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90 Co., Ltd. Don’t give up even if you are a beginner in English! 90 English has been renewed.

[90 Co., Ltd.] Don’t give up even if you are a beginner in English! 90 English has been renewed.

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Press release: February 12, 2024
Don’t be discouraged even if you are a beginner in English! 90 English has been renewed.
* “I want to try it!” is a given. “90 English”, operated by 90 Co., Ltd., whose vision is “90 English”, has been renewed. *
“I want to try it!” is the norm. 90 Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Katsuta Takada / Kakamoto) whose vision is
Yutaro) has renewed 90 English from today (2024/2/12).
90 English (
) is an English coaching school specializing in beginners where Japanese bilingual coaches thoroughly support English learning. ■Background of the renewal
At English, we have offered programs to people of various levels, from beginners to advanced English speakers. This time, with the desire to help people who have experienced setbacks or are not good at English, we have revised the entire program from scratch, including the curriculum, lessons, teaching materials, and self-study content, and after about 6 months of preparation, we have created a plan. has been significantly renewed. We have created a plan specifically designed for beginners of English by thinking carefully about how we can make English learning enjoyable for English beginners who tend to get frustrated, and how we can help them feel a sense of growth.

■Renewal details
The lessons and chat coaching that were popular before the renewal will remain, and new vision interviews and level check tests will be introduced. In addition, we have significantly increased the number of original video teaching materials and created a system that allows students to learn through self-study online.

* ■Those who are recommended to take the course*
– Those who are planning to study abroad or work holiday
– Those who have experienced frustration in learning English – People who are hesitant about going abroad because they are not confident in their English ability
In English, “I’m serious.” But I’m a beginner. We will do our best to support you. This service is recommended for those who have had setbacks in learning English, or those who want to be able to speak English but have had a hard time becoming able to do so.
* ■Free trial now available! *
Due to the English renewal, you can now take trial lessons worth 5,000 yen for free. If you are interested, please apply as soon as possible from the URL below.
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* ■About 90 Co., Ltd.*
Representative Takada is from Dubai. Although he spent his childhood in Dubai, he returned home without being able to speak English at all, and developed a complex about the title “from Dubai who can’t speak English.” After watching his parents and older sister speak English fluently, he developed a desire to speak English. I studied intensely 90 days before the high school mock test and succeeded in raising my deviation score from 28 to 68. They realized that “anyone can speak English if they make it a habit to do things correctly” and realized how much fun English can be. After retiring from a major Japanese company after a year, he started the English coaching school “90” in March 2021 with two executive officers he met while training to shine shoes on the street.
Launch “English”.
■Company overview
Company name: 90 Co., Ltd.
Established: March 31, 2021
Business content: Online coaching service
Location: Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Katsuta Takada / Yutaro Kakamoto
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