium”
[Image 4:×2700.jpg] “Trapezium” (published by KADOKAWA/serialized in “Da Vinci”), in which Nogizaka46 first generation member Kazumi Takayama made her debut as a novelist, has been made into an animated film and will be released nationwide on Friday, May 10th.
The original work “Trapezium” is the story of Yu Higashi, a high school student who uses his power to gather friends and aims to become an idol. A youth novel by Kazumi Takayama that began serialization in the magazine “Da Vinci” in 2016 and was published as a book in 2018. It has sold a total of 300,000 copies due to the realistic depictions drawn by current top idols and highly empathetic content.
Kazumi Takayama, the original author, is deeply involved in the production of the film, including the scenario production, and what is the theme of “the brilliance emitted by idols” that only she could portray? What is an “idol”? This work further pursues that “feeling”. “Bocchi the Rock! ” and “SPY×FAMILY” will be made into an animated film as the complete version “Trapezium” with the CloverWorks staff. This spring, a coming-of-age story depicting the 10 years of a girl who aspires to become an idol will finally open in movie theaters across the country.
In order to “definitely become an idol,” high school first-year student Higashi Yuu spends his high school life imposing four things on himself. “I don’t use SNS,” “I don’t have a boyfriend,” “I don’t stand out at school,” “I make friends with beautiful girls from north, south, east, and west.” Yu goes to separate high schools in north, south, east, and west, and has made friends with “shining stars” in her high school life. What is the outcome of the dream that I spent so much time chasing?
[Image 5: &s3=13546-40620C748603D0265 10F-2501×2578.jpg]
MAISONdes is a fictional apartment building that produces “the music most used on SNS today.” Each song is assigned a room, and each room has a different singer and creator, creating pop music called “Rokujohan Pops.” It could be Earth, or it could be space. It could be the future, it could be the past. The only thing that has been decided is that the size of the room is six and a half tatami mats. In this place, songs from each room are presented through collaborations between singers and creators that can only be created in this era. Each room has its own story and song, and you’re sure to find at least one room that you feel is your own story. This apartment is a place where you can find your song.
Official website:
YouTube Channel: X:
Instagram :
■Hoshidachi Suisei
[Image 6:×1659.jpg] A virtual idol who is currently attracting attention as a member of the female VTuber group “Hololive” who has an overwhelming presence with singing as her weapon.
The number of YouTube subscribers exceeds 2.07 million, the number of Twitter followers exceeds 1.46 million, and the 2nd full album “Specter” will be released on January 25, 2023.
On January 28th, he held his 2nd solo live “Shout in Crisis” at Tokyo Garden Theater, and is steadily climbing the star ladder.
When VTuber first appeared on YouTube channel “THE FIRST TAKE”, the number of simultaneous viewers was approximately 160,000. He has gone beyond the internet scene and is attracting attention in the contemporary music scene, such as performing at rock festivals where big-name artists are lined up.
YouTube: ■sakuma.
[Image 7:×400.png ]
A music creator and producer who writes lyrics, composes, arranges, and mixes. In addition to being involved in all music and story production for the music unit “Last train≦Online.”, he is also actively providing music to other artists and participating in arrangements, and is a creator to watch in 2024.
It is characterized by melodies and lyrics that combine so-called internet culture melodies and wordplay with orthodox emotion. When making tracks, he often plays instruments such as guitar and bass, which influences the variety of music he creates.
YouTube (just before the last train ≦ online.):

Just before the last train≦Online. – Lyrics, composition and arrangement of all works, some mixing and mastering
・Tatsuya Kitani “Chiharu” – Arrangement
・Chima Machida “Hitohira no Mirai” – Arrangement
・Ellie Sanada (feat. Sefina) “)Night&Night” – Lyrics, composition and arrangement
2024.03.02(Sat.) / 03.03(Sun.)@ TOKYO DOME CITY HALL
act: asmi, hashimero, aquarium, me, can can, whale, 4na, muto, mossa (nekrai talkie), liria. , Ren, Aizawa, Pii, meiyo, Kafu, Moka Sato, Sorane, Riwa Domura
Doors open/start: 17:00 /18:00
Price (tax included): 2-day ticket ¥14,500 (tax included) & drink, 1-day ticket ¥7,700 (tax included) & drink
General sales:
■MAISONdes: Complete Collection (playlist with all songs)

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