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Home » Seahorse Mikawa 3/30 (Sat), 31 (Sun) Utsunomiya match “Mikawa Music Fes.” Performers decided!

Seahorse Mikawa 3/30 (Sat), 31 (Sun) Utsunomiya match “Mikawa Music Fes.” Performers decided!

Seahorse Mikawa
3/30 (Sat), 31 (Sun) Utsunomiya game “Mikawa Music Fes.” Performers decided! ……
[Image 1:×500.jpg] The performers for “Mikawa Music Fes.”, which will be held for the first time at Utsunomiya Brex on March 30th (Sat) and 31st (Sun), have been decided!
A total of six artists and organizations will be performing over the two days, so please come and enjoy them at the venue.
Saturday, March 30th
Anjo Gakuen Brass Band (Outside/Cancelled due to rain)
Anjo Gakuen Brass Band (Main Arena)
Shinyu -Miyu- (Main Arena)
Kana Adachi (Main Arena)
Anjo Gakuen Brass Band (Opening Ceremony)
*Performers and live time may be changed at short notice due to circumstances. Anjo Gakuen Brass Band
[Image 2:×451.jpg] profile
The Anjo Gakuen High School Brass Band was founded in 1963, and has been active every day with the mottos of “both literary and martial arts” and “beautiful sound.”
There are currently about 50 members in the club, and they all work hard at practicing while valuing sharing the same time together. So far, we have participated in the All Japan Wind Band Competition 13 times, the All Japan Ensemble Contest 4 times, and the All Japan Marching Contest 12 times.This year, we won the Gold Prize at the Tokai Wind Band Competition, the Excellence Award at the Japan Wind Ensemble Contest, and the Bronze Prize at the All Japan Marching Contest. did.
In addition to regular concerts, we also actively engage in
commissioned performances in the local community, exchanges with junior high and high school students inside and outside the
prefecture, and performance activities overseas.
Anjo Brass Orquesta is a band made up mainly of graduates of Anjo Gakuen High School Brass Band. The group was formed on March 21, 2023, from graduates of 2009 to 2022, transcending the boundaries of seniors and juniors to get together and say, “I want to play music together again!”
Our goal is to deepen exchanges through commissioned performances and competitions, and to develop the local musical culture.
Shinyu -Miyu-
[Image 3:×533.jpg] profile
A 20-year-old singer-songwriter living in Aichi Prefecture.
In January 2021, just one month after picking up a guitar for the first time to express himself, he started posting his playing on TikTok.
The singing voice reached those who had an ear for it, and the video was introduced on terrestrial TV.
Furthermore, he was selected as the best post on “TikTok
#SpringUtama,” which has increased his attention, especially among Generation Z.
He is expanding his activities to include TV, radio, events, and TV commercials, and is expected to make great strides in the future, with his 1st single “20” scheduled to be released in August 2023. Kana Adachi
[Image 4:×531.jpg] profile
A singer-songwriter from Kaizu City, Gifu Prefecture.
In 2014, he won the grand prize out of 125,094 people at the LINE×SONY MUSIC audition, and made his major debut in August 2017. She has a total of over 1.3 million followers on SNS such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and LINE, and has gained wide support among young people due to her sad yet powerful and clear singing voice that is different from her appearance, and the life-sized lyrics that everyone can relate to. .
In 2022, in commemoration of the 5th anniversary of his debut, he will release a continuous stream from April, and in February 2023, he will release his 4th album, 4th AL “Seeker”.
In September, the theme song for the WOWOW drama series W-30 “Ao Haru Ride Season 1 and Season 2”, “Kono Ame ga Yandara” featuring Kana Adachi and Yuito Takeuchi, was released.
Furthermore, she has been selected to compose the school song for Kaizu Elementary School, which will open in her hometown, Kaizu City, Gifu Prefecture, in April 2024.
Sunday, March 31st
TOHO MARCHING BAND (Outside/Cancelled due to rain)
RIKU (main arena)
K:ream (main arena)
TOHO MARCHING BAND (Opening Ceremony)
*Performers and live time may be changed at short notice due to circumstances. TOHO MARCHING BAND
[Image 5:×477.jpg] profile
“TOHO MARCHING BAND” is a joint formation of “Aichi Toho University Brass Band” and “Toho High School Marching Band Club” and is active as the official band of Toho Gakuen.
We started our activities as Toho Gakuen’s official band in 2018, and this April will be our 7th year.
We play a part in Toho Gakuen’s brand, and perform “performances and performances at requests from local events and companies” and “supportive performances at official high school and university club games such as Koshien.”
We also perform overseas once every three years as part of the TOHO WORLD MARCHING PROJECT.
The first group traveled to the United States in March 2019, and in addition to holding the W Parade at Disney World and Universal Studios Florida, the world’s first solo group, they also interacted with two local high schools and held a charity concert. It has been well received, and footage of the expedition has been uploaded to YouTube. As the second event, on New Year’s Day 2024, we will participate in the 2024 Rose Parade held in Pasadena, California, which is said to be the world’s largest parade. In addition to participating as the “Asia/Oceania region representative”, this time they were selected as one of the top three bands (Pre-parade Honor Band), the first band from Japan to participate, and are the most respected band in America. I had the great honor of following in the parade following the Marine Band.
The parade, which lasted about two and a half hours, was met with cheers and applause from beginning to end, and reached its goal in no time.
[Image 6:×800.jpg] profile
RIKU is based in Aichi Prefecture, and her real name is Riku Hirano. Born in 1999 in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, as the second son of the Hirano family. He grew up in a single family and always saw his older brother, who is two years older, as his rival. She started dancing when she was young, following her older brother who attended a dance school. When he entered elementary school, his brothers formed a dance unit. As a kids dance unit, they participate in various dance contests and win many contests. In 2007, she won a contest and appeared as a backing dancer on a famous artist’s national tour. Later, when his older brother started to pursue a different path, he saw a live DVD of “AK-69” who was active in his hometown of Nagoya, and was inspired to become a rapper himself, so he began to pursue a career as a rapper. Even while attending school, he started writing down lyrics, adding melodies, and began composing music. RIKU, who is still in elementary school, begins going to live music venues with her mother to perform live in order to get her name remembered. Around that time, he began his full-fledged activities as the rapper “Ricky.” In order to expand the range of his activities, he heard that there was an “AK-69” microphone contest and took part in the preliminary round. He successfully passed the qualifying rounds and will participate in the main tournament. Unfortunately, they were defeated in the quarterfinals of the finals.
Although he felt frustrated, his name suddenly became well-known in his hometown of Nagoya. In 2012, when she entered junior high school and was a first year student, she released the mini-album “Sunny Weather”. Despite being a young artist, he sold out 3,000 copies. After that, he continued to perform at various events and live shows, but upon graduating from junior high school, he temporarily suspended his activities as an artist. Upon graduating from high school, he began studying apparel, which he was interested in as well as music, on his own.
With the desire to launch his own apparel brand, he launched the apparel brand “RKS RICKY” in July at the age of 21. In July 2021, one year has passed since the brand was launched, and to commemorate the first anniversary, the first brand POPUP SHOP will be held for a limited time from July 21st to July 28th in Nagoya. The curtain closes with great success. In October 2021, as the first step in his full-fledged activities, the first item will be released as a STYLE BOOK that includes the brand’s catalog and worldview, as well as a PHOTO BOOK in which he is a model. Currently, he is currently resuming his career as an artist called RIKU, making use of the music and dance skills he has cultivated since childhood. With a major debut in mind, she is preparing to start her career while training in vocals and dance in her hometown of Nagoya.
[Image 7:×533.jpg] profile
A rock band formed in Nagoya in April 2018, consisting of vocalist Yu Uchikawa and guitarist Ryunosuke Tsuruta. The digital single “See The Light” released in the fall of 2019 became a hot topic when it was aired on radio stations, and the one-man live held at Nagoya APOLLO BASE the following month was sold out. In October 2020, he established his own label “K:trad records” and in November, he successfully held a one-man live at Zepp Nagoya. Major debut from Universal Music in February 2021. In September, “See The Light” was chosen as the end credits song for the Seahorse Mikawa 2021-22 season. In February 2022, he released his first major album “TerminaL” and held his first one-man tour “K:ream One Man Tour “TerminaL” at 4 locations
nationwide. In 2023, celebrating their 5th anniversary, it has been decided that they will hold a self-planned live show “FIND THE K:EY 2023-2024” with 6 performances to be held every other month. More details about this release: