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Home » NetEase Interactive Entertainment Pte. Ltd Infinite Lagrange will hold “Starlight Festival” in 2024, UAV a ircraft carrier will appear in the game

NetEase Interactive Entertainment Pte. Ltd Infinite Lagrange will hold “Starlight Festival” in 2024, UAV a ircraft carrier will appear in the game

NetEase Interactive Entertainment Pte. Ltd
Infinite Lagrange will hold “Starlight Festival” in 2024, UAV aircraft carrier will appear in the game
The Beacon of Infinite Lagrange lights up the entire galaxy, inviting pioneers to a one-of-a-kind celebration.
NetEase Games, the online gaming division of NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES, HKEX: 9999), is pleased to announce that Starlight Festival will be held once again on February 7th at Infinite Lagrange. . In this event, a powerful “UAV aircraft carrier” will appear in the game, and event participants will also receive many exclusive rewards. In this work, beacons are objects that illuminate the dark space and guide ships on expeditions from their homeworld. People view beacons that can be seen from the ground as wishing stars, and believe that they send thoughts and prayers throughout the universe.
[Image 1:×766.jpg] The theme of this year’s Starlight Festival is “Galaxy Realignment,” which honors the brave pioneers who once relied on the light of beacons to bring the flag of humanity to unknown worlds and unravel the mysteries of the universe. . Pioneers from across the Lagrange Network gather in Antontas to celebrate a warm festival of unity with their fellow organizations.
The highlight of this Starlight Festival is the new UAV aircraft carrier. This is a large ship designed by Jupiter Industries and equipped with the latest UAV systems. The ships waiting in the hangar are unmanned aircraft that can carry out coordinated operations with wingmen in formations that increase the combat effectiveness of small fleets.
[Image 2:×775.jpg] In addition to its carrying capabilities, UAV aircraft carriers have powerful weapons platforms that can fire from long distances to support fleets in combat. These factors combine to make it extremely practical, especially in combat, making it a worthy ship for colonists to own.
Enjoy colorful shows and events during the Starlight Festival. The lineup includes “Plasma UAV Show” (up to 2024 Proxima Coins can be earned), “Sightseeing Route”, “Running Antontas”, and “Gravity Research Activities”. By participating in the above-mentioned event, you can not only earn up to 3000 Proxima Coins, but also receive exclusive rewards such as emblems and appearance points.
Additionally, for those who would like to obtain rare loot during this event, we have prepared a “Starlight Market” where a special loot auction will be held. This auction will feature weapon technology, technical blueprints, limited edition paints, and more, giving you the chance to win a wide range of items if you win the auction.
The Star Lights Market also features a “Celebration Pass” and several “Event Limited Packs”, including the dynamic emblem “In the Name of the Stars” and the Solar Whale limited paint “ Includes many other gifts such as “Starlight Twinkle”. We encourage everyone to participate in this auction and win valuable items and rare rewards. Starlight Festival is a major event in the Infinite Lagrange universe, symbolizing humanity’s journey to the stars and celebrating its continued prosperity across the galaxy. We look forward to your participation in this event. Be sure to check out Starlight Festival. Please check the game’s social media for details on upcoming events. To learn more about Infinite Lagrange, visit:
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