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Home » Fuji Television Co., Ltd. Fuji Television Three new skits of “Bakuchu Problem” featuring the genius mous e “Ota Pikari” and the ordinary mouse “Tanachu” will be released! “Bakuchu Problem Special Conte 2024”

Fuji Television Co., Ltd. Fuji Television Three new skits of “Bakuchu Problem” featuring the genius mous e “Ota Pikari” and the ordinary mouse “Tanachu” will be released! “Bakuchu Problem Special Conte 2024”

Fuji Television Co., Ltd.
[Fuji TV] Three new skits of “Bakuchu Problem” featuring the genius mouse “Ota Pikari” and the ordinary mouse “Tanachu” will be released! “Bakuchu Problem Special Conte 2024”
Harisenbon, Kagaya, Nagano, and Ranjatai appear as guests!
Guest: Harisenbon February 10th (Sat) 12:00~
Guest: Kagaya February 11th (Sunday) 12:00pm
Guest: Nagano Ranjatai February 12th (Monday/Holiday) 12:00pm (FOD distribution page) It has been decided that three new skits of “Bakuchu Problem” will be distributed for three consecutive days from February 10th (Saturday) on FOD, a video distribution service operated by Fuji Television.
[Image 1:×427.jpg] “Bakuchu Problem” Guest: Harisenbon (C) TITAN/TOPICS/Fuji Television “Bakuchu Problem” is a story in which the genius mouse “Ota Pikari” and the ordinary mouse “Tanachu” come up with random interpretations about things and words they don’t understand that they have picked up from the human world, such as what they are and how to use them. This is a program that features a variety of skits about things to do and having fun with your mouse friends. Although the story is set in the human world, it is told from the perspective of a mouse, so it humorously depicts the differences in the way humans and mice perceive things, and is full of highlights. And we will be delivering three new skits.
[Image 2:×427.jpg] (From left) Tanachu, Haruna Nezumi, Pikari, Haruka Nezumi (C) TITAN/TOPICS/Fuji Television
■Title: “Stand by Me”
■Guest: Harisenbon
■Distribution: Distribution starts at 12:00 on Saturday, February 10th Pikari, Tanachu, Haruka Nezumi, Haruna Nezumi…We deliver drama-style skits depicting the growth stories of boys and girls.
When they were in elementary school, the three boys (Pikari, Tanachu, and Haruka Nezumi) and the class 1 beautiful girl (Haruna Nezumi) always played together happily, but as they grew up, they decided to go their separate ways.
At the reunion 20 years later, the lives of the four animals begin to change dramatically! ! What will happen to Haruna Mouse’s love, which is swaying between three men…
[Image 3:×427.jpg] (From left) Pikari, Tanachu, Kayachu, Kagachu (C) TITAN/TOPICS/Fuji Television ■Title: “The Complicated Parent and Child Has Arrived”
■Guest: Kagaya
■Distribution: Distribution starts at 12:00 on Sunday, February 11th Pikari and Tanachu, who live in the city, are visited by a family of Takagaya mice who have moved from the countryside to greet them. Their mother (Kaya Chu) asks them to celebrate her son’s (Kaga Chu) birthday with them, but the two cats act timid. On the day of their birthday, parents and children come to their house, and Pikari and Tanachu get caught up in the trouble! ?
[Image 4:×427.jpg] (From left) Tanachu, Pikari, Nezumi Nagano, Nezumi Ito, Nezumi Kunisaki (C) TITAN/TOPICS/Fuji Television
■Title: “I don’t want quiz shows like this”
■Guest: Nagano, Ranjatai
■Distribution: Distribution starts at 12:00 on Monday, February 12th (holiday) Recently, quiz shows have become very popular in the mouse world! We will deliver an omnibus skit with the theme, “What if there was a quiz show like this?”
“I wouldn’t like it if there was a program that showed favoritism to the answerers.”
“I wouldn’t like it if there was an introductory quiz about equipment troubles.” “I wouldn’t want it if there was a quiz like this that we asked 100 animals.” It will be a three-part series.
-Guest comment-
Haruna Kondo (Harisenbon)
“I never thought we would be able to enter the world of the Bakushu problem! And as for me, I’ll be the lovey-dovey Madonna!
I think it’s a skit, or rather a drama, that I’ve never seen before in the long history of the Bakuchu issue. Please take a look.
I wonder if someone will fall in love with me. Sinful rat…” Haruka Minowa (Harisenbon)
“I was thrilled to be able to enter the world of Pikari and Tanachu, which I had watched for a long time.I thought I had become a cute mouse, but when Pikari saw me, she said, “You’re not a mouse man.” I was distraught.
I think the skit we did together turned out to be a touching film, almost like a short film.
I may have said too much. Check it out for yourself! ”
Kaga Sho (Kagaya)
“It was like a dream to be able to see the Pikari and Tanachu that I saw when I was a child.I was moved to be able to touch those tables and electrical outlets, and it was great to be able to do a skit with the four of us.
I’m happy to see two people who just want to make the people at the studio laugh even though it’s definitely going to get cut. It’s unreasonable, so please do.”
Souya Kaya (Kagaya)
“I’m very happy to be able to appear in a skit that I’ve always admired. I was excited to see the actual set, such as the huge electrical outlet and the desk made of a crown.
The skits with the two Bakusho Problems never go as expected. I always look forward to it because I approach it with excitement and finish with a great sense of fulfillment and exhaustion. Please take a look! It’s interesting! ”
Thank you for inviting me this time!
I always have the image of someone being called the day before in place of someone else, but who is it being called in place of this time?
As always, the recording and everything else was so much fun! I don’t yet know where the recording ends and what doesn’t. That’s why it’s great because there aren’t any bitter people on the set of this program.
The other group of guests was Ranjatai, so take a look at how we relaxed in a space where no one was paying attention! ”
Kazuya Kunisaki (Ranjatai)
“It’s a matter of falling asleep.It’s a sudden thing, but I’ve hijacked Kunisaki-kun’s comment and posted it.I’m sorry.There’s something I really want to say to Kunisaki-kun, so please forgive me. Now, on to the main topic.
Ranjatai Kunisaki-kun will appear on our program. He is truly a kind-hearted young man, and almost always sends something (seasonal fruits, etc.) to my office, Titan, every month. He also calls me every week to ask if I’m okay and if I’m eating properly. He asks me persistently. Even though they said they were sorry, they ended up sending flowers and other things to our crown program. However, there’s something about that inconvenience that makes me feel good, and I can’t help but forgive myself and indulge in it.
Well, here’s what I really think. .
I usually can’t say it, but I can say it here. Ranjatai Kunisaki-kun! Thank you so much for everything. We can live with pride because you always care about us. After work, when I’m feeling a little worried or tired, I suddenly think of Ranjatai Kunisaki and find myself laughing. At that moment, I was relieved that Kunisaki-kun had saved me. Ranjatai Kunisaki-kun. You are the support of my heart. I can’t thank you enough! ! Kunisaki-kun! Now it’s our turn to support Kunisaki-kun! If you need anything, please let me know anytime! ! It’s a shame that you’re at Grape Company! I miss seeing you! Kunisaki-kun! ! Come join us at Titan anytime! We’re serious! ! ! ”
Tokyo’s naughty big brother
From the sleeping problem
Koji Ito (Ranjatai)
“I’m happy to be a Bakuchu Mouse!
The three mice I had a long time ago were also big fans of the Bakuchu problem, so I think they’re overjoyed by now when they hear that I’ve become a mouse!
Everyone, please watch us become mice! ”
◇ Program overview
■Title: “Bakuchu Problem”
■Distribution: 12:00 noon on Saturday, February 10, 2024 “Stand by Me”        February 11, 2024 (Sunday) 12:00 pm “Aggravated parent and child have arrived”
       February 12, 2024 (Monday/Holiday) 12:00pm “I don’t want this quiz show”       *The distribution date and time may change without notice. Please note ■Performance: “Stand by Me” Bakusho Problem/Harisenbon
              Kagaya’s complicated father and son are here” LOL problem / Kagaya / Asahi (Daniels)
                                                                              〇 ■Staff: Composition: Yoji Takahashi
      Direction: Yuko Inamoto
Producer: Ue Shikauchi/Satoshi Kasuga
Production cooperation: FCC
      Production work: Fuji Television
■U R L: (distribution page) ◇ FOD Overview
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