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Home » Sony Music Labels Inc. Kamiyagi’s new single “Hozuki” includes Uyama Amane Remix of the previous single “Endroll”!

Sony Music Labels Inc. Kamiyagi’s new single “Hozuki” includes Uyama Amane Remix of the previous single “Endroll”!

Sony Music Labels Co., Ltd.
Kamiyagi’s new single “Hozuki” includes Uyama Amane Remix of the previous single “Endroll”!
It has been decided that “Endroll – Uyama Amane Remix” will be included in Kamiyogi’s new single “Hozuki” to be released on March 6th.
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divine goat artist photo
The new single “Hozuki” is a song that has been selected as the opening theme for the TV anime “Hyakusenke no Ayakashi Ouji”, which started broadcasting last month, and is currently being distributed in advance.
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“Hozuki” distribution jacket
It has been announced that the single package will be released in two formats, and the artist edition (completely limited edition) is a special edition that comes with a sticker set designed for this work inside a CD case with a clear tray specification. Manufactured by. The anime edition (limited edition) will be produced in a digipak with newly drawn illustrations featuring the characters Nue and Kasha from the TV anime “Hyakusenya no Ayakashi Prince”.
[Image 3: &s3=13546-4064-4064-76E8DDDCB0B0B0B0B58993A2A2 373-1000×877.jpg] “Hozuki” Artist Edition Jacket
[Image 4:×890.jpg] “Hozuki” anime edition jacket
The song “Endroll – Amane Uyama Remix” announced this time is a song that will be included in both versions, and is based on the single “Endroll”, which was released as the ending theme for the TV anime “BLEACH Millennium Blood Battle Hen – Kokebetsutan -” in August last year. , a remix in which Amane Uyama deconstructs and reconstructs the rock sound of the original song. The original song, “Endroll,” which attracted a lot of attention due to Hitrie’s participation in the performance, is now a cutting-edge song with a new sound.
The title song “Hozuki” also gave us a sound that transcends genres, but with “Endroll – Uyama Amane Remix,” Kamiyagi is attracting even more attention.
[Single information]
divine goat
New Single “Hozuki”
Advance delivery on January 19th
Released on March 6th
Limited production edition [CD+ STICKER] AICL-4520~1 2,000 yen (tax included) Limited time regular edition [CD+BD] AICL-4522~3 2,000 yen (tax included) Distribution link
CD purchase link
2.Endroll – Uyama Amane Remix
[Blu-ray] *[Anime version] Limited edition only included
TV anime “Ayakashi Oji of the Hundred Thousand Houses” Non-credit opening video -Purchaser benefits-
Amazon: Mega Jacket
Rakuten Books: Acrylic key chain (Rakuten Ver.)
Seven Net: Acrylic key chain (Seven Net Ver.)
Animate: Mashikaku Bromide (Anime jacket pattern)
Support store: Sticker (distribution jacket design)
List of supporting stores 【Music Video】
Divine Goat – Hozuki
[Anime information]
TV anime “Ayakashi Prince of the Hundred Thousand Houses”
TOKYO MX Every Friday from 24:00
Original work: Aya Shion “Ayakashi Prince of the Hyakusen Family” (published by Asuka Comics DX/KADOKAWA)
Director: Bob Shirahata
Series composition/screenplay: Yasuko Aoki (Studio Monad)
Character design: Mariko Oka
Sub-character design: Manamu Amasaki
Key animator: Shunya Kikuchi
Japanese pattern design: Uta Mizuno
Art director/art setting: Kenichi Tajiri (Mukuo Studio)
Color design: Akemi Teshima
Director of Photography: Takashi Aoki (Studio Twinkle)
3D Director: Miki Omata (Studio Twinkle)
Editing: Hitomi Sudo (REAL-T)
Music: Ayana Tsujita, Tomoyuki Kitsune
Sound director: Hiromi Kikuta
Animation production: Drive
100 Himari: Natsumi Kawaida
Aoi Shichimori/Nue: Takeo Otsuka
Purple: Shinnosuke Tachibana
Ise: Yuki Ono
Kasha: Taku Yashiro
Nachi Takamura: Wataru Hatano
-Theme song-
Opening theme: Kamiyagi “Hozuki”
Ending theme: Muto “Aishi”
Official website
Official Twitter @momochi_anime( ■TV anime “Ayakashi Prince of the Hundred Thousand Houses” main PV
■TV anime “Ayakashi Oji of the Hundred Thousand Houses” non-credit opening video
-God goat comment-
I will be in charge of the opening theme song for “Hyakusenke no Ayakashi Ouji”. It’s a divine goat.
I’ve always been a fan of girls’ manga, so someday I’d like to try making music based on girls’ manga! That’s what I thought.
So I’m very honored to be in charge of the music this time.
I created a song based on beautiful depictions, a Japanese atmosphere, and images of demons and a bit of dark fantasy.
I would be happy if this song could add color to Hyakusen’s worldview of anime. [Kamigoat official info.]
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