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Home » Pair Chill General Incorporated Association (non-profit, thorough type) Full-scale start of Japan’s first flexible respite care for single-parent families! Pair Chill has launched an initiative to create a break for single mothers and fathers and e

Pair Chill General Incorporated Association (non-profit, thorough type) Full-scale start of Japan’s first flexible respite care for single-parent families! Pair Chill has launched an initiative to create a break for single mothers and fathers and e

[Pair Chill General Incorporated Association (non-profit thorough type)] Japan’s first fluid respite care for single-parent families begins in earnest! Pair Chill has launched an initiative to create a break for single mothers and fathers and eliminate the disparity in children’s experiences.

*View in browser* *Pair Chill General Incorporated Association (non-profit type)* Press release: February 11, 2024
Japan’s first fluid respite care for single-parent families begins in earnest! Pair Chill has launched an initiative to create a break for single mothers and fathers and eliminate the disparity in children’s experiences.
*Works with talk apps for single mothers and single fathers to support single parents’ rest. *
Pair Chill (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shogo Nan), a general incorporated association (non-profit type) that develops and operates the talk app “Pair Chill” for single mothers and single fathers, is Japan’s first one-person company. We will begin full-scale respite care for parent families.
Pair Chil, a talk app used by single mothers and fathers in 47 prefectures
When we surveyed approximately 1,000 app users, we found that they wanted a place to leave their children when they were tired of raising children or had urgent business to attend to. In addition, through interviews with the parties involved, we learned that living, work, and family situations vary greatly from person to person, and that single parents’ physical and mental situations include the difficulty of picking up and dropping off children, the irregular times and days of the week they wish to leave their children, and the emotional pain of leaving their children alone. It has become clear that people are unable to easily access the support of those around them even though they are in a situation where they cannot afford to do so.

On the other hand, there were also people who said they would like to leave their children there if there was an environment where they could have fun with peace of mind, and that they would like to provide a variety of experiences for their children.

Therefore, Pair Chill has pre-held a respite care project exclusively for single-parent families in order to provide parents and children in single-parent families with a break and experience for their children.

At the preliminary event, we were recruiting only 5 groups of children, and within 10 days, 15 groups applied, and the children’s ages ranged from 0 to 14 years old.

Parents and children are highly satisfied with the service, and in view of the high demand, Pair Chill has decided to expand the service nationwide in earnest.
There are three main reasons why we are starting a full-scale respite care business for single-parent families.
Reason for engaging in respite care 1.: There are single parents who do not have time to rest.
Single-parent households have longer working hours than two-parent households. In addition, because they handle housework, child rearing, and work all at once, they are more likely to fall into “time poverty,” which can lead to secondary harm such as child abuse. Reason for engaging in respite care 2. There are short stays where children can be left in facilities temporarily, but there are issues as well.
There are programs that temporarily leave children from single-parent families who meet the conditions at child care facilities and mother-child living support facilities, but there are no facilities within the range where transportation is available, and it may be a little difficult to leave them at a facility. There are some single-parent families who are unable to use this service because they are reluctant to do so, or because they are concerned about the negative psychological effects of leaving their children with them. Reason 3 for engaging in respite care: There is a disparity in the experiences of children in single-parent families and children in two-parent families.
Although the employment rate of single parents is over 85%, the poverty rate (disposable income of less than 1.24 million yen) is overwhelmingly higher than that of two-parent households.

Due to this income poverty, research has shown that the percentage of children participating in regular hands-on activities is lower in single-parent households than in two-parent households (*). The same survey found that the reason why single-parent families were unable to offer this experience to their children was because “parents did not have enough time.”
It was found that more than half of the respondents said, “I don’t have any financial means” (54.7%) and “My parents can’t afford it” (53.9%).

*: Chance for Children, a public interest incorporated association, “Survey on children’s “experience disparities” final report (2023)”

For these three main reasons, we decided to start a full-fledged respite care business nationwide for single-parent families. Rather than just providing respite care for children, we provide experiences that will lead to a brighter future for children. PairChild’s vision is to “realize a society where single-parent families can enjoy absolute happiness.” To this end, we will “weave psychosocial resources with parents and children in single-parent families and prevent all negative chains.”

That’s why we aim not only to take care of children from single-parent families, but also to prevent negative chains and provide
opportunities that will lead to a better future for children. Requests to corporations and individuals who rent out space across the country In order to expand our respite care business across the country, it is essential to have a place where we can provide experiences to children. Even within the same prefecture, depending on the
transportation network, it may not be possible to drop off and pick up the child, so it is necessary to secure multiple locations.

If you are a corporation or individual who would like to lend us a space that can accommodate several children and have play space, please contact us. We would appreciate it if you could feel free to ask us questions such as “Would you like a place like this?” Depending on the respite care we provide, it may be possible to use a meeting room that is not in use on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays, so please let us know if you have an idle space.

Contact us using the form To all childcare support organizations nationwide
We plan to collaborate with organizations that provide a variety of events and support for children.

We would like to collaborate with not only single-parent families but also companies and support organizations that hold events for children.

First of all, please allow me to talk frankly. Please feel free to contact us using the button below.
Contact us using the form Request for support
We want children from single-parent families to have a variety of experiences. I want to do my bit to stop the cycle of child poverty.

For those who have similar thoughts. Would you be interested in becoming a partner in supporting Pair Chill’s respite care efforts?

Your donation will be used to provide experience opportunities to more children from single-parent families (children’s food and drinks, play goods, location fees, transportation fees, public relations, and administrative expenses required for these, etc.) ).
Looking for pair sponsors
We are looking for sponsors to support Pair Chill’s activities.

Depending on the plan, we will post your logo on the group site, service site, and flyers, distribute e-mail newsletters, distribute notifications within the app, create original introductory articles, distribute on various SNS, etc.

We are sponsored by Careart Co., Ltd., which provides employment and career change support for people with disabilities.
We look forward to hearing from companies that can support us in order to stop all kinds of negative chains for children.
Contact us using the form * About Pair Chill, a general incorporated association (non-profit organization) *
Minami, the representative director, was abused from the age of 0 and grew up in a single-parent household, which led to her desire to “solve all the issues surrounding single parents like my mother and children like myself growing up in such households.” I started an organization.
Issues faced by single-parent families, such as poverty, abuse, and parent-child suicide, are due to single parents being separated from people, information, and social resources as they are busy with work, housework, and childcare, and lack time and mental space. I believe that falling into “unwanted loneliness” is a bottleneck.
As a product to eliminate this “unwanted loneliness”, we have developed and operate “Pair Chill”, a talk app that connects single parents with similar circumstances and allows them to consult with each other.
In 2023, the “ICT Startup League”, a startup support project of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, will be launched. ・Participated in the Cabinet Secretariat’s “Public-Private
Collaboration Platform to Combat Loneliness and Isolation.”
BabyTech(R) Awards Japan 2023 Parent Support Service
Won the category grand prize.

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* 【Company Profile】*
Company name: Pair Chill general incorporated association (non-profit type) Head office location: 2-2-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Shogo Minami
Established: October 2022 (Establishment date: September 2021) HP: **
Contact us: *About details about this release*

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