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B-and-A Co., Ltd. Started offering a practical SNS marketer training program

[B-and-A Co., Ltd.] Started offering a practical SNS marketer training program
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Press release: February 12, 2024
Started offering a practical SNS marketer training program
*“Learn SNS management skills systematically and become a true marketer”* B-and-A Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Matsuyama City, Ehime
Prefecture/Representative Director, President, CEO)
Soichiro Arai (hereinafter referred to as “B-and-A”) will launch a “Practical SNS Marketer Development Program” to develop human resources who can operate SNS themselves.

* [Program overview] *
The Practical SNS Marketer Training Program is a total of 9 sessions in which you will learn the basics of systematic SNS marketing and actually plan, shoot, and edit vertical short videos in order to become an SNS marketer who can operate SNS on your own. It is a type program. We will share all of the B-and-A operation know-how that we have cultivated through SNS marketing for companies in the prefecture, including the “strategic thinking” that is essential as a marketer, as well as strategic frameworks and analysis know-how that are useful for operation. The curriculum consists of a thorough study. The SNS to learn from is Instagram.

* [Background] *
SNS has become indispensable in the modern business environment as it allows advertising and marketing, customer dialogue and branding, and market trend monitoring. However, since skills and knowledge are required to operate SNS as a business, the problem is that local small and medium-sized enterprises cannot utilize it effectively due to a lack of skills.

B-and-A leverages its own SNS operation support and SNS consulting service know-how to develop practical SNS training for companies and students who want to systematically learn about SNS marketing, and to help them become true marketers. We support you in acquiring the skills you need. (This made it possible to thoroughly learn strategic thinking methods that are essential as a marketer, as well as analysis know-how that is useful for operations.)
In addition, we hope that many local companies and services will become more active as a result of attending this training, and that this will be the starting point for new change.

* 【I recommend this hotel】*
– Those who want to learn marketing systematically
– For corporate public relations personnel
– Students interested in marketing
– Those who have tried opening an SNS but are wondering how to use it * [Goals to aim for] *
This practical SNS marketer training program aims to create a starting point for revitalizing local areas by directly conveying the SNS operation know-how that B-and-A has cultivated through practice to as many people as possible. I decided to implement this program because I wanted to create an opportunity to become a “true marketer” who can do the same.
The curriculum includes 9 practical lessons, and we will tell you all about the operational support we have provided so far, and will teach you the strategic thinking methods that are essential as a marketer, strategic frameworks and analysis know-how useful for operations, and video planning. You can learn everything from photography to editing.

* [Recruitment period] *
February 12, 2024 (Monday) 12:00 – March 25, 2024 (Monday) 23:59

* [Date and time] *
Wednesday, April 10, 2024 – Wednesday, July 31, 2024 18:00 – 20:30

* [Program contents] *
April 10th (Wednesday) 18:00~20:30 Part 1: Basic knowledge of marketing strategy/SNS and account building
April 24th (Wednesday) 18:30~20:30 2nd session: Operation strategy and how to develop a strategy to achieve goals
May 8th (Wednesday) 18:30~20:30 Part 3 Post design know-how that can attract interest
May 22nd (Wednesday) 18:30~20:30 Part 4 Insight analysis method to properly review operations
June 5th (Wednesday) 18:30~20:30 5th Overview of vertical short videos and video editing assignments
June 19th (Wednesday) 18:30~20:30 Part 6: How to create a submission project and create a storyboard
July 3rd (Wednesday) 18:30~20:30 Episode 7 How to make and adjust a specific shooting schedule
Wednesday, July 17th 18:30~20:30 8th Video Editing
July 31st (Wednesday) 18:30~20:30 9th Final Presentation
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* 【Members Introduction】*
* Soichiro Arai *
B-and-A Co., Ltd. Representative Director, President, CEO
Founded marketing support company B-and-A Co., Ltd. while studying at Ehime University. With the motto of “Marketing in rural areas”, we propose marketing measures and corporate branding that involve SNS to the Ehime area.
At B-and-A, I was mainly in charge of everything from marketing strategy planning to actual operational management and communication development at physical stores. Has a track record of sales growth. *Yusuke Nagai*
B-and-A Co., Ltd. SNS license business
business manager
Joined Toshin Hygiene Preparatory School as a new graduate and gained 2 years of experience in the educational field. Joined B-and-A in April last year and was assigned to the SNS department. At B-and-A, he is mainly in charge of SNS operation management, numerical analysis, and SNS seminars, and is involved in a wide range of activities from SNS basics to practice.
* 【Company Profile】*
B-and-A Co., Ltd.
Representative: President and CEO Soichiro Arai
Head office: 202 Okubo Building, 489-1 Imoncho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture Established: November 13, 2020
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