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Home » Game On Press Release UMI,V’s wherever u r (ft.V of BTS) won first place again on the radio program “K-STAR CHART presents POP-K TOP10 Friday” broadcast on February 9th (Friday)!

Game On Press Release UMI,V’s wherever u r (ft.V of BTS) won first place again on the radio program “K-STAR CHART presents POP-K TOP10 Friday” broadcast on February 9th (Friday)!

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On the radio program “K-STAR CHART presents POP-K TOP10 Friday” broadcast on February 9th (Friday), UMI, V’s wherever u r (ft.V of BTS) took first place again!
~ ONE PACT members appear as studio guests! ~
A first in Japan that is linked to the voting function in the K-POP idol support app “IDOL CHAMP” operated by Game On Co., Ltd.
[Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Lee Ilsu] UMI, V’s WHEREVER U R (ft.V of BTS) ranked first in the chart voting for the radio program “K-STAR CHART presents POP-K TOP10 Friday” (TOKYO FM) broadcast on Friday, February 9th. obtained.
In addition, Jungwoo and Sungmin from the Korean boy group ONE PACT, who will debut in November 2023, appeared as studio guests.
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[Table 10: ]
On the broadcast episode of “K-STAR CHART presents POP-K TOP10 Friday” on February 9th (Friday), UMI,V’s WHEREVER U R (ft.V of BTS) returned to number 1 in the chart voting, and this week’s It was broadcast as the No. 1 song on the program. The results of the fan vote in “IDOL CHAMP” were as shown.
[Image 2:×802.jpg] February 9th “IDOL CHAMP” app voting ranking 1st to 10th
[Table 11: ]
The second episode of the program presented by Yuto Adachi, who became a new personality from February 2024, was broadcast on Friday, February 9th, and we already welcomed our first studio guest. The guests who appeared were Jung Woo and Sung Min, members of the five-member boy group ONE PACT, which just debuted in Korea on November 30, 2023. The two had debuted before, and the personality, Mr. Adachi, was also surprisingly fluent in Japanese, and they talked about various things in Japanese, including episodes from their visit to Japan and their future plans.
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Friday night. A music program that delivers the original charts of K-POP idols determined by your votes in a countdown format! This will be sent based on listeners’ votes in conjunction with the voting function of the K-POP idol support app “IDOL CHAMP.” The personality is Yuto Adachi, who is well known as Yuto from PENTAGON. We will also introduce information on K-POP artists who are currently attracting attention. ■Program overview●Title: “K-STAR CHART presents POP-K TOP10 Friday”●Broadcast date and time: Every Friday 18:00-18:25●Broadcast station: TOKYO FM (frequency 80.0MHz)●Personality: Yuto Adachi●SNS Hashtag: #Popcon●Program official X:●Program official website:●“K-STAR CHART” official website :●You can also listen to the program on the radiko app ( *With radiko’s time-free function, you can listen until one week later. *You must become a premium member to listen to radio broadcasts from other areas. ●You can listen to the program’s after-talk via the Internet below.
[Table 13:] Please vote according to 1. to 3. below.
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*The above is a voting image. The display may differ depending on your device.
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[Image 5:×132.jpg] It is an app service for smartphones linked to the music program “SHOW CHAMPION” (broadcast every Wednesday from 18:00 to 19:00) broadcast on cable TV by MBC PLUS in South Korea, and it is possible to vote for the program in advance from the app. can. The results will be reflected in the weekly ranking, and the songs of the champion artists will be distributed within the program. In addition, the app allows voting on various topics other than program voting, and the artist who comes in first place will have support advertisements posted on street vision advertisements and advertising spaces inside stations, and will be given a name in the artist’s name. A donation campaign will be held. In particular, it is linked with votes to select artists who will appear in famous magazines such as “Forbes (Korean version)” and music awards, and it becomes very popular every year.
[Image 6:×257.jpg] (*)MBC PLUS is a subsidiary of South Korean terrestrial channel MBC, and has multiple channels that provide services via cable, satellite, IPTV, etc. Currently, it is a broadcasting station that operates a variety of channels such as drama, variety, music, sports, and for the Americas.
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[Image 8:×184.jpg] -“K-STAR” Official Website URL-“K-STAR” Official X URL-“K-STAR” Official Instagram URL-https ://
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