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Matching service “Love An” Valentine’s Day event is underway!

Blueborn Co., Ltd.
Matching service “Love An” Valentine’s Day event is underway! Send chocolates to the person you’re interested in to increase your matching rate! !
From today, February 10th (Saturday), Love& (Lovean), a matching service where you can register your profile with a video, operated by Blueborn Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shun Ikui), will We are holding a “Valentine Event”.
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Valentine event overview
■During the event period from February 10th (Monday) to February 14th (Wednesday), women will be able to obtain up to 5 “chocolates” per day as an in-service item and send them to men.
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■When a woman sends a “like” to a man, she can also send “chocolate” as a gift, so she can appeal to the person she’s interested in!
[Image 3:×967.png ]
Ladies, please send a lot of chocolates and appeal to the person you are interested in!
At Labuan, in order to provide wonderful encounters and meaningful experiences with members of the opposite sex, we are constantly improving service content based on feedback from our members, upgrading various functions, and changing specifications in pursuit of ease of use. I’m here. Please stay tuned for more in the future. ■Click here to register as a new member:
New services and features continue to appear
●Advanced search function
When choosing a partner, you can search only for recently joined members, or easily search for the partner of your choice based on profile information such as age and region.
●[Ima time] function that makes “I want to meet you right now!” come true This is a convenient feature that allows you to easily search for someone nearby, just by setting the purpose of meeting, time, and actual location from the map or address, and then waiting for recruitment.
“Ima Time” feature details:
●The result changes depending on your choice! Interactive video now available! We have set up an interactive video on the official website where the results change depending on the user’s choices. You can enjoy everything from the process of registering as a member to Labuan to the simulation of a date after matching with the opposite sex.
Interactive video details:
●Analysis function
You can check the number of reports, posts, number of messages, etc. of the person you are interested in, so you can communicate with confidence.
*Contents vary depending on men, women, and membership grade. ●Trial membership plan
・Trial Gold membership plan: 600 yen for 3 days
・Trial Platinum Membership Plan: 1,800 yen for 3 days
For first-time users only, each plan can be used on a 3-day trial basis. If you have not tried Labuan yet, please consider our trial plan.
■Service overview
Name: Love & (Love An)
Service URL:
Official Twitter:
Official youtube:
Price: Free for women
Male Gold member: 5,980 yen per month Platinum member: 17,800 yen *There are differences in the services available depending on the membership grade.
*We also have advantageous 3-month and 12-month plans with discounted rates.    *This service can only be used by people over the age of 18. *Payment can be made by credit card, bank transfer, or BitCash.
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